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    Herrigan nodded, but it was too late to call Brique back.
    Ross cried out in alarm as the Squire charged, drawing her own sword and filling it with brilliant light as she got between the youth and the Freeblood. Herrigan leapt up from his chair, knocking it over and drawing his own.
    Nordri stirred and popped one eye open to stare at Bane. "Mornin', puppy." He sat up and offered his hand to the dog to sniff.
    Grumblefoot nodded to Sam. "Der yer think yer ter kin put th' 'ammer behin' wards like tha'? Ay'm nay sure if Ay shoul' try th' purification again, wit 'ow it reacted. Ay ain't tha' strong anymore, Ay guess."
    "Thank you. All of you are welcome in my home at any time." She smiled and turned as Brienae landed. She glanced up at the city with a paniced a worried look, but pushed it out of her mind. "Is everything alright?" She asked.
    "Was nice meetings you's toos." Bella replied in Ratongan. "Beleska dance withs yous."
    Rothgut nodded, but froze as a shadow appeared behind the others and grabbed Danlore's shoulder, spinning him around. "Are these the traitors, Lady Ventosis?" The guard asked. Danlore swore under his breath, unable to reach his staff with his arm still being held tightly by the soldier and unsure if he should draw his weapon being so surrounded.
    A Tier'dal woman stepped out from behind the other Militiamen, wearing a light purple dress that was close to her skin tone and showed much of it. "They were with him, yes." She said in a silky voice.
    Isatis went to the edge of the platform and looked down, squinting at the people. "I...I think that's my Guild Leader down there..." She said over her shoulder.
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    Gregor stepped outside the office. “Simon!” he shouted the squire's name.
    Simon turned in Gregor's direction.
    “What are you doing?” Gregor asked. There was stern yet concerned tone in his voice.
    “She's related to Nedrid. I heard her say something about Uncle Nedrid...” Simon answered.
    Calish drew twin rapiers.
    Telsi stood poised to pounce. Her hands looked like claws. She straightened as the boy spoke “What do you have against my uncle?” she asked calmly as she stepped from behind the Paladin. She had not heard most of the conversation earlier as her mind had been focused on feeding.
    “He killed my sister!” Simon shouted.
    Telsi nodded “And someone has to pay. Vengeance will never bring her back, nor will it make you feel better.”
    “I'm not listening to a wretched monster! Especially not one with the last name Fenris!” Simon hissed.
    Calish laughed “Perhaps we should have married before we left.”
    Telsi smiled “Perhaps... but if I remember correctly the offer was that execution would follow the ceremony....”
    Calish nodded "Yeah true..."
    Gregor closed his eyes for a moment “I thought and hoped that I had taught you better...”
    Simon turned fully to face his mentor. “You did nothing!”
    Gregor felt the sense of failure pressing down on him. How had he failed so horribly? His sadness and anger began to overwhelm him. He clutched his stomach as his emotions brought out his hunger.
    “Where were you?” tears were streaming from the youth's eyes. He turned back towards Telsi “He took the only family I had left! If I could make him feel that pain....”
    Gregor listened to his squire's words. His hands began shaking as he tried to maintain control. His eyes were already red.
    Mist nuzzled the Ratonga mother as though asking to play.
    Alyerra laughed “No Mist, he's too little.”She turned to watch Bane and Nordi “Careful... if he views beards anything like tails, he's found a new toy.”
    Bane sniffed the offered hand and licked it.
    Alyerra said nothing about Shiasia's musings. It actually made her pause to think: Who was her Father? Could he have changed his ways?
    Tim nodded “If you can't find it, I know someone who can help. He only asks five Silver.”
    Carl let out another scream of pain that he had tried to hold back. Tears were in his eyes just from pain.
    Tim frowned “What's wrong?” he asked.
    “The darkness...” Carl whispered “It's growing... I can feel it.” he grunted “Help me...”
    Tim pulled vial out of his bag.
    "I thought you said you couldn't give me more for several hours," Carl hissed.
    Tim nodded "Of the pain reliever. This is a sleeping potion only. It will make you sleep for sevral hours. It's the best I can do."
    Carl nodded and sat up. He took the potion and drank it "That really..." he fell back with his eyes closed in sleep.
    "Tastes like mud. I know." Tim muttered. "I can't leave him alone... but I can't let you go by yourself." he said to Rotwhisker.
    Sam nodded. He leaned against a tree. “Maybe... somehow we need to weaken it.” he rubbed his head “The claws were easy. They just needed to be separated “ Sam swallowed as he tried to continue. His breathing was becoming labored “Sorry,” he said finally “I learned years ago how to speak with my mind, but it is hard... without aid or being able to meditate.” his mental voice was starting to sound strained again “Do you by chance understand sign language or...” he pulled out the stone “Should have asked... have one of these.”
    “Well, in the city yes everything is fine,” Brienae answered “We managed to convince Lamia to repent and change her ways, however I think her mind is fractured.” she sighed as she thought of her words “It's like she's two people, but she's not possessed. I was hoping maybe you could help her. The other personality is what caused her to follow the Necromancer. She would rather be a conjuror or Illusionist, but I'm afraid if that other side is not suppressed it could overwhelm her.”
    “And yous,” the sleepy child whispered back in Ratongan.
    Tetriemmy twitched her ears.
    The children quickly fell fast asleep “Bella, Aloysiius gather close to me.” her voice did not leave the room as she stood in a corner. She sighed “Tunare please give that girl some sense...” she whispered.
    “Traitors?” Calarys asked “There's musts bes some mistakes.” she began to shake as she thought about what would happen if they accused her of aiding traitors “Theres has to bes a mistakes...” she said almost pleading for it to be true.
    Canty hugged her Aunt who was beginning to cry.
    Kyriu cursed. She reached for her staff but stopped short of drawing it. She decided to try diplomacy “We were actually just leaving.” she said “If you just let us go we won't cause any trouble.”
    Henris sighed "I assume that is good news. If she is a friend of my daughter's then I have no doubt she can be trusted. He glided over to Lamia “Are you alright my dear?” he asked.

    The High-Elf smiled and then laughed “Two of the 'evil faeries' are of a noble family which is well respected around here. Lady Brienae was the one who informed us.”
    The clerk nodded the charm on him having broken “I would trust the word of Lady Brienae over just about anyone.”
    Carefully Galabrin set the Ratonga down. He wanted to make sure she realized he was not holding her against her will. “I'm your friend.” he whispered.

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    Lamia was busy in thought when Henris spoke. She perked her ears and glanced at him. "O-Oh me? Yeah.. I-I'm fine.." she said distractedly. She nodded. Her tail swayed slowly. Her hand raised up and necromantic magic unwillingly came up, much to her surprise. She squeaks and dispels it, shaking her head as if trying to get it off of her.
    "W-Wha?! N-Necro- But.. But I've.. never even touched that school of magic before.." she stutters to herself, bewildered
    Zulgahr frowned and crossed his arms
    "Hey.. Ya can't blame me for trying.." he said wryly, smirking. He searches his person and feels some daggers and poison vials in his pockets. But he makes no move in taking them out.
    If he was going to get out.. he was going to have to act harmless at first.. And if the cell door opened.. Run for it! He'd try the charm one last time on his slave before he'd wait some time.. He put his hands behind his back and began secretly re-casting the charm spell on Stinsmia.
    Stinsmia's collar started the red glowing again and she shrieked. The longer she resisted, the more her mind became fractured and damaged. She bit her lip and put her head in her hands
    "M-Mas..ter.. Master.." she whispers softly, trembling. She was trying so hard to resist the command and urge to go to the Iksar. So far it was working.. But.. it wasn't going to last.
    "No.. No I don't have a Master.. I don't have a Master!!" she repeats to herself, shaking her head. It was becoming a little easier to resist, keeping that in mind.
    Shiasia chuckled softly and sighed.
    "Maybe if Rotwhisker becomes a paladin.. and maybe changes his name I'll.." she mutters to herself, slowly walking off to a different spot as she pondered.
    She also noted that Senriala was taking a rather long time.. Was something wrong..?
    Rotwhisker watched curiously. After a moment to let things calm down, he went back to searching. Eventually he found a small square mirror, which shimmered with magic.
    "I can understand that. But well I found it so.. I'll just use the room right next to this one. Be right back.." he said, skittering out of the room and into the room nearby, closing the door gently.
    As the changing occured, there were several grunts.
    "Gahs.. Stupids earrings.." he mutters, eventually fitting 3 in each of his ears. He looks himself over again briefly. A wave of his hand and he changed his fur pattern and colour to a solid white, also changing his tail slightly to be longer. He made his snout a bit longer, also making his eyes a little more squinted.
    He stepped out and sighed
    "Thats is probably the last times I uses one of these stupids mirrors!" he muttered, having also changed his voice slightly
    Ramoana sighed softly as she watched her sister cough and wheeze. She looked through a cabinet, pulling out a small vial. She handed it to her sister.
    "It'll help you sleep.." she whispers, watching Adhara promptly drink it. The younger sister yawns and promptly falls asleep.
    "Good.. I hate hearing her cough.." Ramoana says quietly and sadly.
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