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    Ross cringed and looked away as the Freeblood fed. "I hope you know what your limit is."
    Herrigan watched the boy leave and stared at the newcomer. "Lieutenant Delmion?" He shouldered his way past the Captian, who turned to look. "You've returned!"
    Llew nodded.
    Grumblefoot ran his fingers through his ashen beard. "Yer kin, it can't hur' ter try it, if yer wanter. Wha' be th' nature o' th' injury, exactly?"
    The Guard's gaze slid to the old Ratonga and then back to Rothgut. He shook the Ranger's hand. "Well, then, you should get her home, Mr. Plat." Rothgut nodded and turned, his paw empty as the Guard leaned on his pike and slipped his hand into a pocket.
    "Let's gets homes, nows." He went over and placed a paw on Tetri's back. "We's cants haves you's catching colds in this sea air agains, Mother. You's cant's wander by the docks alones."
    Aleteriq summoned Gleipnir to him again. He was tired and his connection to the wolf kept waning. Rene watched the ghostly pup curl up with the boy. "You have begun training as a Shaman?"
    The boy nodded, finding it easy to talk to someone who looked so much like his mother. "U-Uncle Thrain is t-teaching me."
    "You've an Uncle?" She brushed his hair from his eyes as he nodded.
    "I have three Uncles. Thrain, G-Ginner and N-Nord-dri."
    "And what of your Father?" She straightened the blanket, but his eyes went wide and he looked away, biting his lip.
    Alaric sat down in the den, indicating that Pepin should take the seat opposite. The Squire sat down.
    "I want to know how this young child is the son of my daughter who died fourteen years ago." The Koada'dal said. "And who does he keep mistaking me for that he fears so much."
    Pepin frowned. "I thought Llew sent you a letter explain-"
    "I was misplaced before I read it through." He said curtly.
    Hoddmimir scoffed. "Garidy would like to disagree with that."
    Aloyiius was glad that the children were not as upset as he thought they would be. He turned back, deciding to ignore the Arasai. "Ah-yes, back to the story, then." He cleared his throat and continued. "The few of our brethern who could not cope took the the forests, leaving our village and our work. They attacked any who drew close to them, raving and muttering madmen and so we lost more of our brothers as the seasons rolled on either to the madness or to the madmen. Our home became more and more dangerous as the land began to shiver and quake beneath our feet. The great trees and mushroom shuddered and not a few toppled over."
    Isatis nodded as she pressed on with the healing spell. It was faint at first, but a small eddie of leaves began to swirl around them. "I think we should. I've not had much experience with poisons so I'm not exactly sure if I'm helping any."
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    Telsi paused in her frenzy as Vhyrenia spoke. She blinked as though seeing the Kerra for the first time. She swallowed again before pulling herself away. Her hair returned to it normal gold color, but her eyes remained a light crimson. "I-I'm sorry..." she whispered "Th-they said... in my dream... and all I could think about was... I'm sorry..." she looked at the still bleeding arm. She turned "It's always there..." she whispered "Calish figured out that if I had something to focus on... an assignment... plans, or him I didn't need to... but it's so difficult.... if you had said nothing I would have... I could have..." she didn't finish her statement. She hoped they understood. "In Neriak and Freeport they destroy Freeblood like me rather than help us, not all just the ones like me. Calish was my fiancee. We were going to make a new life together here, but we were found and they..." tears ran down her cheeks. "Without him I was so scared... he kept me..." she bit her lip as her mind began to drift back to he scent of blood.
    Gregor sighed with relief "Yes," he answered "Mostly... I know things can never be the same as they were, but I had hoped I could re-join the guard and..." he sighed again "Find a new mentor for Smith..." he swallowed "I fear he is in danger under me."
    Alyerra turned "Nothing, just a strange dream," she answered. She smiled nervously exposing her fangs again for a brief second. "Both of you need to be getting rest. I'll see y'all in the morning." she turned back and walked out the door again.
    Tim blushed harder matching his hair.
    "He's only an Alchemist... he doesn't train" Carl said.
    Stareye looked at her human friend and frowned "His tongue was torn out... as punishment." she looked down as she remembered "I was not..." she frowned "They say no to fix then."
    Sam turned back to face the others. He focused on the Dwarf and spoke in his mind "If you think it is possible to help me then I would be in your debt, but if not I understand." he sighed "If it is possible then I will need time to learn how to speak again." he sighed "Time we don't have right now.. but if there was a way..."
    Tetriemmy smiled at Rotgut.
    Kyriu sighed with relief.
    The children leaned in to listen.
    Fayberry sniffed "Th-that's sos sads."
    Limberger rolled his eyes "You's onlys says thats because your's a girls."
    Brienae nodded "Lamia do you think you can walk to the temple?" she asked.
    The Wood-elf looked down at the Ratonga in his arms "You're going to be okay"he whispered.
    The High-Elf did not stop walking with the Iksar.
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    Lamia nodded slowly, getting up to her feet and taking a few shaky steps before coughing a few more times and collapsing, unconscious. Her tail lost it's wave.
    The whispering in Stinsmia's ears seemed to soothe her, as her claws loosened their grip and she became silent once more.. She shifted around slightly and nuzzled into the wood elf, liking the warmth.
    Shiasia nodded to Alyerra, still concerned
    "Wells.. okays.. If yous says sos." she said softly. She smiled to the Freeblood. She noticed the fangs, but said nothing, not wanting to possibly offend her.
    "Good nights to yous, miss Alyerras!" she said softly. She yawned again and then stepped into the bed again, right after checking on her son.
    Rotwhisker chuckled and shrugged.
    "Well.. just a thought that he could try." he said quietly. They eventually reached the top of the stairs
    Vhyrenia nodded. She gave a wry smile and spoke
    "Considering I've done this for my husband for at least 20 years.. I know what my limit is!" she teased, becoming shakier as Telsi drained more blood from her.
    When Telsi finished, she nodded approvingly. She put her hand on the Freeblood's shoulder
    "Easy, Telsi. Relax. You didn't force the drinking on me.. In fact I offered my arm to you.." she reassured Telsi. She attempted to give the Freeblood a hug
    She pointed to Vaska.
    "Oh and by the way. This is my husband Vaska. He is a Freeblood. Like you." she said with a smile
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    Ross stood silently, her eyes glazed over. After a moment she turned to the cell, the sharpness returning to her expression. "When you are feeling better, I will see to it that you are shown to the registry office in the harbor to fill out the proper paperwork for citizenship."
    Herrigan shook his head in disbelief. "Is the lad in some trouble? The two of you- Any longer without word or rumor of you and the city would have declared you both legally dead!" He frowned. "I don't really remember if you ever lost your rank or not though."
    Llew winced as Grumblefoot frowned. "Well, somethin' like tha' woul' take tremendous energies but like Ay said, it kin't ever 'urt ter try it, but if yer wan' Ay kin come back when there be more time." He glanced around. "If Ay may ask, why dun yer come wit us? Yer dun 'ave ter stay a slave."
    Rothgut led Tetri and the others into the Jade Tiger Inn and paused. "Is lots of footprints arounds heres." He muttered.
    The guard scanned the street and began to walk his patrol again.
    Rene decided to let the questions fall by the wayside, placing her hand on his forhead again.
    Pepin took a moment to organize his thoughts while Alaric looked impatient to have answers. The Squire took a deep breath and launched into an explaination of what he knew.
    "One summer, when the quaking was at its most frequent the rains did not fall. The forest began to wither without water and we were forced to use buckets to carry it to the flora and the village, but as the summer went on even the mighty river began to wane. The madmen were becoming more bold as someone roused them into a unified force and they attacked the village itself. We held them back as best we could but without water we ourselves were beginning to fade."
    "Oh!" Isatis gasped, her hands going to her mouth. "Oh dear."
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    Telsi looked at the Captain and blinked "Thank you," she whispered. She shifted away from the Kerra as Vhyrenia tried to embrace her. "Can we take one step at a time?" she swallowed "You're still...." her eyes shifted to the still bleeding arm as she tried to fight her mind and her senses not to pounce again. A fight which was evident on her face.
    Gregor frowned "Technically..." he sighed. They would have to learn sooner or later "Technically..." he swallowed "I am dead..." the sadness of the reality grew with the smell of blood "Marr help me," he whispered He regained some composure before he spoke again "And there were three..." he shook his head. "Kayla..." he sighed "Never could leave that girl behind..."
    Alyerra quietly walked to her room. She saw Ginnar asleep by the door. Once back in her room she checked on her mother before settling on the long seat in front of the window. She looked at her hands "At least I don't have to worry about the sun," she thought.
    Carl laughed.
    Tim sighed "I did train when I was younger but," he shrugged "I just didn't feel that my heart was in it and then I learned Alchemy and everything changed. There's so much I can do and with tinkering the possibilities are almost endless,"
    Sam shook his head. He wasn't actually sure why, but he had always felt like he couldn't leave like something held him to the Orcs.
    Stareye blinked back tears "They're right..." she swallowed "I-I'm so sorry... I should have done this long ago."
    Sam turned to look at the Orc.
    "Samule..." she growled "Always did have trouble with your tuskless name..." she took a deep breath before speaking again in orcish "Samuel Flamefist I release you,"
    There was a sound as of chains breaking.
    Sam blinked as the feeling vanished.
    Stareye turned "Go they won't be able to find you now." she turned her back hoping no one saw her tears. She was startled when Sam hugged her. "Go," she hissed "Quickly if you are caught now... they'll," she sniffed "You can never come back."
    Sam nodded.
    "So I take it that means you're coming with us." Ethan said as Sam walked back towards them
    Sam nodded.
    "I'll be in touch," Stareye said with shameful emotion in her voice "Now you must go all of you. Don't worry about me, they wouldn't kill one of their most respected oracles and mother of three of their strongest warriors."
    Sam nodded.
    Zach headed towards the door "Thank you," he said in Orcish before stepping outside and waiting for the others.
    Ethan followed his brother.
    Sam nodded to Llew and Grumblefoot speaking with his mind he said "I'll be right behind you,"
    Canty dashed through the street. Her running wasn't very graceful but then she didn't feel much like dancing as she dashed into the Jade Tiger Inn and collided with Charlemin. "Oh please sir don't report me!" she squeaked "I know there's a curfew, but I was chosen to dance for the Elders and I just... I wanted to practice more. I'm sorry... please..." the teenage Ratonga didn't notice the Qeynos insignia and assumed he was Shadowknight of the guard.
    The children leaned forward "What do means theys begans to fades?" Limberger asked
    The other children also appeared puzzled.
    "Theys begins to disappears?" Fayberry asked.
    Brienae glided over to Lamia. "Perhaps you should lay down," she suggested "We'll get you help I promise,"
    "I'll send a priest from the temple," The wood-elf gaurd said as he dashed into a run. He made more soothing noises as he ran.
    ((I almost forgot about Kayla. Kayla was Simon's older sister. She was usually not far from Gregor and Simon. She was a civilian and a Warden. ))
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    Lamia couldn't even hear what Brienae was saying. She was unconscious.
    Stinsmia graoned softly and nuzzled into the Wood Elf even more, her claws squeezing him slightly. She felt safe and comforted in his arms. As well as calm and peaceful
    "Mrff.. Safe.. warm.." she mutters quietly
    Shiasia's dream was not pleasant in the least. She was reliving the last 9 months of her life.. Trapped in Rotwhisker's filthy basement..
    "No. Stop it.." she mutters to herself quietly
    She shifts around uncomfortably.
    "Let me go, you heartless son of a-!" she begins to say loudly whilst waking up. She blinks and rubs her eyes. After a moment, she burst into quiet tears, burying her head in the pillows.
    "I just want it to stop.." she mutters inbetween sobs
    Rotwhisker smiled wryly and nodded.
    "Well, to each man hises owns." he said with a shrug of his shoulders.
    He looked between the doors and frowned
    "Whiches doors?" he asked
    The kerra looked to Ross and nodded in acknowledgement. Her gaze shifted to Telsi. She shrugged
    "I know I'm still bleeding. And you're welcome. " she responded. Vaska handed her a roll of cloth, but she rejected the offer. She held her arm out.
    "If you need to you can drink more." she said softly, nodding to the female Freeblood.
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    Oh and Bella, from earlier. In your post it was said. "I locked it and the key is right here. " but before that, it said "shutting the door to the cell". I just thought that I'd let you know that Ross had made no action to lock the door at that time, and that's how Vhy got in))
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    Ross massaged her temple, cursing herself at forgetting that the doors do not always close the way they are supposed to. She constantly reminded the Guards to check them after closing or placing anyone in them but the long shift had made her forget.
    Herrigan frowned, glancing back at the cell where the Kerra dripped blood. He turned back to Gregor, remembering that there was a third. "You mean that you three are...Freebloods now?"
    Brique frowned at the stairs and quietly crept down to the broom closest at the end of the row of cells, taking out a mop and finding the bucket empty and upturned. The broom closet had a water pump so he filled the bucket and returned to mop up the spilled soup before anyone tripped.
    Llew and Grumblefoot nodded to him. Llew continued on as her Uncle paused to bow his head to the fellow Shaman before turning to follow his niece.
    Charlemin shook his head. "I am not here to enforce the curfew, we am here to see the Desmens family." He said through his visor.
    Aloysiius shook his head. "It means that they were dying." He said softly before continuing. "During one such attack by our maddened brethren a great spell, meant to hold back the tide of battle, itself went out of control. The arcane energies lashed out at friend and foe alike as the casters fell and in the dry heat of the rainless summer the yellowed grass at our hooves caught fire. It spread quickly through the battlefield, felling many Satyr as well as the flora we had sworn to our Mother to protect and tend."
    Rene sat with the boy until he fell asleep, the little wolf spirit nuzzling his chin.
    Alaric sat back, closing his eyes and taking in all that he was told. "I am from a long line of powerful mages and no one thought to ask my help with this Wizard whelp?"
    Pepin took a deep breath. "I don't think that Llew felt comfortable asking help from someone who has pushed them away."
    The Koada'dal winced. His first thought was to snap at the human, but he held back, thinking that perhaps he deserved it. That his grandchildren felt it better to ask people she is not related to by blood for help in a family matter instead of her blood relatives was entirely his fault."
    Isatis nodded. "I-I'll try to treat her until they arrive!" She bit her lip, trying to remember if she needed to elevate the patient's head or tie a tunicate around the affected area.

    ((I confused myself it seems. Previously the doors were locked with the key, but when Nerry shut the door to Telsi's cell it locked itself and Ross had to use the key to get back out. But I suppose we can play the locks like our car door, which has to shut a certain way to latch and lock that way it is supposed to.))
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    Telsi blinked as Vhrenia spoke. She pounced again. She used the same wounds to continue drinking. Her mind was consumed with her need for blood.
    Gregor swallowed. "No, just me... Simon, they believed him too young and Kayla." he smiled "She woke up early and fought them before they could bind her. After we escaped.... there were two other Freebloods... Alyerra, no last name for her and Nedrid Fenris." he closed his eyes "I should never have left her alone with him. I went hunting for food and Alyerra went into the village with Simon. We didn't hear her scream. Then again knowing her she would not have made a sound.... when we arrived back at our camp... she was dead... completely drained of blood... I tried to save her, but she was gone..." tears formed in his eyes.
    Alyerra watched her mother sleep. She knew she would wake up soon and go downstairs. She would start on something for breakfast. Aly clenched a fist as she remembered being the first to try everything. Now she wouldn't be able to have any. She would have to go somewhere and find fresh blood. She pulled her guitar around and began to play a gentle melody that flowed through the tavern. A soothing melody to calm her own nerves as well anyone who heard it. At least that was the hope. She had sensed that Shiasia was troubled and prayed her music would help. It would be softer in Shiasia's room, but she hoped it would help.
    "First one," Tim said "It's already open."
    Carl yawned.
    "Oh yeah, sleeping potion. Thought it would help." Tim informed them.
    Carl said nothing as he closed his eyes and his head dropped back.
    "The bed is against the wall. There are a few extra hammocks around here somewhere." Tim continued.
    Stareye smiled at the acknowledgment "I will be in touch." she promised. She turned to Sam "You know you can never return here. If they caught you... they would not just enslave you again... they would..."
    Sam nodded and spoke with his hands "I know... but why now?"
    Stareye sighed "You gave everything to save your brothers. All of them... now they need you to be with them." she said in orcish.
    Sam nodded again and turned to join the others.
    "Do we have everyone?" Zach asked counting heads. He looked around "Now which way?"
    Sam shook his head and smiled. He began walking towards the exit. He stopped to make sure the others were keeping up.
    The young Ratonga gasped and began to back away "N-no... we've done nothing wrong.... we remained loyal to the overlord...even when he..." sh started crying.
    Tetriemmy stepped forward "What is your name Cub?"
    "Canty Desmens..." Canty sniffed. "I live with my Aunt and Uncle and my seven cousins..."
    Tears began to stream down each child's face although the boys tried to hide it by wiping their eyes or pulling their sleeping bags up.
    Brienae fluttered her wings to create a cooling breeze.
    Henris watched his daughter even more carefully. He sighed as he remembered the girl beaming with excitement as she first announced her plans. Now she was with more of assurance to her "Brienae what have you been up to?"
    "Nothing really."
    Henris frowned.
    The Wood-Elf arrived in the temple and explained the situation.
    One priest, a human walked over and whispered to the Ratonga "You're safe now sweetie, We have a nice bed for you," she nodded to a young Kerra who ran towards the ramp.
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    Lamia started panting quickly and shallowly as the poison took effect. In her head she was wondering; "Is this it..?" Surely it wasn't so. Or so she hoped.
    Stinsmia groaned softly as her nightmare continued. She twitched a few times before yawning. Eventually she woke up, rubbing her eyes.
    She looked around with wide eyes and she started shaking at the priestess
    "N-No.. G-Get away from me! G-Get away!" she said. Despite it being said weakly, it sounded rather loud. She was still much too afraid of all the things and people around her
    "G-Get away p-p-priest!" she stammered, shying away
    Shiasia heard the music, her ears twitching. She let out a yawn, stifling her sniffles and sobs. She turned around to where she wasn't buried and clenched the blankets in her paws, shaking.
    Finding nothing much else to do, she gave a shuddering sigh and picked up her son, rocking him whilst heading down the stairs.
    Fear was evident in her eyes. Of what, few would know. Few except for someone like Senriala.
    "Hello Alyerra.." she whispered gravely, still spooked by her nightmare.
    "Nightmare is keeping me up.. C-C-Can't sleep.." she says quietly incase the Freeblood might ask.
    Rotwhisker nods to Tim, and re-situates Carl before slowly heading into the first room that was mentioned.
    He nods again and gently sets the upper half of Carl onto the bed, waiting for Tim to do the same for his lower half.
    "Carl's a sleepy head.." he teases.
    Vhyrenia looked to Herrigan.
    "If by the three, you mean my husband Vaska, Telsi, and the paladin, then yes, they are Freebloods." she nods. She grunted and winced as Telsi started drinking again.
    She then relaxed and sighed, merely sitting there next to Telsi, being slowly leeched of blood. Vaska comforted her by running his hand through her head fur and scratching behind her ear, which he know she liked
    A soft purr erupted from her throat at the touch of her husband. She leaned back slightly and nuzzled the Freeblood (Vaska, not Telsi) affectionately.
    "I love you.." she whispers to him.
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    "Hey now! Isn't that a bit much?!" Ross asked in alarm as the Freeblood began to feed again.
    Herrigan glanced at the Kerra, but decided to not mention that he had not been speaking to her nor of who she thought. "I am sorry to hear that." The Barbarian but his hand on the Paladin's shoulder then paused. "Did you say 'Fenris'?" He turned to the cell. "She said her name was Fenris."
    Llew and Grumblefoot gladly followed Sam. The Illusionist took her staff out and held it in both hands, ready to cast if she needed.
    Charlemin gasped and pushed his visor back. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean it like that! We're not with the Militia at all, we're just here because our friends escourted Fayberry home. You're not in trouble at all." He assured the girl.
    The Bard bit his lip as he remembered promising the girl a 'happy story', but he doubted the children would let him switch to something else halfway through so he continued, but left out some of the more gory details the Satyr had told him. "The fire raged for two days across the Lesser Faydark and when it subsided we surveyed the remains of our home. the cracked ground was blackened, the plants nothing but skeletal scrotched twigs and the great mushrooms were shriveled and twisted if they stood at all. Ash chocked us on the hot winds and embers twinkled dangerously against the soot like stars in the night sky."
    Pepin felt his cheeks flush red as the Koada'dal cowed at his comment.
    "But this Wizard is gone now, yes?" Alaric asked.
    The Squire nodded. "They are quite certain this time."
    Isatis bit her lip and fanned the Ratonga with her wings too, not seeing what else she could do.
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    The words of conversation seemed to strike something on Telsi's subconscious. She released the Kerra again and stepped away. "If you want to help me, give me space to think." she growled. She turned to look at the Freeblood Paladin "You mentioned something about my uncle..." she wiped her mouth before continuing to speak.
    Gregor turned to face her "Yes," he answered. "Last time I saw him was in Greater Faydark..." as he spoke he remembered Nedrid from his strange dream, but a dream didn't count.
    Telsi turned her attention to him "I don't know anything new if that's what you're asking... last time I talked to my Uncle we had a bit of a disagreement. Well more like he gave me an ultimatum." she closed her eyes for a moment "I know who you are. He did speak at least of you and the Half-breed." she shook her head "Some of my people, the Dark-Elves believe that we are superior to all other races, my uncle took that further, he believes that a Freeblood who was a Dark-Elf is superior to all others." she was trying to focus on the conversation.
    Gregor wasn't sure what to say.
    "I know what his group was doing..." Telsi continued "And it needs to be stopped. They started kidnapping people from the streets and using some ancient notes they found to create their own Freeblood." she sighed "I know some of the members "Uncle Nedrid,"
    Gregor raised an eyebrow but he...."
    Telsi sighed "He volunteered to go through the process himself. Crumpet Desmens..."
    "Deceased," Gregor said.
    Telsi blinked "Wow... he was the one who taught Uncle Nedrid." she frowned :Only other name I remember is something Ariesez." she sighed "The whole team was Necromancers. Before you ask, I made some decisions and was poisoned by one of my Father's most loyal servants." she laughed "Never let an Arasai hear you say anything negative about Cristanos... I was dying so Uncle Nedrid turned me. I haven't decided yet if I'm grateful or if I wish he would have let me go."
    Alyerra continued playing. She remained upstairs in her room.
    Senriala opened her eyes "I've missed that," she whispered.
    Aly smiled.
    "I should probably be making something for breakfast," Senri said as she got up
    "Mom you still have plenty of time."
    "I know but, I want to make something special..."
    Aly stopped playing "For me?"
    Senriala walked over and sat next to her daughter. She hugged her. "Let's go downstairs shall we?"
    Aly nodded and the two headed downstairs.
    "You're up early." Senri said to Shiasia. "What kinds of things do you like for breakfast I mean?" she asked.
    Alyerra sat down at one of the tables and began to play the soothing melody again.
    Tim smiled "Yeah well, as I said I gave him a sleeping potion." he moved his legs onto the bed. He then grabbed the sheet and pulled it down and then over to cover him. "Now for your sleeping arrangement." he turned to a chest in the corner of the room and began rummaging through it throwing out bits of junk. Finally he pulled out a hammock. "Here we go," he said as he took it to a corner and attached it to the walls. He lowered it so the Ratonga could get in. "That's all we have right now," he said. "Oh we do have some extra blankets."
    Sam turned he shook his head when he saw the staff drawn. He took out the stone and spoke to Llew "Put down the staff, no one will attack us unless we provoke them. If they wake up and see any weapons they'll assume you are threatening the children. If they see us they'll assume we are all slaves." he blushed "Because they know I am or was..." He paused by the exit and waited.
    Canty nodded and swallowed "Oh..." she shook her head "Hows cans you nots be with the militias? Unless..." she shook her head as she thought she recognized the traitor from the posters. She giggled "Sorrys for a moments you lookeds likes one of the Cragmures... " she smiled "But that's impossibles." She walked over to the door that led to her home "We all live heres," she sighed "It's rathers crampsed." she swallowed her next statement not wanting to end up in jail. "Yous promises we'res nots in troubles?" she whimpered with her paw poised on the door knob.
    The Kerra priestess arrived at the ramp and knelt by the Ratonga's side/ She began casting. She cast Natural Cleanse. There was a sound like rain and for each sound of a drop curing power went to work. She cast Regrowth. "What is herrr name?"
    "Lamia," Brienae answered.
    The Kerra nodded "I am Learrra." she turned back to her charge "Lamia can you hearrr me?" she asked "You'rrre going to be okay."
    Brienae swallowed as she remembered the what had happened in the lab. She wondered if what was happening now would trigger that other part of Lamia's mind. She hoped not.
    The human priest looked to the Wood-elf.
    The wood-elf sighed and whispered again "It's alright, you're safe... safe and warm, remember?" he coaxed.
    The human let him take the Ratonga back in hopes he could calm her.
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    Lamia's breathing eventually calmed to long, deep ones. Her panting stopped and she relaxed. Her ears flicked to the words she was hearing. They sounded like long drawn out echoes for some reason.. But she at least vaguely understood.
    She twitched one, two, three times and then she was still for a moment. At first "glance" it would sound like she was crying. Like she was sniffling a few times. But that wasn't so. Upon closer listening, one would realize they were soft laughs
    Her eyes opened and there seemed to be an insane look in them
    "What are you looking at, furball?" She asks with a rather creepy laugh.
    Stinsmia merely let out a shy whimper and looked away. Though she looked back at the nice wood-elf and shivered, sniffling
    "Y-You won't.. h-hurt me like M-M-Master d-d-did... w-will you?" she stutters fearfully.
    The collar that was locked tightly around her neck started to glow just faintly. Almost as if Zulgahr hadn't given up yet.
    She still was in control of her own actions for now, but who knew if or even when the control spell would reactivate?
    Shiasia squeaked and jumped in surprise as Senriala's voice suddenly filled the room. She looks back at her slowly, rocking her baby.
    "I-I.. had a nightmare.." she says quietly, shivering for a moment.
    She thinks for a moment and smiles just slightly
    "Hm.. Some toast with a bit of jam would be nice.." She nods.
    Nazsuss squeaked, with his mother giving him the milk bottle in response.
    Rotwhisker dodged the junk as it was thrown, and nodded at the hammock. He smiled at Tim
    "It's fine. I don't care what kind of bed I get. As long as I can take naps on occasion!" he laughs, letting go of Carl's legs and then slowly slipped into the hammock
    "I don'ts needs the blankets. Carls cans uses thems. I usually sleeps in my armours." he said with a wry grin
    "Before I also go to sleep. Is there anything else you need help with?" he asked softly
    Vhyrenia looked to Ross and gave a shrug of neutral indifference. She grunted as the Freeblood's fangs withdrew, taking the bandages that were in Vaska's hands and now wrapping her bleeding arm with it, fastening it with a pin.
    She rubbed her arm slowly and sighed, feeling a little lightheaded. She didn't show it. Vaska kept her balanced a bit.
    She backed away from Telsi in respect and nodded. "Think as much as you need to." She said quietly.
    The kerra looked behind her briefly and pulled off her quiver, counting how many arrows she had. She slung it onto her back again and pulled her hood over her head, a mask also covering her face.
  14. ARCHIVED-llewenayah Guest

    Ross opened the cell door again and indicated to Vhyrenia and Vaska to come back out.
    "Desmens is dead?" She asked. "That is good. I believe the Concordium would like to hear that news."
    Herrigan nodded. "But this 'group' you speak of worrys me."
    "Aye." Ross turned back to Telsi. "If you would give us what information you have of this group and their activities I will consider your charges of tresspass dropped as a mutual sign of good faith and, as I said before, I will see to it that you are put in for citizenship."
    Llew nodded silently and put her staff away, hiding it with magic beneath her cloak. Grumblefoot likewise hid his weapon, figuring that a slave would not use such a hammer simply to fix some loose nails.
    Charlemin made no motion as he heard his family name but nodded to her question. "I promise you and your family are in no trouble."
    Bella smiled a little. The idea of a little cramped house brought back memories. She glanced over at her father, who still held Tetri's arm. She hadn't liked living in Freeport, but she did miss being surrounded by a big family.
    "Those of us who had held on despaired at the further loss. We feared that our Mother had left because she knew we would fail her. For many days we did nothing but sit in our ruined village, withering like the plants without water. We sat in the dark, for clouds had gathered overhead, but they did not send rain down, as if to mock us. On the fourth such day of our lethargy it did rain, but by then we had stopped caring. The rain washed the soot from our bodies and the Loa'Sur began to flow black and sluggish with ash."
    Alaric leaned back in his chair and thought. Pepin tried to sit still, but he felt awkward sitting there and did not know what to do.
    Isatis marveled at the healing spell. She was nowhere near that good yet. She frowned as the Ratonga spoke. "Is she alright?"
  15. ARCHIVED-lisemanta Guest

    Telsi nodded "I guess that sounds fair." she swallowed "The death of Desmens will slow them down. He was the leader."
    Senriala nodded "I understand." she sat down with the Ratonga and closed her eyes as she remembered words spoken to her as she held the infant who was now grown. She spoke the exact words of Mesena as she remembered them "You will never forget, but do not let the memories defeat you. Try to focus on the light." she opened her eyes "Starting with the spark you hold." she stood and ran fingers through Alyerra's hair as she finished "Focus on raising your child from the hurt into someone great and he will make you proud."
    "Aunt Mesena told you that when I was born." Alyerra whispered taking a guess.
    Senriala nodded. "Actually I could use a waitress here. I'd be willing to pay you, let's say five gold a day as well as meals and a place to stay?"
    Sam turned after making sure all weapons were hidden. He cast an eye towards his brothers.
    Ethan and Zach lowered their fists. No one emerged. Sam stopped at the opening. It was clearly visible from inside. The trees stood before them. Sam looked back and shuddered as the realization hit him. He was free, which meant he could never return here.
    Zach stepped up to stand beside his brother. He touched his shoulder.
    Sam smiled and nodded.
    "Are we ready to go then?" Ethan asked.
    Sam nodded although he still shuddered.
    Canty nodded and turned the knob. The door opened and Calarys dashed out and grabbed the young girl "Ohs Canty I was sos worrieds." she squeezed the girl.
    "Just a moments." Canty gasped "The ones whos broughts Fayberry home. Are theys stills heres?"
    "Yis, he's tellings the childrens a bedtimes stories."
    Canty nodded "Do wants mes to tells thems you'res heres?" she asked.
    The children yawned.
    "Did theys...." Fayberry sniffed.
    Brienae swallowed "I've seen this before." she whispered in Faelie to Isatis "It's not good. She believes herself to be someone else, that someone else tends to not be so good." she switched to common to address the Ratonga "Ramia, we're here to help you." she said. She hoped she was remembering the name she had heard Lamia whisper earlier.
    The Kerra examined her patient "I'm not herrre to hurrrt you." she said thinking the fact that she was kerra was frightening the girl. My idol is a Ratonga."
  16. ARCHIVED-Squeakybrigand Guest

    Lamia's laughing became louder over a few seconds and she gave a creepy grin. She let out a loud growl and leaned forward, her Ratongan claws coming out to scratch anyone that came too close to her.
    "Ehehe! I don't need no help! The one that needs help is Lamia, that snivelling maggot!" she retorted with a snort, laughing again.
    Her tail swayed erratically.
    Stinsmia trembled more. The fact that the priestess was a kerra frightened her just a little bit extra, but not as much as the fact that she wasn't sure who she could believe or trust.
    She tugged at the highly decorated collar that was fastened to her neck, but to no avail. It merely glowed brighter.
    "A-Are you t-telling the truth..? Y-Y-You won't.. h-hurt me?" she asks shakily. She shivers and inches towards the Wood Elf that was so nice to her.
    "S-S-She w-w-won't hurt me will she?" she asks the dark brown elf slowly
    Shiasia listened to the words carefully with perked ears. It spoke to her deeply.
    "Those words mean a lot to me.." she says quietly. She smiles and nods to the dark elf.
    "I will.." she whispers.
    She ponders the job offer and nods, but with a frown.
    "I accept.. Although.. What do I do about Nazsuss..? I don't think it'd be easy carrying him and drinks or food at the same time.." she says with a chuckle
    Rotwhisker noted no response and took it as a "No". He yawned quietly and leaned down against the hammock, closing his eyes and drifting into sleep
    "I'm sorry.. Please forgive me.." he was already mumbling as he dreamed.
    Vhyrenia and Vaska both looked up at Ross and nodded. The couple promptly got up and left the cell.
    The kerra nodded in agreement to what Telsi said
    "I concur with Telsi.." she says quietly.
  17. ARCHIVED-llewenayah Guest

    "If you are feeling like you can remain in control, we can talk of this-" She paused, remembering that her office was being used. "In one of the rooms upstairs."
    Herrigan glanced from the Kerra's arm to Gregor. "How are you feeling, Lieutenant?"
    Llew waited for Sam to make the first move outside. She examined the opening again, thoroughly impressed by the spellwork.
    "Yes, please." Charlemin said. He turned to the woman. "I am very sorry to disturb your family at such an hour, ma'am."
    Hoddmimir's pointed ear twitched as he heard the Paladin speak in the other room.
    "I do not know how long we sat there, blank and uncaring while the rains came and went, but eventually one of our number, Liruos came to their senses. He saw that the rains had washed the Loa'Sur clean and it now ran bright and clear again. The winds had chased the smoke and ash from the skies and they were as blue as a morning glory. The cracks from dehydration had healed from the ground. But he also saw that the sweet grasses that once covered the fertile soil were still twisted and burnt, the great mushrooms still withered and tumbled and his heart began to sink back in despair."
    The Koada'dal drummed his fingers on the arm of the chair. "How often does Llewenayah leave her brother in your care?"
    Pepin hesitated to answer, wondering why the man would ask that. "As often as she must to keep him safe."
    Isatis nodded to Brienae but had to leap back out of the Ratonga's arm reach before she could answer. "What do we do?" She asked in Faelie.
  18. ARCHIVED-Squeakybrigand Guest

    ((posting briefly to get bella's post to show up..))
  19. ARCHIVED-lisemanta Guest

    Telsi nodded "I think I can." she thought for a few minutes "I'll go ahead and tell you a secret, just in case." she sighed "I'm not like most Freebloods. My eyes are always pink or crimson. For most this means they need to feed. For me, I'm always thirsty, but like all Freeblood my eyes change color when I desperately need to feed. In my case: white. Right now talking with you helps, but watch my eyes." Her pink eyes met those of the female Paladin as she spoke.
    Gregor turned "I'm fine... well I've been better." his eyes flashed back to brown.
    "I'll make a high chair for him." Alyerra answered for her mother. He can sit there. He'll still see you and if he needs anything, you're right there."
    Senriala smiled "That's what I did," she explained "I had Alyerra in the corner and as she got older and started toddling around I let her. It is a tavern, but I have strict rules regarding touch and space," she explained. "No one will hurt you." she promised
    Tim walked back into his lab and continued working. He tried to make as little noise as he could but the re was still noise from his work. He liked the noise, but his brothers often complained
    Carl was silent in his sleep.
    Sam sighed and stepped outside. Zach followed. Ethan nodded to the others to go ahead.
    "It is alrights." she sighed "I can'ts sleeps tills my pinkies gos tos sleeps." she smiled at Rothgut and Tetriemmy "I'm sures yous understands." she frowned "Do you wants to come ins?" she asked. "I'll apologizes for the mess. Seven pinkies and we's justs moved ins."
    Canty nodded and stepped inside. She walked into the children's room and almost tripped over the Arasai, but somehow managed to catch herself in a graceful movement. "Sorrys," she muttered "I seems tos bes doings thats a lots latelys."
    "Canty you'res lates," Lmberger informed his cousin
    Canty shrugged "Your friends are heres," she said to the human and the Arasai.
    "B-but we has to knows dids theys makes it alls betters." Fayberry whimpered.
    Brienae strummed her lyre creating a shield around herself and her allies nearby except Lamia/Ramia. Next times the Ratonga tried to strike it would reflect some of the damage onto her."Last time we put her to sleep," Brienae answered in Faelie. She kept playing Requiem of Reflection as she began to sing a soft calming melody to lull the Ratonga to sleep.
    The Fury who was helping them blinked. "I don't think I've ever seen this before
    In the temple "I promise, she won't hurt you," the Wood-Elf promised.
    The priestess nodded as she dropped her illusion. "I was trying not to scare you," she explained "You must be very gifted." she frowned at the collar "I'll need someone from the Library to come look at this." she sighed
    ((Sorry for the confusion the Fury who cured Lamia is a Kerra. The one in the temple was human, but she can actually be a Kerra (we'll say illusion that Stimsia somehow saw through)))
  20. ARCHIVED-Squeakybrigand Guest

    Lamia laughed louder and scratched out again, to her unknowing, hitting a barrier, which reflected what damage it would have caused to go back on her. A long scratch appeared on her face.
    She growled and frowned, trying to run through the barrier that was summoned, but fails and bumps her head.
    "You.. stupid bard..!" she snaps, annoyed
    Stinsmia whimpered and nodded to the Wood Elf. She slowly slid a little closer to the priest as she dropped the human illusion.
    "I see through Illusions.. with some difficulty.." she whispers. Unfortunately there might be a few problems getting the collar off, as it also kept her unstable wizard magics under control as well.
    Zulgahr wakes up, finding himself carried by what looks like a high elf. He growls and pulls his arm up to strike, only to find that it falls back down again, still under the effects of the chains
    "Let me go, softskin!" he hisses angrily. His hand just barely glows as he attempts to recast the control spell, which in turn would cause Stinsmia to come to his aid
    Stinsmia's collar started glowing even brighter, and she managed to supress a screech, biting her lip hard enough to draw a bit of blood.
    Shiasia nods and smiles weakly.
    "Thanks yous.." she says raspily.
    Nazsuss clenches the visible air with his tiny paws. The Ratonga sighed softly and frowned
    "Yeah.. Nobodys will hurts mes.. Excepts for Rotwhiskers.." she says, unintentionally being rather pessimistic.
    She changes the subject
    "So erm... When can I start..?" she asks cheerfully
    Rotwhisker's ears twitched at the few sounds he managed to hear through his dream
    He sighed softly and shifted around uncomfortably
    "I saids I's was sorries.." he mumbles quietly, frowning
    Vhyrenia fastens the bandages a little tighter and she sighs softly. She puts her hand to her chest and clears her throat. Vaska wraps his arms around her and kisses her cheek
    "My Freeblood.." she whispers to him. She blushes as he nips her neck teasingly, smiling and smirking lightly.
    "Now's not the time.." she warns quietly, flicking his nose with her paw fingers. He frowns and groans.
    "Ouch.." he mutters quietly

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