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    Ross nodded and held the cell door open. "Thank you, I will keep that in mind."
    Herrigan nodded. "And your Squire? How is he?"
    Llew took a deep breath and followed. Her uncle scanned the area before stepping out. There was a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach as he walked.
    "Sevens?" Rothgut asked. "Ands I's always thoughts I's hads my paws fulls with fives."
    "Wells, somes of us was worth the troubles of two, I's is sures." Bella said with a sideling glance at her brother.
    Charlemin scratched the back of his neck, taking off the helm, which was getting too warm and uncomfortable. "I grew out of that..." He muttered.
    Hoddmimir snorted, but otherwise did not say anything. He did not want the Bard to realize, but he too wanted to hear the end of the story.
    Aloysiius turned to Canty. "Thank you." He glanced at the younger girl over his shoulder. "But I'm sure there is time enough for the end. We're almost through with the story." He straightened out his lanky body and continued. "As Lirous began to succumb to the lethargy again his eye caught sight of something in the soot. He had only seen a quick glance of it, but he turned back and crouched, searching desperatly for what he thought he had seen."
    Alaric frowned. "And what are these things that she must keep him safe from? The Wizard you assure me is dead?"
    Pepin nodded. "Mostly, yes. As far as I know her current task does not concern him."
    "And how does what she is off battling or whatever it is she does threaten the boy?" Alaric leaned back into the chair.
    The Squire shook his head. "I do not know what she is doing, only that her assistance was required. You were there and know as much as I do."
    Isatis leapt back further as the Ratonga lashed out again. "Should I try to root her?" She asked quietly, still speaking Faelie.
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    Telsi stepped out of the cell "Lead the way," she watched the couple and an ache filled her own heart. She touched her tunic where her pendant was hidden.
    Gregor frowned "It depends... sometimes he seems alright other times..." he turned his back unable to meet anyone's eyes as he continued speaking "The first Freeblood he saw in the demonic form was me... I tried to hold it off as long as I could but... we were alone and I..." he couldn't finish the statement and he hoped they understood what he could not say. " He swallowed. "I don't want it to happen again..." tears were forming in his eyes "He ran away from me after Kayla died. When I found him he was trying to kill Nedrid for vengeance." he turned back around to face the Lieutenant and Captain "I met some other Paladins that I think would be able to train him and help him. There were two I believe, Dwarves with the surname of Oldale. I think he will also need some counseling and someone to talk to him about his revenge, he's so young, I'm worried he's letting his vengeance consume him." he swallowed again "I vowed to only feed on animals, but sometimes..." he couldn't finish.
    Upstairs Calish sighed. He was unsure what to do now. The boy had come upstairs and started crying about being a coward. The Dark-Elf had sat down with him and before he knew it the boy had cried himself to sleep. Calish didn't want to wake him but he did not want to spend the rest of the night here. Or did he? There was something in his heart that told him to stay.
    "You can start in the morning," Senriala answered "It will be dawn in about an hour. You said you wanted toast. I will be right back." She stepped into the kitchen and returned with a high-chair "Hopefully this works for now until Aly can make one more his size." she set the high-chair down in a corner and then returned to the kitchen to begin working on breakfast for them.
    Alyerra nodded "No one will hurt you hear. I know my Mom, and guessing from how you said that, he won't be allowed in here." she sighed as her playing ceased "You probably know what I am... I want you to know that I won't hurt you either."
    Carl started groaning in his sleep.
    Tim couldn't hear anything over his tinkering.
    Ethan stepped out last "Good now we can go home."
    Ethan took off towards Kelethin.
    Sam placed his hand on the hill and it was solid. There was something else though. Something else not quite right. He glanced at Grumblefoot and caught his eye. "Something is not quite right," he said with his mind focusing on those around him.
    Calarys nodded "Six boys and ones girls." she smiled with pride. "Canty has beens a bigs helps since...." she sighed.
    Canty nodded and made herself comfortable next to Fayberry.
    The children leaned forward not wanting to miss any detail.
    Brienae cursed. Why was her song not working tonight? She preferred to be modest and not appear overtly powerful, but she knew what she was capable of. Why wasn't her lullaby working? It had worked before, before tonight. "I guess," she answered Isatis. She turned back to Ramia "Lamia, please I know you're in there. Fight her.
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    Ramia spat in Brienae's direction and growled. Her struggles stopped and her head sunk, a rather heavy silence ensuing.
    There was some quiet talking coming from her. It seemed that there was an argument going on in the Ratongan language. They were fighting over who's body it rightfully was, and who should be able to take control apparently..
    "This is my body. You won't ever take full control! I will always be here, waiting for you to lower your guard. I won't ever leave!" Ramia spat in common
    "No you won't.. Your malice and anger blinds you and keeps you from such petty and nonrealistic goals.. With such contempt for me, and such unstable emotions, you will never succeed.. And nor will you ever seem to cease in your attempts.." Lamia responded quietly.
    Ramia seemed to back down. Lamia blinked and groaned
    "Ugh.. What happened..?" she asked herself quietly, frowning. She attempted to walk, unaware that there was a barrier around her
    Wha- Hey! What's with the barrier?!" she asks, bewildered, knocking on it experimentally.
    Stinsmia finally screeched as the control spell had managed to take over her will. She started shaking, her collar glowing red, even the gems encrusted in it, which were normally blue.
    "I must tend to and go to Master Zulgahr.." she says quietly, getting up and heading for the temple entrance, aiming to leave. Her eyes were blank.
    "Master calls to me.." she whispers.
    Shiasia looked over to Alyerra and smiled, still rocking her son.
    "Yes, I know what you are, but I trust you." she says with a smile. She leans over to whisper to Alyerra
    "Personally I wish people weren't so judgemental or prejudiced against Freebloods though.."
    Nazsuss drank from the milk bottle greedily, clutching it with his tiny paws. Shiasia thinks for a moment and chuckles weakly
    "I honestly thought I would have had more than one pinky.." she whispers
    Rotwhisker's dream went from bad to better and he smiled, giving a sigh. He curled up comfortably on the hammock, still asleep
    "Much betters.." he whispers quietly
    Vhyrenia kissed the male Freeblood's nose and hugged him. She remembered all too well how it felt to get stares before.. A kerra and Freeblood? Together and married? That seemed pretty farfetched to most people..
    She tightened the bandage around her arm a bit and sniffed, inhaling Vaska's scent slowly. She purred and nuzzled him
    Vaska put his arm around the kerra and the two of them headed up the stairs.
    "If you need us, we'll be at our house.." Vhyrenia said quietly, leaving the guard house and heading home with her husband
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    Ross closed and locked the cell behind her and went to the stairs. She paused to listen to Gregor. "Even if you transfer his service as a Squire to another, you should at least keep in touch with him. It sounds like he had gone through much and to have the last person in his life leave could not possibly help."
    Herrigan nodded in agreement behind Gregor's back.
    Llew was eager to get back to her family. She paused and turned as she heard Sam's voice in her head. Grumblefoot scanned the trees and surrounding area.
    "Do you think we've been spotted?" She asked.
    Her uncle shook his head. He wasn't sure. "Let's keep going." Without thinking he waved his hand, reaching out to his Spirit Companion, but Rotgut did not appear.
    Rothgut grinned. "I's hads four girls and ones boy. I's has four sisters toos." He frowned. "They's says my father gots on the bad sides of a witch and was givens the 'curse of daughters'. Hrm...alls I's has is granddaughters toos..."
    "Lirous cleared more and more of the soot away and soon uncovered what he had seen: a small, green shoot with a single leaf. He worked diligently to clear the fallen debris from around it and soon had a clear area around it. He called to the others, but they did not respond. The sprout was not healthy though, so he went to get it water but he found nothing to carry it in. For many hours he worked, walking to the Loa'Sur and carrying what he could in his hands to the tiny plant."
    "I will speak with Llewenayah further when she returns." Alaric decided.
    Pepin nodded.
    the Koada'dal looked up. "But I have been rude. You are my guest and I have kept you from your duties and your sleep. My apologies."
    The Squire shook his head. "You are worried about your kin, think nothing of it."
    Isatis began to pull seeds from her pouch but paused as the Ratonga's demeanor changed again. She looked sidelong at the other Fae, still speaking Faelie. "Is that really her or a trick?"
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    Telsi followed after the Captain. She nodded acknowledgment to Vhyrenia as they left. Her mind reeled with details of what she needed to tell the Captain. She also thought about what needed done.
    Gregor nodded "I would stay in touch. I don't want to abandon him, but I want him to be safe. I don't think he's safe with me. "
    Alyerra blinked "Thank you." she whispered "I have friends, but meeting new people when they realize..." she sighed "Maybe I could change everyone's thinking about Freebloods. I am a bard after all and I do want to be famous... maybe if I became famous without hiding I could change the general perception."
    Carl's dreams worsened "No! No! It's a mistake! You can't.... No!"
    Sam shook his head in response to the question. He was fairly certain that they had not been spotted. Zach and Ethan led the way towards Kelethin.
    Calarys nodded "Theys says Colby's familys... somethings happened tos his great-grandmothers and she hads two boys and ones girls... the girls dieds sos youngs, then Colby's grandfather hads Colby's fathers and ones others boys. Colbys has ones brothers." she sniffed "Fayberry, Ratiel founds hers almosts drowned. He wouldn't says hows, but he saved hers. I'm still scareds for hers thoughs. If it's a curse... I don't wants to lose my only girls..."
    "You won't," Tetriemmy said "I can honestly tell you that rumor is false. Ratiel's sister didn't die." she smiled "And your niece, she is a healthy young girl."
    Calarys nodded "Yis, my sisters marrieds Colby's brothers and Canty was their onlys..." she analyzed the group in turn "Hows cans yous be sos sures?" she asked.
    Tetriemmy sighed. If she intended to stay in touch the woman would have to know eventually "My name is Tetriemmy,"
    Calarys blinked "That's was Ratiel's sisters names..." her eyes widened as the information clicked "Then yous are..."
    Tetriemmy nodded.
    The children including Canty leaned in further to listen.
    Fayberry pulled her blanket tighter around her.
    Brienae answered in Faelie "I think so," she spoke in common to Lamia "You were poisoned," she answered "Trying to defend someone else. We treated you, but the injury triggered... but you're safe now. I know some people who can teach you to be strong and never see her again."
    The High-Elf glanced at the Iksar "What are you doing?" he stopped just outside the guardhouse.
    The Wood-Elf grabbed the Ratonga and tried to hold her. "You don't need to go. You don't have a master. You're safe and warm here. Remember safe and warm."
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    Lamia groaned softly.
    "Ugh.. woozy.." she mutters quietly as a wave of vertigo washes over her, causing her to stumble slightly. The Ratonga blinks and shakes her head.
    "I.. think that'd be best.." she responds quietly
    "After all.. Ramia kinda.. has a thing for Necromancy.." she says with a chuckle
    Zulgahr merely laughs quietly
    "Wouldn't you like to know?!" he retorts before stopping his resistances, but trying to strengthen the control spell
    Stinsmia shook her head
    "Master will.. punish if I disobey.." the girl says slowly, whimpering and struggling against the gentle hands that tried to restrain her.
    "D-Don't want.. punishment.." She says quietly, whimpering and trembling.
    The mental damage being done to her due to the control spell was becoming more and more obvious, as the shaking became a bit more violent. As well as a slight nosebleed started
    "M-M-M-Master.." She repeats quietly, stuttering.
    Shiasia looked over to Alyerra and smiled.
    "Wells the firsts steps is always the hardests, buts in the ends, is well worths its." She said with a wry grin.
    "I's wish yous lucks ins yous goals!" She said cheerfully. She cradled her son and sighed.
    "I's wills be sos busys with yous in my lifes, Nazsuss.. Buts it'lls be worths its.." she whispered quietly.
    Rotwhisker yawned and frowned as the dream worsened again.
    "No I.. I didn't.. I.. I didn't mea-.. Just.. I.." he stammers quietly, tossing and turning in the hammock.
    Vhyrenia and her husband went back home and Vaska skittered to the bed without hesitation, wanting to rest his weary legs after having done some training much earlier.
    The kerra headed to the kitchen and sighed, deciding to fix herself some dinner now.
    After mixing various ingredients, she lit the kiln fire and started baking some bread.
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    Ross caught Herrigan's eye. The Lieutenant nodded that he understood. The Captain turned to Gregor. "The Lieutenant will see to you and your Squire. I have other business to attend to." She bowed her head to the other Paladin. "Marr be with you." She headed up the stairs.
    Herrigan put a hand on Gregor's shoulder. "You mentioned the Oldales?"
    Llew glanced at her uncle and turned, following the Flamefists. Grumblefoot took a deep breath and set off after them, but the tightness in his heart still remained.
    Rothgut glanced at his children. He prayed to Lacepaw that she would watch over them.
    "He tried to bring his brethern out of the lethargy, but could not so he concentraited on the plant. For many days he worked to tend the little plant and it grew more and more. Eventually the plant was strong and tall and upon it there was a single, large bud. The bud grew larger and larger, until the stem of the plant drooped from the weight."
    Alaric shook his head. "It's about time I worried about them." He muttered angrily at himself.
    Pepin glanced out the window, uncomfortable with asking what he wanted to.
    Isatis stepped back. "N-Necromancy?"
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    Gregor nodded. "I met them earlier today or yesterday... I've rather lost track of the time..." he sighed.
    Telsi said nothing as she turned to follow the captain.
    Simon woke up and stood.
    Calish stood and stretched "Sleep well?" he asked the boy.
    Simon glared at him. "Qeynos Harbor, is where you can go to register." he muttered.
    "Why didn't you mention that before?" Calish asked.
    "I didn't know if I could trust you." Simon answered. "You appeared out of nowhere just as he collapsed and you're a Dark-Elf,"
    Calish quirked his head "Them who?"
    "You know exactly who I mean!" Simon shouted.
    "I honestly don't." The Dark-Elf answered. Confusion shown on his face as he watched the boy's hand go for his sword "Listen kid, let's talk about this. My Fiancee` was a Freeblood, I recognized him as one and thought I'd help. I'm not with anyone. I swear to you,"
    "Liar," Simon hissed.
    "We'll help you," Alyerra answered as smells began to come from the kitchen. The smells of cinnamon and vanilla filled the tavern "Ever had Kelethin toast?" she asked as she knew that was what was being made.
    Carl screamed.
    This time Tim heard the scream and dashed into the room. He paused unsure which to comfort first. He decided to comfort Rotwhisker first so he didn't fall out of the hammock "Hey Rotwhisker, wake up, it's only a bad dream."
    Sam couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong, but he couldn't figure out what. He glanced back at the Dwarf.
    "Almost home," Zach sighed with relief.
    Ethan nodded "You'll finally get to meet Tim, and Kyriu. She definitly Jake's daughter."
    "She's also Mesena's." Zach sighed "I wish Zenariel didn't hate my guts."
    Ethan sighed "You? She hates all of us. If her father wasn't such a pig-headed snob about his blood-line...."
    Zach and Ethan looked at each other and laughed "I wish Mesena had another sister..." Ethan laughed.
    Zach nodded "But she'd hate us too."
    Sam quirked an eyebrow.
    "Long story," Zach answered "Short version being that after Jake and Mesena died her family blamed our family and they won't speak to us unless it pertains to Ky."
    Ethan nodded "Yeah and the way they talk sometimes you would think Kyriu was still a little kid. They don't know Silzin's gone do they?"
    "I don't know. Ky's old enough, I left it up to her to keep them informed. Now if she did or not I'm not sure. That's between her and her gorgeous Aunt." Zach answered.
    Calarys smiled "Ohs Colby wills be so exciteds to meets yous!"
    "We've already met," Tetri answered.
    "Oh thens yous knows..."
    "Yes, I helped perform the rights. He's at rest now"
    Calarys nodded "Yours accents.... its doesn'ts sounds Ratongan ats alls..."
    Fayberry shivered as she listened.
    Canty leaned into her young cousin "Yous alrights."
    Fayberry nodded "I'ms tryings to listens," she whispered.
    Canty frowned as she placed a paw on her young cousin's forehead. She quietly and quickly stood and dashed out of the room hoping not to disturb the bard. "Aunt Calarys. It's Fayberry. The fevers returneds."
    Calarys blinked "Thens we needs to gets hers to the temples,"
    "Or I could look at her," Tetri said "I'm a Fury."
    "Oh woulds yous? She's... she's my runts she's beens sicks frequentlys since the days she was borns."
    Tetri nodded "Bella could you come with me please?"
    Brienae nodded. She was wondering if Tetri's idea of introducing her to Tsimia was a good idea. "What is it that you want to do? What interests you Lamia?" she asked.
    The High-Elf swallowed and drew his sword. He brought the pommel down on the Iksar's head hoping to knock him out and stop the spell that he now suspected was being cast.
    The Wood-Elf continued to hold the Ratonga. He looked at the priestess. "You don't have a master. You are free," he whispered gently.
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    Lamia scratched her chin in thought before replying
    "Always wanted to be a Conjuror.." She says quietly, nodding and also shrugging
    Zulgahr went wide eyed for a moment, and then grunted as the pomel fell onto his head with a thud. His head slumped back and he groaned, slipping back to unconsciousness. His spell faltered.
    Stinsmia's violent trembling stopped suddenly and she skittered into the wood elf's grasp, whimpering.
    "M-Master's.. S-Scary.." she says quietly, slowly gaining back control of herself. The collar around her stopped it's sinister glow and became dull once more.
    Her hand came up and went against the collar as she tried to use some magic to freeze said collar off her neck. It glowed briefly and she yelped in pain as a shock went through her.
    "D-D-Darn c-collar.." she stutters, frowning.
    Shiasia shook her head at the mention of Kelethin Toast.
    "Nos I hasn'ts.." She says quietly, before taking several sniffs of the air. She looks as if she would drool, were it not for the fact that she had to keep an eye on her son.
    "Smells good.." She whispers
    Rotwhisker woke with a start, as the scream echoed into his dream
    He started speaking gibberish, still surprised
    "Ha?! Whuza- Whad'ya?" were those unintelligible syllables. He looked to Tim and blinked
    "Ayayaya.. I'm awake now..". He glanced to Carl and got up from his hammock. He shook the human gently
    "Carls, wakes ups.. Is bad dreams!" he said, trying to calm down or potentially wake Carl.
    Vhyrenia came back to the kiln after a while and took out the bread, letting it cool a good bit before slicing it.
    "Hm.. Perrrrhaps.." She whispered, before shrugging off the thought.
    She sat in a nearby chair while she waited
    *Ramoana made her way throughout Freeport slowly, looking around warily. The young thief girl was looking for her next person to pickpocket.
    Finding a nobleman a rather good choice, she nodded to herself "Seems obliviouses enoughs" She thinks to herself.
    She started running, deluding that she was in a hurry. Eventually she steered into her mark, intentionally bumping into him.
    "S-Sorrys sirs! Didn'ts means tos!" she hastily bluffed. During the noble's recovering, she slipped her hand into his pocket and snatched a bag of coin, regardless of how heavy it was or how much was in there.
    She stuffed it in her own pocket and then backed away, eventually walking off, her prize well hidden.
    "Nitwit.." she mutters, smirking. Once out of view of any people, she speeds her way into a dark alley, emptying the coin purse to see what she had stolen
    "5 platinum!" she says with a beaming grin. She was surprised that a noble carried so much in just his pockets..
    Though she made sure to keep completely quiet, not wanting to alert guards
    (( *Ramoana's name just to prevent pronunciation is pronounced as in the Cars movie's Ramone, but with an A added to it. * also to the fact that I'ma try searching for her backstory somewhere within these secret library walls..
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    Herrigan scratched at his beard. "Well, there are some Oldales bunking in the barracks tonight. I don't think any of them are Paladins though. They'll probably know who you're thinking of." He turned to glance at the cells. "Hrm...busy night."
    Ross led Telsi upstairs. She frowned at more yelling. "What now?" She called, a little bit of irritation seeping into her voice.
    Grumblefoot put his hand over his heart as they went. He tried to call Rotgut to him again, but there was no response. He prayed that he was too tired to perofrm the rite correctly and tried not to think about how the spirits fighting the orc had disappered.
    Llew raised an eyebrow. "Except for the part about them speaking with Ky it sounds like you're talking about my family again." She sighed. "I suppose I'll have to speak with Grandfather though."
    Bella nodded to Tetri. "Of courses."
    Rothgut looked at the mother. "The little one is in goods paws with thems."
    "As even more time passed and the plant grew, Lirous tried more and more to get his brethern to return from their states of stupour, but still to no avail. Finally there came a special day to our people, the summer solstice where once we honored our Mother with dance and song and feasting. As Ro climbed higher and higher in the sky on this, the longest day of the year, the bloom began to open."
    "If there is nothing else, sir...?" The Squire asked hesitantly.
    "No, nothing."
    "I will take my leave. Marr be with you."
    Alaric waved his hand dismissivly, muttering a distracted 'Tunare watch you.' as the Squire went to the ramp.
    Isatis fluttered her wings, unsure of what to do. She chewed her bottom lip. "We can take you to the Order of Arcane, but perhaps a Healer should take a proper look at you first."
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    Gregor nodded. "I also met Cragmure, but he has a squire already..."
    Simon stopped as he heard the captain's voice. He took a few deep breaths. “Nothing,” he called back "How do I know you aren't one of them?" he hissed to Calish. "You did know an awfully lot about Freebloods.
    Calish sighed "I told you, my fiancee was a Freeblood. We were separated in Nektolous."
    "Calish?" Telsi asked from behind the Captain. There was a note of excitement in her voice. "I thought he was dead, but I recognize his voice..." she whispered.
    Alyerra smiled. "Cinnamon, sugar, eggs and vanilla." she listed the ingredients and sighed. "I loved it as a kid... but now..." she shook her head "You'll like it."
    Mist and Bane ran up to Alyerra and began nuzzling her legs. She leaned down and patted the dogs "Missed y'all too." she whispered. Bane turned and began to sniff at Shiasia's tail. "Bane, don't you dare!" Alyerra snapped
    Bane turned and whimpered.
    "Oh let me introduce Bane and Mist."
    Bane yipped and Mist appeared to bow to the Ratonga.
    Carl woke up panting. "Not a dream..." he panted "Bad memories..."
    "Well those are in the past." Tim said walking over to his brother "Only the future is ahead of you, focus on that." he smiled "Both of you need to focus on the future and what you could accomplish."
    Sam stopped and turned a worried look to the Dwarf. He placed a hand on Grumblefoot's shoulder. Asking questions with his eyes.
    Ethan sighed "Yeah, well they wanted to be sure she continued to receive adequate training and they firmly believed that a group of humans who were so young, by their reckoning couldn't possibly keep up.”
    Zach nodded “I think they also really want to know what Silzin sees in her.” he smiled “To put in perspective: Silzin has lived close to 500 years and in all that time he has only taken one protege`, mind he never would have trained her if Mesena and Jake were still alive, but still...”
    “Of course he tends to go places she can't, but the honor is there.” Ethan continued.
    “It's her potential, she has the potential to be a Grandmaster someday, that's what he saw.” Zach answered “We see it... I don't think they do....”
    Tetri led the way into the children's room and knelt down next to the shivering young girl. She was careful not to interrupt the story as she picked the tiny girl up. She felt the girl's forehead and began to channel some of Nature's power into her.
    Fayberry nuzzled into the old Ratonga as she continued to listen.
    Calarys nodded.
    The Kerra Fury seemed to awaken from a daze "Oh yes of course. Best I can tell the poison is gone.
    Brienae nodded "Actually I personally know a powerful Illusionist. I think the fewer people involved the better," she sighed "I wish I knew where Llewenayah was.” she smiled “I also know a Conjuror who could teach you.”
    "Brienae what have you been up to?” Henris asked.
    Brienae blushed “Just writing Ballads Father.”
    “And where pray tell are you getting these Ballads?”
    “Here and there.” Brienae answered.
    “Brienae Esmielda Lunara De`Esalcoda you will give me a straight answer!” Henris snapped.
    Brienae swallowed and looked from Lamia to Isatis and back to her father. She was speechless. She was a bard and she was speechless. Her wings fluttered nervously.
    The High-Elf sighed with relief as he carried the unconscious Iksar into the Kelthin Guard house. “Keep him under,” he instructed the clerk as he dragged him into a cell.
    “We must get rid of it,” The priestess muttered “Take her to the order of Arcane. They should be able to dispel it.”
    The Wood-Elf nodded “By the way I am Gelabrin,” he said to Stimsia “And I vow that I will not let anyone hurt you,”
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    Lamia thought further and raised and lowered her hands as if they were a scale
    "Actually.. Illusionist? Or conjuring? Illus.. Conjur.. Hrm.." she mumbled in thought. She cleared her throat quietly and looked to Brienae
    "Yeah.. few people I think'd be best.. I've actually performed a few experiments and I've come to the rather odd conclusion that Ramia only comes out when ever I'm in potentially mortal danger or if I've been badly injured.
    I've had conversations with her before, and apparently the only reason she calls me.. these things is because she's trying to toughen my resolve as she says. And the reason she comes out is apparently to protect me.." She looks up at seemingly nothing and speaks again
    "I don't care what you think.. Explaining that to them isn't going to hurt me. It'll just help me in the long-run! Now shut up.." she seems a little annoyed at the voice she was having a conversation with.
    The cell door shut with a slam as the Iksar just lay there.
    Lucky for really the people around her and not herself, Brienae's lullaby had not fully worn off yet, as she was still rather docile and sleepy.
    She shook her head at the priestess.
    "No.. M-Master says it k-keeps my unstable magic in control.." she says quietly. Her ears perk at the word "Arcane"
    "N-No.. M-Magic casters are the ones who p-put the c-collar on me in the first place.. I-I don't want to go to any mages.." she starts sniffling quietly.
    Shiasia practically began to drool at the mention of each food.
    "Sounds good.." she whispers wistfully. She licks her lips as she snuggles her son. She nodded to the two dogs, patting Mist on the head. Out of sheer luck her tail flicked out of the way of Bane's jaws, which snapped a second away.
    Rotwhisker nodded to Tim. He looked down at the floor as he got up from the hammock. Then he saw his reflection in his plate armour.
    He frowned
    "Hm.. I should have one of those Makeover Mirrors somewhere.." he mutters to himself, his hand reaching back and rummaging through his backpack
    Ramoana hastily stuffed the coins into her pocket and left the bag there in the alley. She stepped out of it discreetly and dusted herself off.
    "Who next..?" She asked herself. She saw the same noble again, but figured she shouldn't chance it again, as he might figure out it was her that pickpocketed him
    "No.. Not him again.." she mutters. She looked to the five white coins in her hand and frowned. Five platinum would pay for her younger sister's apothecary and medicine bill.. And then the house rent.. As well as getting her some food.. But then she'd have to pickpocket more.
    "Oh Adhara.. Why were you cursed with such illness..?" she asked quietly, pitying her sister for being practically glued to the bed. Anytime the smaller girl got up she either ended up vomiting from nausea or stumbling and not being able to get up.. Or worse, start back her nasty coughing.
    She shook her head from the thoughts and headed back home to the Jade Tiger Inn.
  15. ARCHIVED-llewenayah Guest

    Herrigan nodded, indicating to Gregor that they should go upstairs. "Aye. Cragmure's done a fine job teachin' Pepin. I dunno if you ever met Pepin. He's Captain Grayhaze's youngest sibling. The boy didn't come around here much before becoming a Squire, usually he brought his sisters muffins or cookies from their mother and wouldn't talk to anybody. He's come out of his shell in the year he's been a Squire."
    Ross moved aside so that Telsi could see properly. She marveled at the coincidence that the two of them were both here, then paused, thanking whatever god saw fit to lead their paths back together.
    Grumblefoot sighed. He shook his head. "Tha' 'ammer's powers are growin'. Ter banish spirits like tha', beyond th' call o' a Shaman, be a terrifying power."
    Llew nodded. "I sometimes wish our grandparents would have taken even that curious interest in us." She glanced behind her. "Not that we weren't left completely on our own devices. I-I don't know what I would have done if we hadn't had our Uncles there. I would have been raising Danlore on my own at fourteen. Or perhaps we would have had to of gone to an orphanage..." She chewed her lip, remembering the fear that she would lose her brother after their mother had 'died'. She thought of Aleteriq next, feeling that same fear again.
    Aloysiius watched Tetri and the little girl as he continued the story, keeping his voice level. "As the great bloom opened, more and more of the Satyr began to notice. In a daze they began to go towards it, gathering on the withered land beneath it, their faces turned up like sunflowers. Lirous stood at the forefront and when Ro was at its zenith the bloom was fully open. Tears ran openly down the faces of many of our brethren as they beheld the delicate flower. The stem and leaves were as green and flowing as our Mother's dress and the bloom as golden and fair as her hair and it was if she stood over us again with a smiling face. By the end of the day the bloom had withered and faded, its time passed and as one the remaining Satyr took in the land again. We saw that though the land was still covered in ash and soot, the flora had begun to grow again, the tiny seeds that had hidden beneath were pushing up and taking nurture from the ash of what had been destroyed. The Loa'Sur ran clear and bright again. The hart and unicorns were tentatively returning to their grazing ground, though there was still very little to graze on. We knew from the flower then, that, though she had left, Tunare was still with us and we began the long process of returning to her ways." He paused. "By then the storms had passed and the Satyr and I bowed and parted ways. I eventually found my way to the Satyr village and if I had not been told that there had once been such a great fire, I never would have known, for the foliage was all lush and green, the hart and unicorn pleantiful and thriving beneath the wisps. The strange thing was, that when I asked around the village, they could not tell me who I had met and I did not see him. They said that no one was out of the village during the storm. But then…who had told me the story? " He winked at the children.
    Pepin went back to the upstairs, pausing to check on Ratatoska. He slipped into the other room to find the Koada'dal woman sitting on the edge of the bed, holding the boy's hand as he slept.
    Isatis took another step back from the Ratonga. She winced as the male Fae used his daughter’s full name. That was never a good sign.

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  16. ARCHIVED-lisemanta Guest

    Gregor nodded as he took the hint and headed upstairs “I did recently,” he sighed “I’ll give my report later… right now it’s been a long year which makes for a long story…"

    Simon turned and saluted his Captain.

    Calish sighed and turned. He grinned. “Telsi.”

    Telsi ran to the Tier’dal who embraced her. “I thought…”

    “I thought I was dead too, but I woke up in the care of a Halfling. A Swashbuckler” he laughed “Once I was able to stand he taught me a few things.”

    “So then you’re no longer a Brigand?” Telsi asked.

    “Nope, I am a Swashbuckler and I’ve heard that there is a division of guards in this city who are mostly Assassins. The Eyes of Bayle or something like that. It would be perfect for you.”

    Alyerra laughed at Bane’s failed attempt to bite the tail “I’m not sure why he does that. He seems to have a fascination with tails. He bit an Iksar once…. That got me into a lot of trouble. They’re both really harmless though”
    Mist sniffed curiously at the bundle that was Nazzus.

    “You shouldn’t need to change how you look,” Tim said “Just change your actions.”

    “Do you have any more of that whatever it was it was you me,” Carl asked as he touched a hand to his chest again. “And at the moment I’m not sure I can do much.”

    Tim frowned “I do, but I can’t give it to you for another six hours. ” He tried to smile “I’m sure you’ll make a fine Provisioner. I finished the chair.” He turned to Rotwhisker “And I can start your Alchemist training in the morning
    Sam nodded. He used his mind to speak only to the Dwarf “So we need to find it and destroy it sooner than later…”

    Zach nodded and kept walking. “If need be we’ve seen how you take care of Alteriq, we will vouch for you.”

    “You mades it ups,” Limberger answered.

    “Yeahs,” the five other boys answered
    “I thinks it was the ones who grews the flowers,” Fayberry answered. “Thanks yous,” she whispered to Tetri.

    Tetri hugged the girl “Fayberry, I want you meet someone else.” She looked towards Bella “This is Bellacouste, she and I were once sickly runts like you.”

    Fayberry looked at the Brown Ratonga “But you’s is all grown snows. Do you stills gets sicks?”

    “Maybe we can dispel the part that allows him to control you.” Galabrin suggested. "You are free now. He is not your master, no one is," said to Stimsia

    Brienae swallowed “Um well… j-just Great Divide, Eastern Wastes and Drunder…” she said the last word much quieter.

    “Drunder!” Henris snapped “Brienae you could be killed!”

    “I never go alone,” Brienae answered “Right make a new thread picking up where this one leaves off. Now Father there are other matters that need attending to. I can look after myself and no I do not need Sivraj to accompany me again.” she turned to Lamia a little relieved that her song appeared to have worked after all.

    ((You have a valid point about the posting. It might be a good idea to Perhaps we could finish this page and then start the new thread))
  17. ARCHIVED-Squeakybrigand Guest

    Lamia blinked and winced as well and glanced at Henris briefly before turning her gaze elsewhere, still tuning into the conversation held betwixt the two fae.
    "Sir, I don't wish to jab right in, but I think I may have to agree with your daughter.. I've seen her skills and she seems perfectly able to defend herself, as well as others. She seems quite a capable woman that's able to do just about anything with her music.." She said quietly, frowning at the male Fae.
    Zulgahr eventually awoke a while later and groaned, rubbing his forehead with a growl.
    "Urgh.. Darn pixies'n'rats.." he mutters, scowling
    "Even took away that little slave brat of mine.." He looked around and took notice to the fact that he was in a cell. He cursed quietly. He was a coercer. Not a destructive wizard, so it was unlikely he could escape. Unless..
    "Hm.. Clerk.. be a good little boy and unlock this cell door for me will ya?" he asked smoothly, attempting one of his charm spells on the man.
    Stinsmia frowned softly and nodded hesitantly
    "W-Want.. W-Want as few people as possible to work on collar.." she says quietly. The sedative effect of lullaby was starting to wear off, as her eyes and tail started their eerie twitching again
    "No Master.. I.. don't have a Master.." she whispers softly, slowly trying to comprehend such a foreign idea. It seemed so new to her, considering she was bought at the age of meager 3.
    Shiasia giggled and nodded. She looked at Mist for a moment, hesitant to let a dog near her son, but she relaxed and sighed softly.
    She looks to her stomach briefly
    "How lovely.. Stretch marks.." She laughs softly. She pushes her shirt down to try and cover herself and sighs softly. Nazsuss let out a squeak. His paw reached out and grasped tightly the nearest thing; Mist's nose!
    Shiasia bit her lip to keep from laughing.
    Rotwhisker frowned and shook his head. "Most likely I will.. This face has forever scarred the Ratongess emotionally and mentally.. I don't think she'd ever want to see this face again, regardless of profession or alignment.." he mutters
    "And.. okay on the Alchemy thing.." he says, slightly distracted by various thoughts flitting through his head
    The Ratongess went into her and her sister's inn room very quietly on her tiptoes, not wanting to wake Adhara. She looked briefly at the bed that belonged to her sister. In which her sister was sleeping of course, raspy breaths raising and lowering her chest
    "Oh Adhara.." she whispers, frowning softly. She set her recently pickpocketed goods on a table nearby and gently woke her sister, who nearly jumped in surprise, being a light sleeper.
    "W-Wha-?" the smaller girl mumbled quietly, rubbing her eyes. She panted a few seconds before letting out a raspy cough. The brigand leaned her sister forward, giving her some medicine to take.
    "Easy.. easy.. We don't need your cough becoming agitated or worse.." she whispers.
  18. ARCHIVED-llewenayah Guest

    Herrigan nodded and turned, seeing Private Brique still at the bottom of the stairs. "Brique, could you bring us some tea?"
    The Halfling turned and nodded, scrambling up the stairs past the Barbarian and into the kitchen. Herrigan pulled a chair over to his desk for Gregor and sat down, pulling paper from a drawer.
    Ross stayed where she was, knowing that she could not let the Freeblood out of her sight until she had the information, but not wanting to interupt the two.
    Grumblefoot nodded silently. "Bu' Ay dun like goin' in blind. Any information from th' libraries will 'elp."
    Llew nodded. "I am rather hoping it does not come to that, but I appreciate the offer." She grinned. "If ever your family needs someone to vouch for them, we would gladly return the sentiment."
    Aloysiius grinned and winked at Fayberry.
    Bella knelt down. "Nots oftens, but havings goods fresh air ands rests when needed makes it goes away agains."
    Charlemin chewed his lip as he waited. He turned to his father. "How do you think that they knew to issue a curfew for this area?" He asked quietly.
    Rothgut shook his head. "Let's just hopes that they's is lookings for someone elses."
    "We shouldn't tarry long. And we certainly shouldn't be coming into Freeport again any time soon."
    The older Ratonga nodded in agreement. His ear twitched and he turned to the door. "Someones is outs theres..."
    Charlemin put his ear to the door. "That sound...Militiamen!"
    "Well, it is natural for a parent to worry about their children..." Isatis added tentativly.
  19. ARCHIVED-lisemanta Guest

    Gregor took the offered seat and sighed “I um... don't drink tea anymore,” he muttered.
    Calish kissed his Fiancee' on the Forehead.
    Simon glared at the two. He couldn't hide the look of the disgust on his face. It was one thing that she was Freeblood, but for anyone still living to marry one....
    “Now we just need to go to Qeynos Harbor and fill out the Paper work and then we can start making plans...” Calish began.
    “Wait...” Telsi whispered “I made a promise, before we can go I need to talk to the Captain.”
    Calish sighed “You didn't use the front door. What may I ask?”
    “The job Uncle Nedrid helped me get,”
    Simon lowered his hand without being asked. His mind seethed. She was related to Nedrid. He had thought that about avenging his sister by killing Nedrid, but now Simonthought maybe it would be better to take one of his relatives from him. The boy drew his sword. He tried to summon the holy power of Marr as he knew that the Freeblood would not be able to heal that. He growled as his weapon didn't glow. An angry part of his brain decided it didn't matter. The boy charged towards Telsi.
    Mist took the opportunity to sniff the paw. She stepped back to release her nose and then licked the tiny paw.
    Alyerra laughed too.
    Bane trotted over to the sleeping Dwarf by the door and started to sniff.
    Tim nodded. “But eventually she'll figure out who you are and it might make her more mad, unless you tell her off the bat.” he sat on the Carl's bed.
    Carl tried desperately to hide his emotions and pain. “Any idea when I can start my own lessons?”
    Tim shook his head “You we will have to get permission to leave Kelethin. It might be an arrangement of they place a portal between here and her house and that is the only place you're allowed to travel. Or if you joined their guild, Ky has a magic door...” he looked at Rotwhisker “We'll need to take you to the guardhouse to be registered as a citizen.”
    Sam nodded and continued mentally to the Dwarf “I agree.” he smiled “Actually there is someone with a bit of insight into these things...” he concentrated and showed images to the Dwarf of a younger Carl holding two clawed fists which sparked with a dark energy. He showed an image of the weapons alone and Carl asleep on a cot. “They rejected him when he was paralyzed... they released him.” he mentally explained. “But maybe he can still give insight,” he sighed “Stareye and I hid those weapons behind wards and spells. At the time we were unable to destroy them... and I can... “ he paused remembering his freedon “could only go so far from Crushbone...”
    Ethan smiled and nodded.
    “It is still possible that we could be related.” Zach said as they came to the ramp. If not, then I want you to know we still consider you and your brothers family even if we haven't known each other long.”
    Fayberry nodded and yawned. “He saids you weres my Great Aunts...”
    Tetri nodded.
    “Whats happeneds to yours eye?” Fayberry asked.
    Tetri smiled “That is a story for another time.” Her ears twitched “We really need to be going,” She stood after tucking the young girl in.
    “Nice meetings yous,”Fayberry whispered to Bella as she snuggled tightly her stuffed Burnyai and closed her eyes.
    The six boys yawned and snuggled down into their sleeping bags.
    Tetri stood and nodded back towards the other room.
    Kyriu turned “Um perhaps we should come in?” she leaned and asked Rothgut. “Tetri can summon a druid portal... I'm sensing it's time to leave.”
    The High-Elf turned as the clerk stood up. “We'll have none of that,” he growled as he forced the Clerk to sit back down. “Now are you going to be good or do I need to knock you out again?” he said raising his sword and turning his focus to the Iksar
    “That's right, no master,” Galabrin continued “You're free now.”
    The Kerra smiled. She thought it best to let the Wood-Elf continue as he was.
    Henris sighed. “You both have a point.” He smiled “Best not tell your mother.”
    Brienae nodded. She was still trying to figure out ideas. She looked at the forest around the ramp. She smiled as she caught a glimpse of red between the trees. “I will be right back,” she said. “I see someone who can help.” She mentally added that she hoped it was Llew or Kyriu although she didn't think Kyriu would be much help. She whispered a prayer to Xegony and flew to where Llew and the Flamefists were. “Llew, I have a favor to ask you,”
  20. ARCHIVED-Squeakybrigand Guest

    Isatis had a point too. Lamia sighed with relief as the father seemed to relent. Listening to what Bri said, she stayed where she was, waiting.
    She twiddled her thumbs and shifted around idly slowly, muttering to herself in Ratongan. She also started walking in circles.
    Zulgahr blinked at the high-elf. Unexpected, but possibly workable.. He looked up at the high elf with innocent eyes and shook his head.
    "I'll be good.." he said quietly. He attempted the same on the high elf, his hand glowing a slight red as he began speaking quietly
    "It's all a mistake really.. Those evil faeries were trying to kidnap the poor girl. Her parents gave me guardian rights before they died.." he bluffed smoothly, still trying to cast Charm on both the elf and clerk.
    "I was just trying to escort her here to Kelethin safely.."
    Stinsmia shivered and whispered over and over
    "No Master.. No Master.. No Master.."
    Her twitching continued and she let out a quiet growl, almost feral as if saying "Stay away from me". Her paws clenched together tightly
    Shiasia laughed softly, smiling. She rocked her son slowly and sighed. She looked up at the ceiling and whispered.
    "I thank Xegony for allowing me to survive my torture.."
    She looks back down and kisses her son on the forehead.
    "I really hope Rotwhisker can change his ways.. He actually seems like a good person for the most part.." She thinks, unaware that she was voicing her thoughts
    Rotwhisker thought for a moment
    "I think I will change how I look. But good idea. I will tell her who I really am once done so.." he replies back slowly. He nods.
    "Fine with me. Bah, now where did I put that thing?!" He starts looking through his pack for that spare appearance mirror.
    Ramoana perked her ear as she heard the door knock. She hastily hides the recently pickpocketed coin under Adhara's bed's mattress
    "It's okay Adhara.. Calm down.." She whispers as the younger sister panics. The younger calms down and lays back down in her bed, occasionally sipping a glass of water.
    She went to the door and opened it to see the doctor that came by every so often to check on Adhara. A male Ratongan templar. She let him in slowly and sighed
    "She's not getting any better.." she whispers solemnly.
    "I'll be the judge of that. Hasty assumptions often lead to rash decisions." The male said wisely. He came over and felt of the black Ratonga's forehead, also checking her pulse. He put his head to her chest to hear the heartbeat for a moment. He laid her back down and sighed.
    "Well.. She's better than she was last time I came. The fever's gone down considerably. But she still needs to rest." He muttered, casting Meliorate on the younger Ratonga.
    "That should keep her illness in check for a while.. Send me a mail if any complications arise.." the male said, nodding and promptly leaving the house.

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