51-60 Spell Screenshots including new 50 spells

Discussion in 'Warlock' started by ARCHIVED-Kalel22, Aug 21, 2005.

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    Actually this is something I've been meaning to ask - what benefit does the bonus to the spellcasting skills do - is it just that it reduces resists, or is there another benefit. Remember that the equivalent Wizard buff increases INT/STR by 51 - that's quite a hike and will increase their dps even further.
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    Two words for you my friend...Tarton's Wheel. Use it right after VI.

    To the guy who was telling me I don't know about the combat changes you must not have seen my posts at the top of the page; I think we're getting screwed over for DOF spells, but our Combat changes are going to be mostly positive. HOWEVER, I was clearly referring to the person who said our 41-50 spells are useless, and...wait...

    /checks calendar

    NOPE NO CHANGES HERE YET!! That means...HE MUST BE TALKING ABOUT NOW! Aura of Emptiness doing extra damage with each attack is a nice bonus ( I would have preferred the stun to stay but w/e Deter got upgraded)

    I did not choose the 10 second stun at level 40, I chose HVB. Can you list the max level it affects at level 50, as well as duration, recast, etc? Seeing as AoE effects something like level 59 mobs or higher, I think it'd be more useful longer. I have no idea what training I'm picking after CC.
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    Okay now we see what we get so the question is now what exactly should our priorities be for adt3 spells out of that mess that is our lv51-60 spells?
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    Shadowed Pilaging - ok, first off the power drain part of this is WORTHLESS, and the power return part makes for mabey 1 more spell for each person in your group, some use but very minimal.
    Vulian Intrustion - ok lets take a good look at this spell, wizard version is called lapse, recast on ours is 20 sec theres 16 sec, duration on ours is 2.5 theres 1 sec. Now heres what makes theres MUCH better, notice the fine print, theres resist chance DECREASED by 19 percent, ours INCREASED by 20 percent. Oh and BTW they have the EXACT same effect. I dont know about you, but when it comes to an epic stiffle, the most important thing about it shold be recast and resist both of which wizard version owns ours.
    Seal of Ebon Thought - Ok, sorry completly overlooked this spell, now we can replace a bard in a group wiht a wizard.
    Curse of Nothingness - BTW i own the master of the current verison of this, curse of nil, and ive run parse, and this spells effect is just about non exsistant.
    Baneful Nihilism - Ours is single target with concentration use, theres is a group buff with the same concentration use. Theres lands a permenat dot on any enemy that gets effected, ours requires a proc for each time it does dmg. Now truthfully PLZ explain how ours is better.
    Netheros Grasp - Ok i have to admit, this is one thing we can do that wizards cant. But i dont know about your guild, but mine uses mostly slashing and piecring with the exception of a few ppl with a fabled flail.
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    Is it fun talking to yourself? Where did this come from?
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    Children children, play nice :) Surely there's better things to focus on that fighting amongst ourselves. Let's keep focused on the issue here - what SOE are doing to our class.
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    Tarton's wheel is great when you can use it but there's a lot of situations where you can't either because of the zone layout (e.g. all of LS) or mob distribution (i.e. it may teleport you near aggro non-engaged mobs or near a barraging, AEing, you'll be dead in 1 shot, epic mob). Even when you can use it has a fairly long recast time, so it help's but it's sure not a get out of jail free card.
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    Hi fellow warlocks and developers. I'm not gonna go off about the spells although I must admit at this stage of the beta the do look relatively weak. I would only remind the developers that the reason many of us chose the warlock subclass is because of their massive dps capability. Pets were for necros and conjurors, great buffs were for bards, etc. Warlocks and wizards were to be the most destructive of all characters dps wise. I don't wanna change the wizard spells as they sounds very nice. However, I do request some augmentation/redoing of some of our spells so that we maintain our dps capability. At level 50 with the power of nil distortion, devastation, and other chain dps spells I can easily out do my bestfriend, er wizard (even with his ice comet). I do not ask for much, just maintain our ability to overaggro a tank at any time and you will have many happy warlocks on your hands.

    Runnyeye Server
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    I would be happy if we got another good nuke at level 50 that isnt on the same timer as devestation. Dont nerf wizards, make us relatively equal in dps to them and we will all be happy.
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    Yes I realize this, however in raids where you need to use VI I have yet to experience this issue. The raids we use VI on are Echoes of Time:Epic, Icebound are the most frequent, but we also used it on the prismatic quest and etc. The most important is Echoes of time, and that is in Firemyst gulley. But yes I do know what you are talking about not being able to use it most of the time while grinding or in a contested zone.
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    I am not happy.

    Warlock of the 50th Order
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    Basically add that to your current disruption/subjugation/ministration/evocation skills and that will equal your casting level. 265= Level 53 casting level. This makes it much easier to hit red mobs since they'll in theory be yellow.
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    Thanks for the information - now here's an example of how SOE can differentiate Wizard and Warlock spells properly, they get str/int buff and we get an effective resist reducing buff. Both nice, both different.
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    Ok, every single warlock playing the game that has made it to level 50 knows that since they up'ed our damage we have been overpowered. We solo epic mobs that full groups wipe on. We can keep every noncasting, non ^^^ perma rooted till dead. We can hit 800+ DPS on raids. We make Group level AE encounters Trival in that we can kill them all before the main taink can even switch after the first target is dead. And yet people come here and complain because a wizard is getting an increase in single target DPS or, getting two 5k nukes, or because our root is being nerfed. So what you call drivel I call a mouth slaping truth! Before or after this revamp we will ramain the one of the top dps clases in the game.

    I mean what more can the newbs want. We mash buttons mob dies!
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    Incorrect - based on the (admitedly skimpy) available evidence so far we are currently outdpsed in the DoF beta by Wizards/Necromancers/Assasins/Rangers and sometimes Conjurers. Were we overpowered before ? Yes of course, anyone who believed otherwise was kidding themselves. But according to SOE's much vaunted dps tiers, we are supposed to share the top dps spot with Wizards, so perhaps can you show me given the existing Warlock 51-60 spell list how we will have comparable dps to Wizards in most encounters, because for the life of me I can't see how. If your'e definition of 'one of the top dps classes' is 4th or 5th in line then I'm happy for you that you're content with that. I'm not because it's not where we're supposed to be, simple as that.

    Oh, and as to your original post, calling people newbs without explanation is the very definition of drivel.
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    all i have to say is yay

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