What happens after PoP on Agnarr.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Strawberry, May 21, 2017.

  1. Strawberry Augur


    Just like some other peple, I don't really get the appeal of a server that permalocks. But I understand quite a few people wanted a server like Agnarr.

    Can you explain to us what you want to happen on a server after the final expansion locks. Are you ok if the server dies off after PoP? Do you want people keep playing?

    What is your intention after you beat PoTime or PoP group gear and can't upgrade anymore? Will you just XP even if your XP doesn't go up anymore? Will you just quit the server?
  2. snailish Augur

    There is minimal appeal to a hardcore raider that likes to push content, especially if they have recently done original-PoP on other progression servers.

    The appeal is to the slow-play, replay, don't care if I have best-in-slot every expac types that love the idea of PoP/LDoN era being the best in slot cap because then it doesn't matter how slow they work on it they can actually "complete" the character. There is time to do quests (every quest if you want).

    Agnarr will be an alt/casual haven. This doesn't mean it will be high population a year after PoP unlocks, but I would predict a viable population of like-minded people.
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  3. Dontee Elder

    sounds like heaven
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  4. Zansobar Augur

    Once the server locks and I have ran my main through as much content as I care to...I will start again on an alt...then another alt and so on. The server won't even lock for over a year, so if I can get one to two years of playing time on this server it will be a raving success. You do realize that even with brand new MMOs, I haven't played one of them for two years since probably 2001 when Dark Age of Camelot launched, usually I get bored in a couple months, so Agnarr will probably be better than any new MMO launched in the past 16 years at least for me.

    After that, hopefully there are more TLP servers opened and the the pattern can continue.

    However, I have no interest in EQ content past LDON/GOD and would be happy locking in earlier expansions, also.
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  5. eqenthusiast1983 Elder

    The ballots are in, a consensus has been reached, people love PoP.

    I played on phinny and wasn't on for PoP launch, and I missed all the lower flagging raids, all the fun ones I missed.

    And because people are so caught up on best in slot, get ready for GoD, it became race to elementals and time as fast as you can, and just farm the stuff that drops the best gear.

    No one was doing do the lower tier raids, because there was no point. The gear wasn't good and people didn't need the flags. It becomes more of a mission to get yourself the best gear and most AA so you are ready for GoD, you completely blow by the expansion missing the best parts.

    Agnarr is for those of us who love PoP, people don't like it, get over it, don't play on it.
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  6. Wolrok Elder

    This is Daybreak attempting to cater to the p1999 crowd, or more exactly, the Al'kabor (EQMac) crowd.

    A lot of EQ's original players jumped ship to WoW the year GoD came out, and generally weren't happy with the direction of the game at that time. So they still look at pre-GoD EQ as the true EverQuest.

    That's why, I would imagine, this server is being made.

    Edit: That, and modern EQ is gigantic, and people rarely hit content from the original game. Agnarr might serve well as an additional entry point into modern EQ.
  7. DariyaVika Augur

    I play about 12-15 hours per week, roughly. I like leveling alts, and I also like raiding. This server will allow me to level multiple characters and go through all the raid cycles in PoP with them without chasing the next expansion. I think most classes are in a good place at PoP, and I don't give a toss about berserkers. I"m starting with a wizard and a shaman, and after I max them I'll probably start a cleric/warrior duo.
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  8. Traspe Journeyman

    Well said
  9. MaestroM Augur

    26(ish?) time-raid guilds on Phinny.

    If we get half of that on Agnarr, that will mean roughly 5 times more top end raid guilds than PoP-era on Nameless. If a year after pop we only have half of THAT number we'd still have far more than we had on Nameless during PoP.
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  10. Gemini Syringes Augur

    I don't get it either, but at some point, you have to just let other people have their opinion and enjoy what they enjoy. I was so excited when Phinny dropped (before we all found out the exp was ) that I could burst. They feel the same way about Agnarr. I wish I could get into the idea of this server because I want to enjoy it all again, but I just can't. But there will be plenty who do, obviously.
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  11. Ryder Lorekeeper

    EQ players jumped ship to WOW after Omens of War came out, and 3 months before Dragons of Norrath released.

    I have no idea why people keep saying they left when GoD released. There was a drop in the player base because GoD was supposed to be instanced so more casuals could do the current content and then it was so hard no one could.
  12. Baldur Augur

    GoD left a sour taste in everyone's mouth because on release it was tuned to level 70 players but the level cap was still 65. The content was so hard people got very frustrated. By the time Sony fixed it, it was too late.
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  13. AsYouWish New Member

    What's so hard to understand about people enjoying playing the game over and over? What have we been doing all these years that's any different? I love this game and enjoy playing it.

    Eventually servers get to content you don't enjoy, or you want to try another character but it's impossible to catch up to current content, or you take a break and don't have the time or energy to catch up.

    With Agnarr you can take breaks, play other games, play the next TLP, play the next event server, and Agnarr will always be there. Your characters will always be there and ready to play without being miles behind everyone else.

    I honestly don't get why it threatens or confuses anyone.
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  14. MaestroM Augur

    It's not really easy to pin down exactly when "people" left.

    You're correct that people didn't leave when GoD was released. My guild was actually really excited for GoD to come out. We rushed into the early group flagging content. But it took a little while for the fact that we didn't like it to sink in. After a couple of weeks it got tougher and tougher to get people to do GoD content and people would hide on alts when elemental targets were down. People left because of GoD, but not necessarily immediately. My guild was still in elementals when GoD dropped. We finished Elementals after weeks of blown Fennin Ro triggers (whoever didn't learn their lesson from Blood of Ssra...) and got into Time. Guild killed Quarm once but never got very far into GoD. No one liked it. They actually backflagged a bunch of members so we could all be there and kill Quarm one last time and then we disbanded. Roughly 1/4 of the guild had decided not to raid anymore with most of those quitting. Some kept playing out of habit but quit as soon as there was something else to do.

    What does leaving mean? Lots of my guildies continued to play after GoD/Omens were released, but many never raided again.

    It's not as clear a break as we would like to remember because not everyone decided to quit all at once. But there was a clear enthusiasm drop once we started to move into GoD content.

    I don't know whats going to happen to Agnarr 6 months after LDoN drops. But I know that virtually every argument against instancing was some variation of "people only play because of competition" and what is likely the most healthy progression server ever is healthy precisely because of instancing.

    P99 has been in velious for years and still gets 1000-1200 peak time players. I think Agnarr will be fine.
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  15. oldkracow Augur

    You can clearly look at the old TLPs to answer this question, the server will be up even with 1 person on it such as Vulak in it's current state.

    The purpose of every TLP is for a majority to enjoy the nostalgia and let DBG rake in some cash. Don't worry in 12 - 24 months there might be another TLP that is more in-line with other people's wants / needs.
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  16. Rhodz Augur

    If you dont get it dont play it, guess it was not made for your tastes
    We have been hoping for a server that the "elite" krono farmers would find unhealthy for business and well here it is finally. Sure there will be some, at first, as there will be those with BIS fever to fork over the kronos, at first. Most of those will clear out to greener pastures, good riddance.
    Unless they crank up an old FV rules server this is my last go around with TLPs no matter if they find a way to screw up AG or not.
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  17. C3lowz Augur

    Fact of the matter is people like Original EQ. Sure PoP is not really original, but it is one of the golden expansions of EQ.

    With that, Agnarr is going to strive. The only way its population is going to dwindle is if they release a new server. The majority like the climb from classic, those who are established on said servers will likely stay, but climbing up from Classic is what a lot of people like to do.

    But I am willing to bet Agnarr will sustain a very lively population well after PoP has been unlocked. The fact it will never get close to GoD *cough**cough* Live, will seal the deal for most.

    My opinion is, people like Locked servers. Most like starting in Classic and playing out the early expansions. The game is vastly different pre Luclin. I really want them to release a server that is like P99. A complete classic clone with extremely slow unlocks and cap at Velious.
  18. Ming Tee Augur

    Funny when 7 people do a in depth essay answering the OP's question then someone comes in and posts after them "IKR! I don't get it either! =P
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  19. zoomzoomzoom New Member

    Oh look another concern troll.
  20. Rhodz Augur

    Actually I get the sense the fun of Classic(tm) is beginning to fade a lot faster than is admitted.
    This may well should be it for while as this will be the forth go around in fewer years and Classic(tm) was just not that good to begin. Serious thought was given to just waiting for AG to hit RoK or even SoV before starting but meh got one more in us due to running across what looks like a great guild for the server.

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