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  1. Uxtalzon Augur

    Task: The Night is Dark (Thuliasaur Island) - ambushing raptor and lizard hatchling literally despawn right in the middle of the fight because the time of day turned to 5 AM. Since they despawned, task didn't fail, can't progress so I'd have to remove and acquire it again.
  2. Uxtalzon Augur

    They aren't undead either, as far as my Sense Undead AA tells me. Suicide DA runs for non-floppy classes is really the only method right now. At least one of the witch mobs will path right across the opening in the water, so even the water isn't safe.
  3. Drewie Augur

    The book "August Weapon Smithing" reads : "Boundless fletching weapon augments" which is about fletching, not smithing.

    The book "August Weapon Tailoring" reads : "Boundless jewelcraft weapon augments" which is about jewelry, not tailoring.
  4. Uxtalzon Augur

    Repeated task again, maybe it wasn't time of day. It's 9 pm and yet again raptor and lizard hatchling just despawns in like, 2 minutes after engaging.

    FINALLY, I had all my DPS abilities up, and beat the raptor before it despawned. Gave hatchling a torch... but it follows me like a cat on a leash. Terrible pathing, moves to the player every tick (6 seconds), randomly runs away and then cries because it lost me, and will do that right at the Advisor (it'll run right into the temple instead while you stand at the Advisor). Had to inch little by little for a full minute (10 ticks) before task completed. UGH!
  5. Crystilla Augur

    Quick question - with you were 'in the fight' with them, were they mezzed (where blur can happen)? Asking only because on Brother island the sirens go away at 5am, but if you have one on aggro, it stayed with you.
  6. Uxtalzon Augur

    Was mid-fight. I play only my paladin with healer merc so the fights in Thuliasaur can easily go 5+ minutes per mob, and if I use a DPS merc I get rekt, as those popular kids call it. With my awesome all-out stagnated burns, I was able to beat the raptor in about two minutes. I try to fight it in the river since a wandering raptor can assist on a case of bad luck. No mez involved. First time it despawned well over 60%, the second time right at 50%. Third time (burning) the raptor add killed me at the freaking 0% mark, then the fourth time I managed to kill it.
  7. Tallanor-emarr Journeyman

    /Xtargeting issue

    Due to the recent changes in xtargeting, the adjustment of range on it, when using a hotkey to set mobs to specific extended target slots, if they are out of range it returns an empty target, instead of maintaining default auto target. This seems to be a bug, can it be looked into to change it back to return default auto, then empty target please. The only way to get the empty slot back to auto seems to set another mob in that same slot, and change it back to auto.

    It would be great if this can be looked into.
  8. Mugsie Elder

    And the range limit on adding pets to /xtar is also a pain.
    Right now if a pet is not in play or out of range, you have to guesstimate where the xtar slot (not selector square) middle is about, right click and choose auto or something.

    I know pets are npcs... but could they be allowed to be xtar from greater than 200? It really does make a difference if you have a pet off tanking something.

  9. Riou EQResource

    It should be 6 minutes from when it spawns to beat the raptor before it de-spawns
  10. Bidaum_TR Lorekeeper

    an_enraged_rocksnapper inside the HA "Storm of Sorts" (Tempest Temple) ALL of these mobs turned into DOUGS after the shiny spawn message.
  11. Bidaum_TR Lorekeeper

    Update: REdoing this HA today; I was mistaken; ALL an_enraged_rocksnapper in the HA are DOUGS from the beginning.
  12. Prathun Developer

    All Dougs in The Darkened Sea should be fixed in our next update. Thanks! :)
  13. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I saw an update on this in our internal mail. Forage in this particular quest will be a ground spawn. This does not necessarily apply to other quests in the series that may still have forage (many of the progressions quests had a forage step in beta, but we changed most away from that in the last week of beta)
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  14. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    These books give the recipes that we intend if scribed, but the text is incorrect. The text should be updated in the next patch.
  15. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    Ideally for me leave it as is for a tiny bit of killing challenge. It is really not an issue.
  16. Tyreel Augur

    When doing HA Mission: Castle Relic , From Priestess Gli'helin in Degmar
    If anyone in the group dies while on step #7
    Retrieve the key to the safe room from Commander Alast Degmar

    If that person is still dead when he dies they do not get the flag to go in to the safe room effectively stopping anyone dead while Commander dies from finishing the task with the group, if not stopping the whole group from finishing.
  17. Lisandra Augur

    Foraging is a bad mechanic when most classes do not have the inate ability or an alternate ability to make it a feasible option. When it takes 1 to 4 hours to forage 4 items for a quest that should tell you how bad of an idea it was to include foraging in a quest for progression that everyone has to do if they want to advance to the rest of the zones in the expansion.
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  18. Prathun Developer

    Agreed. We're changing them.
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  19. Lisandra Augur

    I'm sure most players will appreciate that change Prathun. Thank you for listening to the feedback. :)
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  20. JChan Developer

    This will be fixed in the next update. It'll stay what was set in the slot before if the target is out of range.
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