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  1. Neenia Lorekeeper

    Collection items for Thuliasaur Island "Our Fading Memories" are not appearing. The items for the bird collection seem to be spawning correctly (when one it picked up, another spawns shortly in another area), however I have been in the zone several days for several hours and have found zero of the Kromtus items, while i have completed 4 full sets of bird items. I have shrunk and looked through walls, under floors, in boxes, in trees, in columns, and any other place I can think of where they may be spawned in unreachable locations, but no luck.
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  2. guado Augur

    Seconded, i thought I was crazy not seeing them ANYWHERE. I assumed one dropped in the HA, and maybe two sets dropped off NPCs since there are so many merc quests? Who knows,.
  3. guado Augur


    Ferocious Grown is currently over writing the Clicky Effect from Ruaabri's Fist! If I recall correctly, this did not occur with any previous incarnation of this Temporary HP buff.

    Please fix!
  4. Brudal Augur

    Stacking as intended so nothing to fix.
  5. guado Augur

    They could at least allow them to stack, similar to how they fixed Blessing of Unity and Mana Regen clickies. All it takes it a little time.
  6. Madforwdw Lorekeeper

    Not sure if this is a bug, or the charm needs a full set with symbols and seals...but I have made a full vis set of the new August Stalwart armour, with symbols and the new Lar's Ledger charm does not give the full stats as it does for my old Manifested. This might be to do with not having the seals for the set yet (elder water not being live yet), but if having seals is not needed for full "wearing class specific armour" stats then there is something amiss. Charm has full stats (104 ac, 2479 hem, group set stats) with Manifested and 58 ac, 1462 with full August and symbols. Maybe having the seals is vital to get full charm stats but I just wanted to let you know , in case it was a bug.
  7. Brudal Augur

    What race and class are you, cultural can have issues with class specific charms if any other class is listed on the armor
  8. Madforwdw Lorekeeper

    Human Pally. Have been wearing cultural for years and have never seen an issue like this with a "class set charm". Although, I was able to make the accompanying seals at the same time as the symbols and have a fully geared set piece to wear.
  9. Brudal Augur

    Human cultural can be worn by Warriors, Paladins, Shadow Knights, Bards, Clerics. That is not "class specific" per the charm like Barbarian Warrior would be since they only have a single plate class. Perhaps you should opt for a different charm.

    Symbols and seals (raid or group) from my experience have never made an item class specific nor does adding a class specific type 3 aug to a non visible.
  10. Madforwdw Lorekeeper

    I wore the Regal cultural for example, with a class-specific charm, and did indeed get full group stats so it must be either a bug or something has been changed
  11. Madforwdw Lorekeeper

    I checked back a bit, and the charm I did wear for the Glorious stalwart did say cultural armor specifically, but I am pretty sure I wore one of the class specific ones when I wore the Regal. However, the day I have been having I could indeed be very wrong !

    It may have been a regal charm I wore...could a dev say if there is going to be an August charm ?
  12. Pacha New Member

    AA 105 Physical Enhancement 2/2 seems to be bugging tanking ability,

    In Degmar, the Lost Castle. My ShadowKnight was taking a lot of 4-6k hit from yellow mobs with max Combat Stability. Since he purchased Physical Enhancement AA required at lvl 105, he has started to take a lot more hits in the 10-15k range now. Please look into this.
  13. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    August Infused Flamedancer's Sword is marked as 1H Piercing. Oversight? Should this not be 1H Slashing? I guess I normally associate a sword with the 1H Slashing skill.

    There are currently five August Infused 1H Piercing Weapons listed in my recipe book:

    August Infused Flamedancer's Sword
    August Infused Waterforged Blade
    August Infused Smoldering Short Spear
    August Infused Phantasmic Dagger
    August Infused Voidmaster's Dagger

    Oversight or intended? Just wanted to verify.
  14. Uxtalzon Augur

    By the fisherman task-giver giant in Thuliasaur Island, fish are getting stuck in the water and glitching out. They become stuck "on land" while in the water, so I can't hit them while in the water. Mercenary wizard on shore will happily nuke away until it's dead. Please don't fix this (if at all) by just making the damn fish summon. Their pathing/aggro needs fixing.

    All tasks here requiring forage are horrible. Every task I have that tells me to forage underwater or here or there has little to no chance of success. I've foraged over 50 times trying to get riverweed in "Aiding the Ailing" and haven't gotten it. Instead I've foraged items for other tasks. You do realize not all classes have a worthwhile foraging skill, right?

    Historian Fjilnauk offers three tasks in progression, but even after I completed all three he still forces me to redo them in order if I want to repeat them. That means if I want to do the first task twice, I have to complete the second and third again. Really lame.
  15. Dazzad New Member

    Doomscale Diabolist appears to be broken.
  16. Uxtalzon Augur

    Lorekeeper giants in Valdeholm are now covered in a dark, purple-blue film (models are almost as dark as those black "Void" mobs that appear in hotzones or whatever).
  17. Prathun Developer

    Good catch. A small percentage, less than 1%, of NPCs were using -1 in their TINT_PALETTE_INDEX when the designer did not actually want them to take a tint. In all cases, it looks like that -1 should be 0. This will be fixed in our next full update.
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  18. Pacha New Member

    ShadowKnight aa: Presence of Fear

    This ability is not taking effect on mobs in current content..Mobs that are yellow to lvl 105 (which is the common). Please increase the lvl of the effect so it can be fun to use.
  19. guado Augur

    [Caverns of Endless Song]
    "An enthralled pirate"
    "An enthralled acolyte"
    mob (all of them) at approx loc +1190, +83, +1 does not see regular invis, but sees Invis Vs Undead.
    On the other side of that coin, we have
    "an enthralled witch"
    "an enamored evoker"
    at the same location see through invis vs undead and regular invis.

    Just making sure this was all intended. Ideally the undead would see regular invis and NOT see invis vs undead.
  20. RPoo Vox.Dandin told you, 'your better then me =D'

    I'm a chanter. I handed the Mask of Sparks (Illusion: Arc Worker) to Bindral Argaff but alas, another item we can't get a scroll for!
    [Thu Nov 06 15:03:18 2014] Bindral Argaff stares at the item curiously before looking back up at you, 'I am... not quite sure what to say about this item. It does not appear to be something I can give you any reward for. It may not contain an illusion novel enough to separate itself from things you could already learn to cast, or it may be an item of limited activations. Either way, it will not offer a possible cure to my condition, so it is of no use to me. I thank you anyway, Renaii.'

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