Update Bugs 10/28/14

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  1. Riou EQResource

    That is intended
  2. Reincarnated Lorekeeper

    Not sure if it's been stated, but when swapping merc's lately it is increasingly hard for them to directly swap without poofing from the group and initiating a timer. This can be corrected by re-swapping over and over 3-4 times before the intended merc finally shows up for work. If you await the timer countdown to 0 it still never gives you an option to revive, unsuspend. The only way to correct this is to swap back to the previous merc, then try again.

    Annoying at best, but dooable. As stated previously, caster mercs are not burning prior to 50% on most new content mobs.

    Also - the dancing ghosts "Revelers" in Degamar, upper area where the task "Castle Raid" takes place are frequently getting stacked up along the wall opposite the tables, causing some lag and possibly bugs in that quest. They appear to be stuck NPC's and do not return to pathing if moved.
  3. Lons New Member

    Tried to see if any of this was mentioned before, search keeps failing:

    I know this is intended, but not sure if new level was anticipated for the bard taunt AA Dissonant Chord being limited to 105. With a large amount of new mobs 106+ this NEW ability is severely hindered in all of it is possible applications as it will not successfully cast on an NPC 106+. It instead gives a message that the NPC is too high of a level.

    Spells (clickies) still delay song timers/melody. On that note (intended) certain songs when cast but interrupted will still have a recast timer as if cast, preventing the recast of the song. I am fairly certain this is a bug considering no other spell caster that I am aware of has that issue with any spells, nor do many songs have this issue. This includes but is not necessarily limited to all Divine Aura line and AE mesmerize line of songs. I have /reported this on several occasions.

    Several quest NPCs on Brother Island turn invisible and will not update tasks unless you relog. Including but not necessarily limited to: Brother Sprudd, Brother Dockle, and Jameswell Dagmire.

    Multiple locations in Caverns of Endless Songs have warped underwater mobs that will share social range with both underwater and above water (where they are warped to) NPCs. This is readily apparent in nearly every location with a "Weakened Brother" involved in the Leave No Brother Behind task. Along with several other locations throughout the zone. I am aware of water zones frequently having pathing/warping issues.

    I'm sure I will remember some more later, or some I noted had already been mentioned in this forum. I apologize if any I have mentioned were already posted.
  4. RPoo Vox.Dandin told you, 'your better then me =D'

    Finally a bug post and not a about exp / HA post!

    Enchanter AA scintillating beam (ID 41794) when cast on mobs is causing trigger effect Scintillating beam root (ID 41797) to land on tanks and stuff - rooting and snaring kiters etc.... when the tank checks the spell info it tells them that the mob that was scintillating beam mezzed casted it.
  5. Naugrin Augur

    Doh where/when did they say this?

    Is it done being upgraded then?
  6. Riou EQResource

    Was said in tells on Beta from Chandrok, it is done being upgraded yea.
  7. Warpeace Augur

    They said it will not be continued, free ride on that is over.
  8. Drewie Augur

    What about Vestments of the Forsaken, the mercenary chest, will it not be upgraded to level 105 as well ?
  9. Naugrin Augur

    Shame...I never thought it was particularly game breaking. Oh well.
  10. Nuttann Elder

    Re: The comment about the Fading History collection quest.

    I have seen an occasional collection item from the Giants, so they appear to be spawning, BUT.... I do not see them often. Unlike the Aviak ones that I can always find. I suspect that at least one of the spawn spots is not easy to see and a few people know where they are. I have checked the hollow area under the roofs and a few other places even when people aren't in zone and often cannot find them. If anyone cares to share the less obvious spots ...
  11. Angahran Augur

    The SK Discipline Unholy Guardian is showing the 'Cast on other' text for both the target and the SK. It's actually from the spell Unholy Guardian Lifetap (Id: 34822, 34823 and 34824) which is procced from the disc.

    e.g. you see both the following when the discipline is in effect.

    MobX is drained by unholy light.
    Bob the SK is drained by unholy light.
  12. Eaiana Augur