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  1. Hamshire Augur

    I agree but its T2 old expansion and T1 new expansion.........just seems off.......even more so cuz Possessed Dreadstone weapons work the same way as well.......do a massive load of achieves for it yet some if not all Possessed Dreadstone weapons are replaced in T1 and if not replaced they are of equal worth so shouldn't the charms follow suit as well?
  2. Yinla Augur

    Taking anything up to half an hour to get into an instance on AB. Toons logging into a guild hall are finding themselves in the guild lobby if the instance wasn't already up.
  3. Rashari Elder

    Which brings the next problem - Guild Hall Anchors / Primary and Secondary Anchors - if they
    zone "is not ready to receive visitors yet" - the Portal Device will still be on cooldown for 1 h 12 min.

    Would love to see a fix for this - if port is not successfull, do not apply the cooldown for it.
  4. Cone head Augur

    Dead Hills
    Excavating an Answer.

    Chests are bugged, they spawn in mid air and can not loot. you get the message "To far away". Im right next to it.

    Add more chests, Make them spawn on the ground or static locations please.

    3 hours wasted.
  5. Izcurly Augur

    I investigated this because I didn't understand why my spell slow was able to overwrite my AA slow, and the AA slow couldn't overwrite the spell slow.

    Beastlord AA Sha's Reprisal rank 2: Should give a 68% slow, but pvp testing in-game gave only a 66% slow. Looking at raw data, I see that slot 2 base is set for 68% (100-32), but slot 2 max is set for 66% (100-34). The lower value appears to be the actual in-game limit. On all our other slows, these two fields are set the same.

    Enchanter AA Dreary Deeds rank 2 looks to have the same problem (73% vs 70%) from the data, although I have not tested it.

    (Trivia: The Lucy parse appears to show the in-game value correctly, while the Raidloot parser doesn't.)
  6. Miss_Jackie Augur

    Constant crashing. And more so after the expansion release. Have tried to fix the problem and still crashes like crazy
  7. Explicit Augur

    Not sure if brought up already but very rarely the Gunthak Swabby's Eyepatch will cast Lure instead of an illusion.

    [Mon Oct 28 00:44:21 2013] You begin casting Lure.
    [Mon Oct 28 00:44:21 2013] Your Gunthak Swabby's Eyepatch begins to glow.
    [Mon Oct 28 00:44:46 2013] Your Lure spell has worn off of Combat Dummy Beza.

    [39294] Lure
    Target: Single
    Range: 1000'
    Range Mod: 100% at 2' to 1000% at 100'
    Resist: Unresistable
    Reflectable: No
    Casting: 0s
    Duration: 18s (3 ticks), Dispelable: No
    1: Gradual Pull to 1000' away (Force=20)
    Text: You are lured into close combat.
    Draws you toward the caster.
  8. Riou Augur

    The game uses the Max value over the Base value for slows when no level formula is applied (otherwise it uses the formula to determine what it is between Base and Max), each parser seems to be wrong for different slows (dunno why since they should be similar, heh).

    The main problem is the Dev editing one, but not both, or if they want to edit 1 they have to change the Max value instead of Base. The Paladin/SK AA undead slow rank 2 has this same problem where the slow is a huge downgrade from rank 1.
  9. Brudal Augur

  10. Hamshire Augur

  11. Uxtalzon Augur

    Healing over time spells just screwed me over for some reason.

    You have been healed 4129 hit points by your Hand of Piety.
    You have been healed 4129 hit points by your Gift of Life.
    You have been healed 4129 hit points by your Reverent Healing.

    Whatever the heck just causes that? Imagine hitting all your insta-heal keys and regening for less than a single mob hit. Bullcrap. -_-
  12. Yinla Augur

    Lag is getting out of hand on AB taken from my log last night you can see we had nearly 30 seconds where no one could do anything. This was during the bixie raid just after we killed the last lieutenant and were about to kill the general...not sure how we didn't wipe. The red highlights I believe is a heal over time which shows just how bad the lag was.

    Names and channels changed to protect the innocent.

  13. Brudal Augur

    Then you should list the T1 charms stats with 10 items equipped instead of 8 for a proper comparison to the 120% stats of the progression charms.
  14. Rashari Elder

    The RKII spells from CotF give roughly over 1 Mio Tribute - working as intended?

    Bosquestalker RK II = 1243456 Mio Tribute
  15. Izcurly Augur

    Mio? You seem to use it to mean million in the first instance, and maybe personal in the second?

    Anyway, it certainly doesn't look right. Of course, personal tribute caps at 800K, so I think the tribute page would refuse to accept it if you tried. Guild tribute goes to 2M, so that might be possible.
  16. Sinzz Augur

    live side j5 merc is bugging out like a j1 when you pull a bunch of greys she is greying out and acting like she trys to run away
  17. Uxtalzon Augur

    Pillars of Alra (VoA, I know, I know)...

    Word of Melretia - no experience rewarded upon completion.

    Word of Fal'Kaa - even when completing the optional step (safely made it out of light tower), still lost optional step when I fell off and landed in the water on a squid. Second time I did this, made it out, optional completed again (green text in task window) but this time the Erion NPC guy at the front aggro'd and it also wiped my optional task reward.

    Losing out on fragments when I have to farm well over a hundred for the controversial time-sink Tear of Alaris is very, very disappointing.

    LOL @ rank 2 COTF spells offering 1.1 million + tribute. Heck yeah, buddy.
  18. Spinner New Member

    Don't know if it's been posted before, but Out of Combat regen is getting screwed up. Being completely out of combat, and no debuffs blocking out of combat regen, it locks in place. Has happened to me almost every time I've died. It will do this..."2%......5% (reset to 2%), 5% (reset to 2%), 5% (reset to 2%), over and over and over again. Camping fixes it. This is getting REALLY annoying. Do something about it please.
  19. Khoza Augur

    I would suspect that this is your revival effects coming into play. It limits you to a low amount of mana/end. (I don't believe this happens with a rezz, just when you go to bind. A rezz gives you a different version of rezz effects.)
  20. Gladare Augur

    It's not that Khoza. OOC resting has had that problem since it was implemented. Your displayed timer often does not match when you actually enter resting state. The display glitch happens when they're not properly synced. Camping didn't fix it for him as much as it caused enough time to pass for the real resting state to begin.

    That's also why the new Death Blossom aa isn't much of a fix. Granted, in group content, the 30 second timer usually doesn't have the syncing problem. I guess because there's less total time for them to jump out of sync.

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