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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by JChan, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. Hiladdar Augur

    The step "Interrogate bixies" in the quest "The Bixies of War" is not updating, developers can reference more detailed information, regarding this issue via the bug report with associated /report
  2. Rashari Elder

    The Partisan Task works just fine on AB.
    You realize you have to interrogate
    Bixies in Heroic Adventures to get the
    step updated?
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  3. Gladare Augur

    I found that to update that step, the bixies you interrogate can't be used in a task update for the HA you're doing. Also, they have to be non-kos. I got my update from the bixies in The Great Hunt HA.
  4. Ashigaru Augur

    A few SK bugs / requested fixes (Credit: Kurayami raised these first):

    1. Scourge Skin - the new rank doesn't really increase the damage, and the counter is there as it was. According to Elidroth, the new rank was supposed to remove the counter.

    2. Mental Terror - current mana returns on spell make this irrelevant in current content. Needs to be increased to the point where it returns a significant (but not imbalancing) level of mana.

    3. Torrent of Agony - current return on AC is 72-80 which is comparative to level 70 spells and gear levels. A bump to 400-500ac would put it (I think) in line with group AC effects used by other tanks.

    4. Insidious Deflection - in principle an excellent addition to the spell book, but aggro + healing mean that other spells do the job more effectively. An increase in healing of 4x would make it relevant in current content (with a comparable or greater increase in mana cost). Cast time reduction would also add impact.

    Cheers - and thanks again for all the fixes you're looking at Dzarn

  5. Mizoto Lorekeeper

    Fine Runic Orphic Card recipes produce level 85 spells instead of level 95. I haven't checked if level 91-94 orphic pages are also bad.
  6. Fenthen Augur

    Please refund my 950 SC since I cannot use the mount with this achievement buff on.
  7. Fenthen Augur

    Sorry, it was 1950 SC for my Dragonscale mount, which is basically unusable while I have the Gunthak Grit buff on from finishing the group game of your new unfinished expansion.
    I'll expect the SC to be refunded and my mount to be gone by next patch. Or for you to fix the stacking issue, either/or.
  8. Explicit Augur

    In-game petitions work a whole lot better for this kind of issue. I've had SC purchases refunded in the past, no problem.
  9. Stac Elder

    There seems to be a "Research" issue with the new CotF recipes. This was posted in the Tradeskills forum:
    In the Beta, most of the Research Tasks in Ngreth's Den were oddly to craft level 81-85 spells. I believe 91-95 may have been the original intent.
  10. BoomWalker Augur

    You meant the "closed" beta...unlike the current "open" beta we are all working in right?
  11. guado Augur

    I think it is time for a CotF game update. All the content has already been beat.
    The following aspects of CotF are a joke/useless/would demand a refund if I wasn't in a raiding guild:
    1) Mercenary... ANYTHING... a useless time sink.
    2) Spells for Druids, Magi, and Bards(songs.)
    3) The sheer volume of cloaks/back items that Tier 1-A named(rare) mobs drop.
    4) AA for all classes
    5) Where is the Wurm mount??

    The following aspects of CotF are actually good (imo):
    1) Trade skilled gear (although the stats were better in beta)
    2) Group / Raid merchant, variety of items (augs, visible gear, non visibles)
    3) Racial based faction in Neriak 4.

    feel free to add to either aspect of this post...

    The time window for RoF T4 was very short. Why not do the same with CotF since we've all been conditioned to eat the content up so fast due to not knowing ANY information about the rest of CotF.
    Hoping for more spells & AA in the similar fashion that was done with RoF.
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  12. Tuluvian Elder

    Rogue Bug;

    If you have Rogue's Fury running and click Knifeplay disc either by accident or on purpose (I know and realize they weren't supposed to stack, which is fine) it greys out knifeplay and you get the "this spell could not take hold" message.

    In a group setting I use discs as they pop, happened to be on a named and did my initial burn using the rogue fury combo w/ another disc but because there is an over lapse of a few seconds of rogue's fury, by clicking knifeplay right after the 1st disc went down knifeplay greyed out. If I had another disc up I wouldn't have bothered clicking knifeplay after my burn but as I said, I use them as I have them in group setting to maximize my dps, so everything but it was greyed out as they should have been, after actually being used.

    Should be changed to just prevent it from being pressed instead of greying out. Similar to spam clicking discs as another is wearing down on it's timer, or trying to click Dirty Fighting while Envenomed Blades is running. Nothing beneficial should happen obviously, but it shouldn't act as if the disc was actually used up when it wasn't.
  13. Explicit Augur

    Tempestuous Defense disc is locking out Steadfast Defense, Bracing Defense etc. These are not related in any fashion and one should not lock out the other. Same with Field Guardian, Champion's Aura and Flash of Anger. Could you please look into un-linking these discs?
  14. someshaman New Member

    The Shaman AA Shrink, was working on the second tier of it (max) to double shrink, which was really nice. Now after the patch it is only doing a single shrink. I really liked it when it was working properly, as an ogre I am always needing a double shrink.

    Also is there any chance to ever fix the way group shrink does not shrink my pet, but actually un-shrinks the pet? This is very annoying.

  15. Fanra Augur

    It's annoying for both you and those around you. Beastlords have the same problem and here is a suggested fix for them that might also work for shaman:

    If your Warder keeps growing when the group is shrunk, try typing in the following:
    • /blockspell add pet 3393
    • /blockspell add pet 2203
    This will block the Shaman Tiny Terror & Donal's Dementia spells from landing and growing the pet. There might also be other spells and AAs that need to be blocked for this to work. If there is another specific spell or AA that is causing you a problem and you need to know the number to block it, you can look it up here: http://www.raidloot.com/Spells.aspx

    Of course, the real bug fix needs to be done in SOE's code.
  16. Rashari Elder

    Antonius Bayle - Lagspikes, Instances not loading at all or after a very long delay, etc.

    I would really like someone to look into this, it's been reported several times already
    with no response at all.

    Thank you.
  17. Beimeith Augur

    You can't expand the new 20 slot bags because no vendor sells the book.
  18. Pirlo Augur

    i lol'd
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  19. Hamshire Augur

    The charm known as Royal Emblem from House of Thex raid needs buffed

    Royal Emblem - T1 Call of the Forsaken = 140ac 3130hp

    Key of Memory - T4 Rain of Fear = 156ac 3648hp

    Fear Fruit Seed - T2 Rain of Fear = 148ac 3500hp

    Now I understand that Key of Memory & Fear Fruit Seed are reward greater bonus for doing the previous expansion quests and MAYBE key should still be better then Royal Emblem since its T4 however I don't see how Fear Fruit Seed can be better then Royal Emblem seeing as how its T2 and all.
  20. Axxius Augur

    Fear Fruit Seed and Key of Memory are progression charms. Royal Emblem is a class armor charm. Progression charms have substantially better max stats than class armor charms, reflecting the difficulty of maxing them (which is zero for class armor).

    CotF progression charm is not available yet (same as chest, legs, arms and some other slots). Stay tuned for the next release. Thank you for pre-ordering your ability to obtain these items at a later date.
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