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  1. Gladare Augur

    Yes, the planned pet tanking nerf only applies to one type of pet. The one not used to tank. And it was pumped out in record time too.
  2. Abazzagorath Augur

    Has been this way for awhile, "pending a fix". Basically, divine stun is now instant cast and immediately resets when you try and cast it on a player or pet. Some people were targetting one and then spamming it as it would still proc healing light group heals. So it was done to stop the exploit, until they get a real fix for it.

    I'd expect it to not be changed back anytime soon. FoD and DP still procs healing light through so it really only affects people that used that exploit. Maybe affects progression server that don't have FoD yet? Dunno, but healing light was later anyway unless it was made available earlier than it originally was.
  3. Kaenneth Augur

    I can't think of any other reason for someone to be poking around in the pet aggro code. SoE has a long history of nerfing the wrong thing the wrong way at unpredictable times.

    Could be a long noodle effect from some other code change. I don't envy the devs the job of maintaining continuously updated code written last millennium; hell in a few years they might get interns younger than the code working on it!
  4. fatbass New Member

    So i have been playing a zerker for well over 6 years and been playing eq for over 10. i am in an end game raiding guild and have never posted here or felt the need to post until now. I love the zerker class as they use to be able to top parses as they should. Zerkers have been declining steadily now and makes me want to switch classes. what is the point in playing a class that can only do dps if they get out dpsed by other classes that offer more. Zerkers dont have spells, we cannot heal slow or do anything but swing a giant axe and use AA that hurt us to burst our dps and we still get out dpsed by other classes that have beneficial abilites to improve survival such as beastlords . Frankly as a zerker vet i am highly dissapointed in the way the zerker class has been dumbed down to just ok dps. The only reason i play a class that can be easily killed for the chance to do great dmg is because they use to do just that "great damage". this is no longer the case with zerkers. Seeing talk of lowering zerkers even more makes me want to throw in the towel all together. I sure hope that there is someone who reads this that can acually make a difference and can be an advocate for zerkers as there appears to be none.
  5. Sigourney Journeyman

    Even the mention of "rethinking" of our lackluster dps, makes me sick......RoF T1, T2 raid mobs have yet to suffer at the wrath of my "BURST DPS" they are long lived, we die all the time, even with good tanks holding aggro....our DPS over-aggros, with one fade every 15min, i mean c'mon...the only thing that needs to be Re-Thunk here is just what the Fudge Zerkers were meant to contribute to a raid.
    I would like to see ANY Reason , class-balancing or Raid mob dps advantage we have atm...COMON DEVS lets hear it, b/c we the top kids Zerkers, do not see any real REASONING being used.
    You need to UP our DPS contribution in some way, not reduce it.
  6. Daedly Augur

    I invite you and fatbass to check out the following....
  7. Coruth Augur

  8. Eversi New Member

    What I have noticed is that if the enemy is within melee range, the pet uses melee, otherwise spells. As well, if the enemy goes out of line of sight, the pet, when it's working properly, will move to a position that is within line of sight. However, there are times when the pet flat out does nothing. I will issue the /pet attack command and the pet simply sits there, staring in any direction other than where the enemy is. If it were out of mana, the least I'd expect it to do is stare at the enemy while doing nothing or, better yet, move within melee range and melee until it does have mana to use.
  9. Uxtalzon Augur

    Alt-tabbing from full screen can now give a black screen and EQ crashes entirely. I have to reset my entire computer just to get back into EQ again. This never happened before the 2-13 update. This is horrible as I alt-tab ALL. THE. TIME. Crashing 10 times a day now is just crap.

    Zone music stops playing after zoning several times in the game. Player select music works, merchant music always works, but running around zones and nothing. This never happened before in the 2-13 update as well.
  10. Tegila Augur

    i forget now at what point this started, but the glowing blue portals on the ground (a la void zone-in from potime) have disappeared. the glob on the floor in time is still there but the light going up is gone on all of my computers after some patch since RoF launched, and in housing the one you click to go between neighborhoods is completely gone, i have to blindly click around in that area to get it. I have verying graphic settings on the computers andn one of them show it, spell-effects etc or not. I know some have this issue, some do not, but i havent changed my settings at all in 5 years as far as graphics go, except to turn on and off spell effects to view groundspawns (and this doesnt change whether i can see these portals or not)
  11. Tegila Augur

    idk about your dps having been lowered so noticeably, far as i've seen you still get plenty, but you also need to keep in mind your adps is one of your contributions, being that you have this and rogue's dont (except with each other) rogues in theory should be higher anyway. zerker aura still needed for a good dps group, what's the issue? i still see plenty of ultrahigh zerker parses also, whats the issue? the biggest "nerf" you might be seeing doesnt come from your class so much as it comes from thechanges to bards and how they interact with you vs other classes. it's not like zerkers are doing sub-mage dps or anything...
  12. Qulas Augur

    Zerker's wouldn't be complaining if they could do mage level dps rofl
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  13. Explicit Augur

    It probably doesn't help that most of ROF is ranged-dps heaven and kind of iffy for melee, which I think is one of the contributing factors
  14. Uxtalzon Augur

    Logging out while using a banker (is that the right term? lol) or merchant keeps the music going through character select... back into game, while zoning... it never ends. Cool, but buggy still. That's one of the reasons zone music is not working right.
  15. Eversi New Member

    Spells like "Fire Spiral of Al'Kabor", which have a description of "...damage to all creatures in the vicinity of your target...," only affect up to a maximum of 5 targets. This is either a typo and should instead read "...damage to several creatures..." or be corrected to indeed affect all targets within range.

    AE Wave (Rain) spells (i.e. Icestrike) also have a similar description yet only affect up to a maximum of 4 targets.

    I have tested this only on my wizard against enemies of varying size and quantity, all within very tight proximity to my target, and every time the result is the same.
  16. Quatreh Elder

    Finishing Blow AA is procing on each mob who reach 20% even raid boss or mobs who don t flee.
    Was that change intented or was it a bug ?
  17. silku Augur

    These used to do exactly as you describe, as did the AE mez lines. They were 'nerfed' because of abuse.
  18. JChan Developer

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  19. Quatreh Elder

    lockout are unchanged at this date ( 11 march 2013 7:49 pm CET) on AB server still 4 days 1/2
  20. Stubar Augur

    Wait wut??? I don't even know how to respond to this.

    Am I reading this correctly? Is he saying Zerkers are more DPS than mages? Or is there some sarcasm there that went over my head.

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