Update Bugs 02/13/13

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by JChan, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. JChan Developer

    Please post about any new bugs found in the update. This thread is not for discussions about anything other than bugs and how we can reproduce (and therefore fix) them.
  2. Voodoman Augur

    Bug: JChan has teleported through time into the 13th of February
  3. Quatreh Elder

    tome : rest Rkiii require lvl 255 to be used ( for all classes that can use it)
  4. Gudkaap New Member

    Plate wrist ornaments on female human/DE/Wood Elf are missing the extended underchain aspects, resulting in looking like you have no wrists or elbows. totally invisible aspects on player model. Guktan looks fine, as does female Iksar. Guessing high elf will be the same, just lack that illusion to check atm.
  5. Hatsee Augur

    Was just going to post this, but was going to add hybrids as well.

    Well I would delete the post as of now but can't. :eek:
  6. Quatreh Elder

    i edited my post to : for all classes that can use it
  7. Gragas Augur

    Enkindling Pike ratio went from 32/265 to 32/257, no patch notes so unintentionally?
  8. Gladare Augur

    The T2 Enkindling Pike nerf makes it worse than the Hathor's 2hander.
  9. smash Augur

    Collecting stuff Minotaur Broken horn looks like b4 patch, not the new look.
    But then again, old look was easier to see.
    Maybe a combination of old + new would be better: Sun with smoke.
  10. EQplayer_007 New Member

    Enkindling Pike out of nowhere got its ratio lowered making it worse then the weapon you nerfed and worse then T1 Shadeblade in addition to Hathor's from VoA.

    This weapon shouldn't of been touched as its ratio reflected the difficulty it came from T2
  11. Voodoman Augur

    It's posted literally 7 times above yours.
  12. Weebaaa Augur

    I didn't notice any change in damage to the RoF Knight Cultural 2 handers.
  13. Gnar Augur

    crashing when i try to use the bazaar search while in lobby
  14. Shadowserker New Member

    I do not see any change in weapon damage to any of the RoF 2H cultural weapons.
  15. Genadine Elder

    Splash spells both Paladin and Cleric not firing since Patch, needs a fix asap as Raids are tuned around curing
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  16. Kirkisx Augur

    YES not curing anything needs a hotfix considering its a set back
  17. AB_H'Sishi Augur

    Quest reward of RoF Raid spell runes gives a not learnable book:

    Tome: Rest Rk. III
    Magic, Lore, No Trade
    Race: ALL

    Size: Small
    Weight: 0.1
    Rec Level: 96

    Level needed: WAR(255) PAL(255)
    RNG(255) SHD(255) MNK(255)
    ROG(255) BST(255) BER(255)
  18. Chandrok Augur

    This was an intentional change that happened at the same time as the change to Meljeldin, Bane of Giants. It was my error that this was not mentioned in the patch notes.
  19. Explicit Augur

    Heroic Rage -- Recourse from Heroic Blade
    1: Increase Chance to Critical Hit with 2H Slash by 35%
    2: Increase Melee Haste by 68%
    3: Increase Critical 1H Blunt Damage by 150% of Base Damage

    Either I'm reading this wrong or you're telling me the recourse only benefits 2hs and 1hb, which effectively makes this that much more worthless, it can't be correct. Anyone look at this? I can -maybe- understand the 2hs part (it'd help shield topple) but that is really it.
  20. Voodoman Augur

    Brace yourself, private messages are coming.

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