Update Bugs 02/13/13

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by JChan, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. Turncoat New Member

    In the Find the gems mission in xorbb the zone trash is not giving experience for killing them now
  2. Tweelis Augur

    Frenzied Burnout for fire pets and Theft of Essence AA's are still broken.
  3. Kaylord101 Elder

    BST DISC LVL 99 Savage Rage Rk. II
    typing /disc Savage Rage
    no longer triggers this disc. i need to make a seperate hotkey by its self just to trigger it, I am not sure about any other ranks.

    Thank you.
  4. Hatsee Augur

    Did you just upgrade to the rk2 version?

    You should be typing out something like /disc Savage Rage RK. ii

    Similar to if you used just a hotkey before from the combat abilities window and had the rk1 on the hotbar, then used the rk2 tome, you're now trying to activate the rk 1 version which you no longer have.
  5. Kaylord101 Elder

    thanks, my problem was i put Rk. II instead of Rk. ii
    works now
  6. Eversi New Member

    Target AE Wave spells do not function correctly. Only the first wave hits the targets. Waves two and three do nothing or only seem to hit the player, regardless of proximity to the target. This is true for all classes and spells with these type of spells.
  7. trickor Journeyman

    You took secondary off Staff of the Silent Star when you added Alleviating Burst proc for casters when no caster would ever even use this weapon. All melee's that used this weapon used it in there secondary. Please put secondary back on the weapon since you just destroyed it... I have this weapon for my offhand ( im a rogue) and im really upset. Or if you are keeping this alleviating burst on it make it caster only why even have it melee? But since you started with it as a melee weapon you should honor what it was and make it secondary again since you teased us.
  8. Explicit Augur

    [Mon Feb 18 20:03:28 2013] Findlewill begins casting a fireball at Glori, Johnew and Tuluvian.
    [Mon Feb 18 20:03:28 2013] You feel an inner warmth as Findlewill points at you.

    The new and improved emotes are obviously bugged, everyone in the raid is getting the "personal" emote instead of just the three people mentioned
  9. Sigourney Journeyman

    So , instead of saying to "NERF ZERKERS" , you say, "concerns over high burst damage?"
    We are lacking now as it is, many classes are doing better burn dps, what stupidity has taken hold with you Dev's? Why am i raiding?......for upgrades? apparently not...
  10. RainbowTest Augur

    Mobs in chardok on test are not functioning properly as of about 9 hours ago. All mobs that cast buffs on their fellow sarnaks are overwriting each others buffs constantly, you can actually gather up all of the caster sarnaks and they will pile up and stay still constantly recasting buffs over each other with no regard for buffs that are already on their targets. Before they would check first and not cast a buff a mob already had, now it does not matter. I've managed to stack approximately 30 mobs into the herbalist hut in the basement and they just sit there...not resetting never running out of mana. Mobs also have begun to tether to each other randomly, if you agro 1 mob in a cave, a mob just appears on your ET window and will come running without any social agro of themobs it runs thru directly to you and all these mobs are grey. All down around the Herbalist in chardok.
  11. Motasa New Member

    Yes, I noticed this on my Mage, as well. Not sure about lower level spells, but it was definitely happening like that with level 99 magic rain rk II.
  12. Eversi New Member

    My mage and wizard are now 60. Not a single AE wave spell for either class from 1-60 has worked as described. This has also been noticed by other guild members. As of right now, sadly, these spells are mostly useless.
  13. Xirtket Augur

    Isn't burst damage supposed to be high?
  14. Phrett Augur

    Wand of Phantasmal Transvergence is not a placeable item like the other mod rods... would be nice for melee to place them so we don't have to (a) eat up a bag slot with them; or (b) constantly delete them during raids...

    P.S. The 2hander nerf isn't working as intended... turns out I DO use a 2hander for sustained dps as well, so yeah...
  15. Sigourney Journeyman

    "Burst DPS" apparently is a metaphor for "used to play this game" of course, b/c if this isnt fixed, my decade with multiple accounts is done....this isnt a nerf, this is a joke......of course they snub their nose at this, why...because the overlords are lame ducks now....they could care less what they screw up.
    With this kind of decision making, EverquestNext...really, you think im going to buy that...?
  16. Aildyen_MP Lorekeeper

    Divine Stun does not trigger Healing Light aa. Did this change and I missed it?
  17. Eversi New Member

    The magician's fire elemental pet does not always attack or even follow a target. For example, if the target goes around a corner and out of line of sight, the pet will stand in place and do nothing. The buff Kindle is not, so it is free to move. I have not tried earth or water yet, but air works fine. This has occurred for a while now.
  18. Aildyen_MP Lorekeeper

    The fire pets after 49 root themselves and nuke iirc.
  19. RVDRVD New Member

    Since the patch Fire Pet aggro seems to be attributed to the mage. If you use the fire pet on a summoning mob and /pet attack the mob summons the mage before the mage can even cast. This has happened in nToV when clearing trash and other RoF zones
  20. Kaenneth Augur

    Third person mentioning this on raid mobs, I'm guessing this is the planned pet tanking nerf caused by the class envy thread.

    They are already backtracking on the 'zerker nerf though.

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