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  1. Explicit Augur

    I'd like to say that 2h for warriors is completely worthless, but that is not a valid excuse to stagnate weapons in a NEW expansion --- which have always had a history of being upgrades.

    ADPS is the root issue of just about every single DPS "balance problem", maybe you all should take a closer look at ADPS instead of nerfing/stagnating classes because you have no clue how "x" ability will be affected by "x" ADPS
  2. kriegfurhen New Member

    What about a Berzerker only raid weapon, when was the last time we saw one of those?
  3. Maedhros Augur

    hello! this is a bug related post, as they clearly stated that it is not a bug that caused the nerf of the berzerker usable weapon, take it to another thread.
    i am much more interested in hearing about fixes for zalikor or the gate guardian in xorbb raid.
  4. RaceCondition Augur

    Don't you think there might be a better way to solve this problem? Since you know, nerfing the weapon also affects their sustained damage.

  5. Daedly Augur

    Taken from Veterans Lounge thread "Enkindling Pike":
    "Please do not cross post this issue through out the forums.
    Update Bugs 02/13/13" - SoE_MoD_02
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  6. roth Augur

    In a completely unrelated bug ... I still cannot get a usable link when I try to link the level 17 stone tear. I get "CDarkened Stone Tear" (without the quotes, obviously) whenever I try to link it, and the resulting link is not clickable.

    I bug reported both this one and the previous level, the level 16 stone tear, back when I first evolved the tear to those levels and could not link them successfully.
  7. Smokezz Augur

    A Feast for Zalikor raid... lots of people if they get the drake illusion die after one tick despite taking the regular damage. I tested this myself, no agro on Zalikor - just ran up to the crystal:

    02/13/13 09:38:26 PM You have been corrupted by the fear crystal.
    02/13/13 09:38:29 PM You have taken 28350 points of damage.
    02/13/13 09:38:30 PM You have been corrupted by the fear crystal.
    02/13/13 09:38:31 PM You have been knocked unconscious! <-- In Delay Death territory here

    1 Tick and would have been dead if not for delay death, however only took 28350 damage. I did get back up after this, and died shortly after. It's on the main forum as well with other guilds reporting the issue as well.
  8. Pirlo Augur

    Ahhh ok I see your point now. Well said Sir.

    We have to assume Chandrok added nice weapon upgrades to the upcoming T3 expansion. (Right?? That would be a selling point "Hey zerkers get your nice juicy weapons here, just pay for it)

    Maybe he wanted stagnated ratios for weapons until March 2013 (or whenever T3 is released)


    P.S. People are now rumoring there will be a "T4" next quarter. Could this be the beginning of 3 month mini expansions for an undisclosed amount? Something broken or unbalanced in 1 release can be addressed or fixed in the following release, just have to pay for it .....

    eeeeek :eek:
  9. Gutzz Journeyman

    ToV Cekenar event people were reporting 273k or higher from chain lightning. I've gotten 132k before but just chalked it up to double tick happening at 1 time, but something seems broken there.
  10. Filatal Augur

    This is not new and has been this way since RoF launch. It appears that since the player is the one that casts the chain lightning viral DoT, if the originating person has DoT crits AA's ( shaman, necro, druid, ench, sk I think are the offending classes ), they can crit the DoT. Theoretically, once they get the initial DoT ( sorry, haven't had enough coffee to go look up the spell names ) that counts down to the viral, they should run away so they only kill themselves. But it is pretty much a death touch for the above mentioned classes.
  11. Crokker Lorekeeper

    The Mino Collection has an unreachable spawn now to the right of the cave along the river up on the hill. Can be seen but not reached since it's beyond the zone line. There are currently two visible pieces sitting there on Drinal.

    More importantly what is being done about the client crashing during raids from MP Particle Ornaments. Devs said they are on it but have not heard any further progress on it. We have no problem banning the items on raids as do other guilds. You are losing sales from it though.
  12. Dzarn Developer

    This has happened to me a few times on live and has caused me a lot of grief as well.

    I've gone ahead and fixed this so the spell has a critical override chance of 0 (you should no longer be able to crit the spell and DT yourself.) The fix should go out with the next full patch.
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  13. Axxius Augur

    Please check if it's still focusable by your DoT focus (from gear and AA) too. With a high enough focus you don't need to even crit it to die.
  14. Dzarn Developer

    From testing the fix just now, it is not.

    The relevant damaged focuses that we would be worried about don't work on spells that do not have a player level (255). Just to be safe I've also flagged the spell as being exempt from damage amount mod, exempt from all standard focus types and the amount of focus that applies to the spell from focus effects is sloped at 0 now.
  15. Squeege New Member

    I also freeze up every time I try to use the bazaar search window. Can not even log out of EQ, stuck at that point.
  16. JChan Developer

    Are you using the default UI? (If you're not using the default UI has your UI been updated for the latest options for search?)
  17. Gladare Augur

    Someone in my guild had that problem today. She had to update her UI.
  18. Angahran Augur

    huh ?

    So 'line of sight' has nothing to do with line of sight ??
    Is this why you can get the dot when there is no 'line of sight' from you to the dragon ? e.g. around corners, behind walls, through closed doors ?
  19. Gladare Augur

    lol ever cast on something behind you? No, los does not mean which direction you're facing. That is directional. If something is hitting you from behind a corner, it's most likely a pbae or ae with a very large range.
  20. JoeP New Member

    When shopping merchants in Cresent City, clicking on items to inspect, if multiple clicks more item windows open for the same item. They cannot be closed again by right clicking the item again like items in your inventory.:eek:o_O Instead another window opens for the item.

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