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  1. Kittany Augur

    I'd like to say that, a lot of the negativity (Where EverQuest is concerned at least) for the PvP servers stems from classic. (Now keep in mind, I could also surmise that Ultimate Online also had it's place in cementing that opinion but that's a whole another subject altogether). At the time, there was a rather unified animosity from the blue players toward the Zek players. Most 'bluebies' considered Zek players to me immature and disrespectful (Though, in reality, the servers as a whole tended to be much nicer in some aspects).

    Even the Zek's had their own hierarchy of like and dislike toward one another. Rallos Zek, was obviously the oldest of the Zek's, frowned and made fun of the others for not being the original. The brother Zek's, Tallon and Vallon, while boasting the exact same rule sets, had very different personalities from one another. These two tended to be in a rivalry with each other, much like how two neighboring high schools would be rivals.

    Then there is Sullon Zek (Just my personal bias here, sorry). The red headed step child. The creepy cousin nobody liked to talk about and only associated with because they was invited to the family reunions. From the TZ/VZ point of view, Sullon Zek was the place where bad players went because they couldn't compete on the others. (Now, this is not entirely true in retrospect. Although when SZ opened up, a good portion of the villainous and undesirable population of VZ disappeared).

    So sadly, a lot of that stigma carries through today, filtered through 17 years of other MMO's (I'm looking at you, WoW) where the image of the typical PvP player has mutated into that of a loud mouthed, grossly obese angry man child living in some desolate basement with cheese dust decorating his dirty sweat stained tank top.

    As for the topic, if there was a TLP PvP server, I would wholly endorse it (Perhaps even try it) just so long as there was a clear cut code of conduct (No training and no intentional exp deaths) and a balanced team setup.
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  2. Atomos Journeyman

  3. Vaclav Augur

    Uhm - not really - PVP servers had immunity below 5 didn't they?
  4. Machen Augur

    If you want the devs to work on only things that will benefit a majority of players, TLP's are not that. The majority of Everquest players do not play on the TLP's.
  5. Random newb Augur

    My bad, haven't played PvP servers. That sucks though.
  6. Sham New Member

    I left Vz for Sz, because of the cross-teaming. I liked the hardcoded teams and the no level range.

    When I said Hate on red players, what I meant was I don't understand why anyone who is not interested in playing on a PvP TLP server would have any issue with one being made.
  7. JustACleric New Member

    Only one server was like this, iirc.
  8. Kittany Augur

    I can't speak for RZ or SZ. But TZ/VZ had the new level 5 protection implemented sometime during early Kunark.
  9. Rhiyannon Augur

    let me make this clear, I played pvp on another game for 10 years, I love pvp...

    here's your answer though "deathtoll", it's not "hate from bluebie to red", it's reality. between 2 eq games they have 7 versions of these kind of servers, and the most epic failure within months(not even 4 months in) was the only pvp server... sure the players had some hand in the failure, but the real reason? dgb's neglect. it was released broken and game breaking fixes took 3 months or still aren't fixed even now. those "resources" are the devs a finite resource and there's just not enough, yes some only work on one game or another, but quite a few wear two hats. just on this game alone there's 5 of these servers already, the live servers, and now you want to add more? fyi I've seen red names on phini, no idea why it's not working otherwise, and I've seen red on rage... if they broke it, good luck getting it fixed...

    I can understand the desire for it, but you really need to think this through. do you really want /pick and instanced raiding allowing others to be able to avoid interaction? do you want the phini or the rage ruleset? voting/no voting... boxing/true boxing(if you want full boxing you're an idiot, I think, after the ragefire example), then of course team or no team... and the fact the PnP is gone.

    after all these servers you should know by now what you want is those fond memories you carry and reality will suck, plain and simple if it happens. there's a reason I don't play my pvp game anymore and getting older has nothing to do with it, it was sold and remade, and was never the same.
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  10. MoveFastRZ Augur

    Are we really trying to learn EQ 1 lessons from EQ 2? Not only are they different games, they aren't even similar games except for their use of the EQ franchise/branding.

    Having a new server every once in a while is basically a mechanic of the game at this point. It brings people back in who've been wanting to play again but don't want to catch up on a server where they'd have to do that on their own. Either the server catches up and gets merged when its population dwindles, or it doesn't catch up and it winds up a dead box like Vulak.

    Either way, red players are the only players who have been asked to go without a new server this long. Just give us a fraction of what blue players get: one new server.
  11. Gator34 New Member

    Or just put in a little bit of work and fix the overwhelming damage of Zek currently and watch players flood back. I like current eq as much as anything, but the ability to round people needs to go away.
  12. GrugSA Augur

    All PVP servers had a PVP immunity 6 or below if you were in your factions newb zone or starting city ONLY and ONLY if didn't decide to attack the other person first, i think FoB was the only one flagged as a newb outside of Cab, not 100% sure though. PvP also had level restriction on combat, Rallos had 4+/- level limit, TZ/VZ had a 6+/- level limit and SZ had no level limits.
  13. MoveFastRZ Augur

    Initially RZ was PvP flagged from level, IIRC. Changed later.

    SZ was no level limit on PvP. VZ/TZ had a large range (+/- 8 levels?)

    RZ was 4, although I swear my faulty memory tells me it was 5 when it started (can swear I remember level 10s fighting level 15s, etc., but I also get my dreams mixed up with my mornings after a week or two whenever they're realistic to mistake).
  14. Tomcat Journeyman

    still waiting for this
  15. Pikallo Augur

    Eagerly awaiting next months thread! In the meantime you can take comfort in Kegadin's effort to reply to every thread on the forums that "PVP would solve this". Hoping it yields results soon. I'm sure its just around the corner!
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  16. Wintermalo Augur

    You will be waiting for the rest of your life
  17. Rhiyannon Augur

    didn't read past the first line in the second paragraph did you? skipped the fact several of the devs work on both games as well as others, but hey reading is hard right?
  18. Tomcat Journeyman

    I would support any pvp server. please give it a shot
  19. MoveFastRZ Augur

    Is this a serious comment? Games are similar because they share devs? Man, I can't wait for that Ultima Online reboot Gordon Walton is working on. O wait...
  20. Coach_Kegadin Augur

    PVPers rejoice!!! Darkfall Rise of Agon is in alpha and is looking for new blood! Full loot FPS/MMO! Greatest PVP game of all time!

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