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  1. Kianara Lorekeeper

    Heh, would have helped if I remembered those things when I posted .. little sleep = not thinking straight lol
  2. Iribabh New Member

    So for Beastlord's who have RkII or RKIII of Unity, do we get that rune refunded or do we automatically get given RkII/III of the spell or are we just out a 110 spell rune?

    Also agreed on the druid remote line of spells. This needs fixed before the patch goes live. It hasn't been doing the heal target of target portion of the spell since the last patch broke it.
  3. Raisehell Lorekeeper

    welp, another mage nerf. im assuming this one will waste a GoM proc but not proc it itself
  4. Getsmurfed New Member

    i don't understand anything in these patch notes. please send help. am classic eq child.
  5. Wulfhere Augur

    This seems to be a huge nerf to tank DPS in the group game, especially against multiple mobs. Current max chance is 130% and sounds like it'll be nerfed to 30% with this patch.
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  6. Zarzac Augur

    Rangers and Beastlords can't MGB buff anymore? If I'm reading that correctly, it makes no sense at all.
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  7. Swiss Elder

    The group spell changes sounds like it will still cast on everyone, but you'll need the rk 3 single target version. Could be better in the future as less glowings required but you will need more lower spells total.

    Maybe we'll get lucky and everyone who had rk 3 of the group will be given rk 3 singles.
  8. Jhenna_BB Augur

    In before you buy back your power in this skill in TBL! :p
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  9. Nightmares Augur

    So, you are gonna change them and make them cast the exact same thing, just single target and AE targets that are around the chanter?
    Also due to Helix being slow and debuff, it makes this a bit useless as shaman slow overwrites, so we'll need to cast a stat debuff anyways ( crippling), but we are no longer given a cripple/listless type spell, only the slow. so again. a nerf.
    we need a Listless/cripple type of spell added back for just those effects as it is. this change just makes matters worse where we can't even improvise even a little in that regard.
    Nerf through and through. Don't do this, or at least change Helix to have 2 slots, 1 for slow and other for cripple.
    Something, other than this.
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  10. Orcen Journeyman

    Necromancer - Scent of Terris has been renamed Scent of Thule and the ability line has been changed to trigger Death's Malaise, your Scent of Terris spell, and the highest rank of your Scent of Gloom line of spells on your target.
    this is confusing! Scent of Terris 52 level spell, Scent of doom level 82 spell, scent of Terris AA up to rank IX.
    Scent of terris spell >disease debuff lose 10% per level above 90. so spell is useless for a 110 against disease?
    So what are we talking about here.. the 52 spell will have levle 82 Scent of Doom and a slow added.. that would be fine... as long as the Scent of Terris AA remains untouched..
    Please clarify spell versus AA is being changed??
  11. strongbus Augur

    Necromancer - Scent of Terris has been renamed Scent of Thule and the ability line has been changed to trigger Death's Malaise, your Scent of Terris spell, and the highest rank of your Scent of Gloom line of spells on your target.

    Giving the fact that its in the patch note section under AA changes. That easy they are changing the aa in the same why they did the mage/shammy malo aa last month. necro scent aa is now going cast our aa slow and the spell version of scent of terris(which suchs as its not as good as the aa one) and the highest spell/rank of what you have in the scent of gloom line of spells.
  12. Boze Augur

    Beastlord get a 2H AA!?
    BEST PATCH EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Nifty Slacker Augur

    Wow. Nice necro nerf. I'm going to unsub a few accts for a while. Sorry dbg, it's just too painful to be in a relationship with you.
  14. Tyreel Augur

    Our Helix line of spells is not able to land (not asking for them to stack) with other slow spells that have a higher %slow effect preventing us access to cripple effect with out having to dig back in our spell book to lvl 96 and memorize Demolished Consciousness.

    Currently even our level 57 spell Forlorn Deeds id 1712 overwrites our helix line while this does allow us to cast Helix line and overwrite Forlorn Deeds it does not work that way for shaman slow spells. Once a shaman slows the mob we can not land the Helix line on an npc.

    We are losing access to the following.

    Crippling Aurora Sparkle V ID 41771
    Slot Description
    1: Decrease DEX by 25 (L1) to 134 (L110)
    2: Decrease AGI by 46 (L1) to 155 (L110)
    3: Decrease STR by 46 (L1) to 155 (L110)
    4: Decrease AC by 35 (L1) to 68 (L110)
    5: Decrease Dual Wield by 50%
    If the debuff was too much fine but we also suffer...

    Demolished Consciousness Rk. III loss of debuff effect against Constraining Helix Rk. III.

    Demolished Consciousness Rk. III
    ID 36100
    Slot Description
    1: Decrease DEX by 291
    2: Decrease AGI by 291
    3: Decrease STR by 291
    4: Decrease AC by 120
    5: Decrease Dual Wield by 17%

    Constraining Helix Rk. III
    ID 57201
    Slot Description
    1: Increase Disease Counter by 26
    2: Decrease Attack Speed by 70% Covered and blocked by shaman slow which is the main issue.
    3: Decrease STR by 411
    4: Decrease AC by 192
    5: Decrease DEX by 466
    6: Decrease AGI by 466
    7: Decrease Dual Wield by 20%
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  15. Tyreel Augur

    That is how it is functioning on test currently.

    Also as a bonus the Bite of Tashani now has a cast time instead of being instant cast it does AE cast the best version of our Tashani spell but the cast time is double the spell version. I saw much more value from the original version of Bite of Tashani but others may like the new version better.
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  16. Maedhros Augur

    Really unhappy to see this change. As myself and others have repeatedly pointed out in the past, when there is a level up expansion, caster classes need to be ahead of melee classes on the dps front in order to survive the next few expansions stagnation without falling too far behind.
    This coming expansion, mages and all other caster classes will get only minor upgrades to their dps, while melee toons will get strong upgrades to their weapons. This would be ok if casters were currently head and shoulders above the melee, but they are only barely ahead right now, if at all, in some cases.
    We can be sure that melee will take the dps advantage this coming expansion, and certainly that melee will be far ahead during the next expansion after that assuming there is no level increase.
    Stagnation would be expected, but outright nerfs are a massive mistake.
    We already believe that this coming expansion will be difficult for mages and fire based classes, assuming the fire type mobs are rather resistant to fire spells. So now we are essentially seeing a double nerf to the mage class because of this.
    It would be different if mages magic spells were more interchangeable with the fire ones, similar to wizards being able to more than get by with their cold spells when mobs are fire resistant. Thats not the case for mages. The fire nukes are leaps and bounds ahead of the magic ones.

    I fervently suggest walking back this change.
    As Sancus had said, a modest nerf to the power values of Elemental Union would have sufficed, rather than this absolute gutting.
    I do contend that any amount of nerf though is unnecessary at all, given that the coming expansion will be most likely very fire resistant, and the natural stagnation of caster spells would have been enough to lower the mages relative power compared to melee classes in the first place.

    I really do not want to see another exodus of mage players like we have seen an exodus of chanters due to the last year of nerfs.
  17. mmats Augur

    Bite of Tashani now has a cast time? Put this patch back where it came from...
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  18. Aubrielle New Member

  19. menown Augur

    I don't see the devs changing back Scent of Terris to the AA version. The point of this change was to remove bloat spell data. Numerous things concern me with this change. As shown below, the spell line was never updated past level 52. All upgrades were done through the AA line. In bold text is what will be completely removed from the AA line additions.


    ID: 41702
    Scent of Terris IX - NEC/254
    Poison (-128)
    1: Increase Poison Counter by 45
    2: Decrease Fire Resist by 145
    3: Decrease Poison Resist by 145
    4: Decrease Disease Resist by 145
    5: Decrease Corruption Resist by 108
    6: Decrease Magic Resist by 145


    ID: 1716
    Scent of Terris - NEC/52
    1: Increase Poison Counter by 9
    2: Decrease Fire Resist by 36
    3: Decrease Poison Resist by 36
    4: Decrease Disease Resist by 36

    This first change is the most frustrating to me. Sure, a resist adjust can be added to the spell Scent of Terris, just like the Devs did for the Mage Malo spell line, but Mages actually had their malo line scale up with new spells and every 5 or so levels. If spell Scent of Terris(52) were to receive a resist adjust, it would probably be something like Poison (-5).

    The corruption resist debuff was also a very important addition to the AA line. Corruption resists were added in during The Serpent Spine expansion, way after level 52. NPCs have also been scaling their Corruption Resists ever since, to the point where a corruption spell, that should almost never be resisted, is now getting resisted way too often. Losing this debuff completely will cripple any corruption spells that we have.

    The magic resist debuff was yet another very important addition to the AA line. Approximately 1/3 of the necros raid/group spell lineup are magic based spells. Our magic line of spells have the worst resist adjust, meaning we suffer when there is no magic resist debuff on our target. This includes an important soloing spell such as Death's Malaise, which has 0 resist adjust and has been consolidated with our our Scent of Terris AA. Have fun getting this spell to land now.

    Death's Malaise IV - NEC/254
    2: Decrease Melee Haste by 45%
    3: Increase Disease Counter by 24
    4: Decrease STR by 220
    5: Decrease AC by 27
    6: Decrease DEX by 220
    7: Decrease AGI by 220
    8: Decrease Chance to Dual Wield by 14%

    The final change that irks me, and has been mentioned by Forcallen, is the added Scent of Gloom line of spell debuffs. Yet another debuff slot taken in raids. None of our guild's Necros cast this debuff on raids for that very reason. I very much doubt that I will even use the Scent of Terris portion of the new Scent of Thule AA now. The primary reasons I casted this AA was to lower both Magic and Corruption resists. The benefit from Scent of Extinction raid spell adds a whopping total of:
    1: Increase Disease Spell Damage Taken by 401 (Before Crit)

    Then I look at other classes debuff spells and see things like:
    1: Increase Cold Spell Damage Taken by 2% to 10% (Before Crit)
    1: Increase Fire Spell Damage Taken by 2% to 12% (Before Crit)
    1: Increase Magic Spell Damage Taken by 2% to 10% (Before Crit)

    Our disease spells are bad enough already, but partially because we have no real incentive to use them. They last too long for many encounters, and they put low total damage compared to our other DoTs that are shorter duration and higher damage.
  20. Aubrielle New Member

    Force of Elements
    why the mana cost? It's supposed to be a class specific AA that you can still use when you run out of mana. If it was going to have a mana cost I would just continue to cast my actual spell and you can refund me the crapload of AAs I have wasted on it.
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