Test Update 10/9/2018 - Patch Notes and Discussions

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. kizant Augur

    Wizards lost the free AA nuke battle a while ago so don't bother complaining about that one.

    The EU change may be a little overkill but we need see some parses to be sure? I would have expected they would lower it to 15% or cut the duration to 2m or something. But maybe they are doing something significant with magic abilities next expansion and this is just step 1. Mages usually end up OP in the end anyway.
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  2. Cailen Augur

    Elemental Union nerf reminds me of your last enchanter nerf...…. ie you're WAY over nerfing it
  3. Nightmares Augur

    As of 2:15am EST the login servers were working and readily available. However they apparently pushed some of next weeks update into the maintenance / emergency patch work. The Double Reposte nerf is in effect already, even though it was announced to Test literally yesterday when they started the maintenance. Other Pieces were also pushed, so be aware, read the test notes and keep your eyes open.
  4. Hludwolf Developer

    There was no update to the game data or code today.
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  5. Nightmares Augur

    Just in game on SK. Double Reposte Rank 6/6 says 30%. thast's 5% per rank. Same on Rogue, 6/6 30%
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  6. Sain_Rathe New Member

    Just checked 2 toons on live (Warrior , Beast) , Double Riposte AA is saying 30% chance rank 6/6
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  7. Wawa Journeyman

    - Multiple - Reduced the effectiveness of Double Riposte to 5% per rank.

    Really wtf? Why on earth are you suddenly nerfing tank DPS. And ripostepulling/swarming into oblivion? Please reconsider :/
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  8. So Happy Augur

    Agree. Why nerf stuff just for the sake of nerfing stuff?
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  9. Sancus Augur

    The description changed last patch, which was a few weeks ago (9/19). My guess is the description was changed prematurely.

    You can check that for yourself here (Ctrl + F Double Riposte).
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  10. Ruven_BB Augur

    So now I have to roll for 3 more ranger spells since the spell I previously had rank IIIs casted now only cast rank IIs?

    The shouts shouldn't have any ranks in this case and I want a refund. Further, the spells are so few this expac, I am requesting they can be bought with raid currency so I can be back to what I was with coin rotting on my character versus waiting a week or two to get my spells back that I could cast.

  11. kyong Augur

    This riposte change sucks. I'd rather have something smarter like "if more than 3 mobs attacking, then riposte chances decrease"
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  12. Kianara Lorekeeper

    But why would step 1 be to change something that was already affecting magic? Unless their intention is to have a "magic" burn, and want EU to be exclusive to it. If that was the case .. why not just make EU fire only, and introduce the magic "burn" AA in the next xpac? What's the point of making is magic only NOW?
  13. gotwar Augur

    Both Crippling Aurora Sparkle (lol, that name) and "New" Dreary Deeds proc Somnolence now.

    So while we're losing out on the debuff portion of Crippling Aurora Sparkle (that was blocked by Constraining Helix anyway), we're gaining quick and easy access to the Somnolence debuff on mez immune mobs without having to memorize Demolished Consciousness.

    The Somnolence proc that fires from these spells will still fire even an NPC has already been slowed with Turgur's. Helix never landed when Turgur's was on a target anyway, so we're not losing anything there.

    I guess losing access to the Cripple provided by Aurora could be viewed as a nerf, but I'll gladly trade that for a spell slot on raids (Cya, Demolished Consciousness!), an AE slow+Cripple+Somnolence in group/solo content, and a full-featured slow+cripple+Somnolence on a low-recast AA.

    My only real gripe is with the cast time on Bite of Tashani. An instant cast AE MR debuff had so, so many uses, and I'm hoping it's adjusted to be instant cast Soon (TM).
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  14. gotwar Augur

    In regards to the Magician nerf (and recent nerfs in general), I wanted to make a separate post.

    I think everyone understands that sometimes, classes that are in the stratosphere need to be brought back down to earth. The frustration for the community is that these nerfs are never done gently. Instead of small adjustments made over time, it's always one giant hammer that rarely (if ever) gets re-checked to see how it has affected the associated classes.

    This is particularly disheartening for the handful of community members who willingly point out over-tuned abilities for their own class, only to have them absolutely gutted in a later patch. This strongly discourages us from coming to you guys when something is broken. It's a better "business decision" for us to continue enjoying <whatever OP thing is happening this year> because, even if we report how strong something is and provide suggestions on a fix, our suggestions are ignored and the thing gets obliterated anyway.

    This doesn't foster a good community in regards to useful balance feedback. It encourages people to hide things that are powerful or strong, sometimes even from their own guildmates, out of fear of whatever enormous nerfbat will be coming down if they don't. It creates an environment where transparency is punished and obfuscation is rewarded.

    I very much wish this worked differently. Improvements could be made to the system that didn't eat further into overall developer time spent adjusting spells or abilities after an expansion release.
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  15. Metapsyche Augur

    Gotwar pretty much hit the nail on the head. While I don’t see the new magician nerf affecting them like the most recent enchanter smash, it’s still very disheartening. I suspect our magicians will still top parses, and my poor little enchanter will still sit down in the teens. C’est la vie.
  16. kizant Augur

    Because fire is too strong atm and magic is too weak.
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  17. menown Augur

    Fire has become too strong in general. All fire spells have the highest dmg values for wizard, mage, and necro. Alternative spells just don't compare. This is blantantly obvious on current raid events such as Xygoz vs Silverwing or cold goos vs fire skulls on ST2. Raid DPS is cut dramatically on anything fire immune.
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  18. Schadenfreude Augur

    Just checked Shout of the Wildstalker Rk. III on Test and because I didn't bother with the lower rank spells (as you point out why deny other people several Rank III spells they'd use for the entire expansion as opposed to one or two weeks) and if you dont have any of the component spells it casts.... nothing at all. A level 109 raid drop changed into something that does literally nothing.

    Also, single target? Because one needless nerf wasn't bad enough?
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  19. Felicite Augur

    Came here to say this, thank you for laying it all out.
  20. fortuneteller Augur

    Today beastlords got rank 1-12 of Playing possum, (97%, 15 sec reuse)

    Stealfast resolve, 6 ranks, 70% resist detrimential spells being cast upon you,

    Now I do not have a low level beast, what time can you get steadfast resolve today, just that it seems in future you can first get it with rank 8 of playing possum ?

    And where you today could get the 70% resist at level 100, you will in future need to be level 105 ?

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