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  1. Password1234 Augur

    Shadowknights' Extended Swarm and higher levels of Chattering Bones, both of which do the exact same thing, should probably be consolidated. I cannot for the life of me figure out why most of these other things are being consolidated, have the devs actually commented on it at all? This patch or the last one?
  2. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    No they don't - not all of them.
    Most simply quit after half a year at most when they are max-level, max-AA and have geared up.
    Some of us play on to help some late and lazy people on progression and gear the stingy people as well as apps.
    And frankly, since i am way over cap i don't spend any AAs on expendables anymore, but keep them for the new expansion.

    Guess i will just have to do as others do, if we are doing the next expansion (server issues, remember?), too and simply "vanish" in FEB,MAR or APR or whenever we have beaten that expansion and i am max-level and max AAs again.
    That's certainly good for the game.
  3. Piemastaj Augur

    Based on this post, I am unsure why I would want to retain anything you have said.

    The wording is really dumb and misleading I will give you that.

    As always, the best way to actually understand the changes would be to test them. And seeing as how Sancus has done this, it would be logical to say he understands what goes into them. On top of that, there are spell files that further prove his point.

    I can't say I personally like how these changes sound (have not actually played around with them), but taking some of the timing out of abilities is not a bad thing. DA change is a god send for raiders. Blessing change still will not mean much until they actually fix the mitigation mod on the buff, which hopefully now they will just remove it so we can get the important part of the buff to fully proc out.

    The best Mages seem to be the ones who do the most testing and parsing of new things changing with our class.

    Change is not all bad nor all good. We will adapt to the changes as always and will be perfectly fine to pet tank, I am sure.
  4. AnzoRagespirit Augur

    As for the devs replying or responding, for the years we've played this game our feedback has almost NEVER been taken into account for anything. Every great once and a while they will half way revert something but no matter what we say or do everything in these notes will go live. They might as well lock these kinds of threads as soon as they are posted because like I said we're just wasting time posting our thoughts on anything they do, cause like I said they don't even consider what we say.

    And for those that think they do...in the last 5 years find at least 10 things they did for the players that WE wanted to happen after they nerfed or simply changed something...heck find 5, good luck on the search. And stuff like Advanced loot doesn't count, that's just a quality of life change not a player / class / spell / AA change.
  5. Yinla Augur


    If you insist on consolidating these different lines, please reduce the recast timer.
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  6. ---Xislaben--- Augur

    How about consolidating Act of Valor with Mass Group Buff?

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  7. Arcos Journeyman

    I have done a couple of /testcopy checks and I always come up short on the AA merge. I think I know where things are going wrong for me.

    I started before the merge with all AA lines maxed and 312 AA saved for the expansion. When you log on you get several refund messages and a notification that /autogrant will not work because you have more than 210 saved AAs. In the case of my ranger 3 different lines that had been maxed were now available to repurchase.

    It seems as though the process is relying on autogrant to fill in the missing AAs. The problem is that if you currently have saved AAs over 210 autogrant fails to run. Since you just got a refund on top of any saved AAs there is not much chance autogrant will fire as you log in.

    So at that point you have your saved AAs and your refund AAs that you need to spend or lose. Problem is that you have to waste them on levels that you should get from autogrant. When you spend down below the limit of 210 and finally log in for autogrant to work it leaves the top end of the merged lines below max (the wasted refund AAs would have fixed this).

    The best final result I could achieve left me with 210 saved AAs and 3 merged AAs lines below the max they were at. Spending another 128 saved AAs got those back to the max and left me with 82 AAs saved for the expansion (a loss of 230 saved AAs).

    Two ways to fix this that I can see.
    1) Raise the autogrant cap to 315 instead of 210 since a lot of folks have been saving for the expansion. This would have left me with 187 saved AAs and a loss of only 125.
    2) Even better just force a single autogrant immediately after the refund regardless of current saved levels. As a one time only function of the refund and merge it would leave you with only the final levels to purchase using your refunded AAs. Whatever you are keeping as saved should be left intact.
  8. Moege Augur

    This means anything greater than 315 AA (at 105) you will lose.

    Logged in one of my characters, had 230 stored aa after refunds 1712, logged out and in and now have 315. Thanks I guess.
  9. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    As a long time player I totally understand your frustration but that's not true. They take our feedback into consideration for every patch but sometimes they have to ignore the angry "I don't like this change and I'm going to cancel all my subs!" posts to go ahead and put things in the game that they feel are necessary whether it's to streamline things for the next expansion or just generally making the game better as far as they are concerned.

    They have made many mistakes over the years but since Columbus Nova took over and they became Daybreak they have added a lot of great features and quality of life changes that have been very useful and helpful.

    I don't like the nerfs they do either but at the same time I just adapt and move on. So in closing....

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  10. Jhenna_BB Augur

    So let me get this straight. Every Expac is the same: You EQ Developers offer raid achievements as cookie cutter "content". Now you're going to punish us by taking away stored AA's we had from doing these awful achievements not just any guild can complete? That's low, even for you guys and your nerfs of late.

    I DEMAND we not lose a single AA because you continue this consolidated AA madness that your players never asked for and have asked you to stop. Don't you have an expansion around the corner you should be focusing your attention on?
  11. Bobsmith Augur

    This may not be a popular opinion....BUT, it seems like to me some of the same people that gripe about not having anything to do 6 months in are the same that want to bank rewards and aa. They gave most classes somewhere in the neighborhood of 10k aa this expac and then made it to where you can hold WAY more. I personally still spend glyphs on most every raid. If I reach cap, oh well. I log in and have some aa that i already earned and they gave them back, with nothing to spend them on since i am max, oh well. Really there are bigger things to harp on....oh well
  12. Reht Augur

    Those will be new AA next expansion! Why give something for free when they can make money off of the thousands of new AA you will see with RoS?
  13. isabot New Member

    how about you give us experience glyph as an option to achievements and maybe convert our over cap aa's to glyph this one time so our reward for getting them is not lost.
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  14. Fnyanea Augur

    These were two DIFFERENT timers, so you are combining them, AND reducing the duration AND increasing the reuse timer?

    Please reconsider, most current raids are so long, burst dmg doesn't help much.
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  15. Phalynx New Member

    How else will they add new aa's into the game without taking away what we have already and not refunding those aa's they consolidate
  16. nantalbus Elder

    If I remember right it started out as just a way to shrink the list of aa we got by combining the aa that did the same thing into one line instead of say 6 or 7 lines. for example necros had bout 3 different lines that increase the base damage of our dots and another 3 that increase the crit damage of them. why have 6 lines that 2 lines could do the same and take up less room in the systems and on our windows.
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  17. Risiko Augur

    Oh come on. You people will buy every expansion they put out no matter what they put in it. They don't have to take away things you already have and put it in to the new expansion to get you to buy it. You'll buy it even if it's just 2 versions of the same new zone aka The Broken Mirror.

  18. kizant Augur

    What's there to complain about? Adding up the last three wizard changes we got a pretty significant DPS increase for the < 6 minute time frame. Besides, keeping up with zerker burns is much more important than losing a little sustained damage. It's a big win for the group/solo player and any relatively high DPS raiding guild as well as being more inline with the class.
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  19. Spamilton Journeyman

    The evidence for slowly destroying this game continues to grow with every patch since DBG took over.
  20. Yinla Augur

    I dislike the removal of choice.
    Frenzied devastation for more damage at the cost of more mana
    Or sustained devastation for less damage and mana costs. They are both on the same timer so where is the harm to.keep.them.

    Fury lines are on 2 different timers. Why the merge?

    It's not like we get a lot of AAs to purchase in the first place.

    I dislike changes being made for the sake of making change. If this means more downtime and letting melee finish the raid as casters have no mana after 16 years playing a wizzy it maybe time to switch to a melee class

    That said anyone got a new list of the alt availability numbers to update hotkeys? I'm tired of getting red messages "that is not available"
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