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  1. kizant Augur

    The cap is 210. The fact that you can complete an achievement and temporarily exceed that cap is a lucky convenience that you weren't promised. Spend them before you logout so you don't lose them. You're just exploiting the system by banking over 500 long term like that. It looks like they're fixing this problem and giving you fair warning. If you fail to spend your AAs and end up losing some then it's your fault.
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  2. Eniner Augur

    Now this i could see being why it could of been added i was actually unaware there was loop holes on live to actually exceed max cap.
  3. Eniner Augur

    To be honest im not even upset about the change it self just that they didnt have auto grant working as intended when refunded these. Even after i spent the remainder and was at a steady 0 of banked aa logging out and back in didnt even give me points where it should have. Which is why i was upset i had to rebuy from rank 0 to cap on a lot of aa. Removed planar power ranks i had etc. It had only removed 6 ranks of planar power that i had already but i did have buy 0/46 in tripple attack aa.
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  4. gotwar Augur

  5. Eniner Augur

    Heck yaz about 50 to 100 aa per raid night! hehehe
  6. Eniner Augur

    And my apologies Ab i was not aware of the little tricks live could do to go above cap aa. My main on live was max aa as it and only had needed so many aa for glyph of secret each night i never tried to go above. So i do understand it now. Even have played this game as long as i have i still learn new things to this day why i love everquest you never stop learning new things!
  7. Brudal Augur

    After buying back the burst of power line as a berserker, I lost 115 points of triple attack skill (425/540). Make time to max out before raids start when this goes live.
  8. Eniner Augur

    Well hopefully when it goes live they will have the auto grant in place fixing that. Seems to be the issue is auto grant is not working with new system properly.
  9. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    What is so hard to understand when i say "capped" and "max level, max AA"?
    I HAVE nothing to spend the AAs on.
    I am not exploiting anything either.
    I am actually playing the game.
    DESPITE having "nothing to gain" anymore.
    I earn achievements as i go.
    The rewards for which were added to my total.
    And yes, the rewards ARE promised - they are clearly advertised in /ach under each eligible achievement.
    Now they threaten to take them away, arbitrarily and in a highway-robbery fashion.
    It's basically the very same issue as with the refunding for the "combining of AA lines" not properly working.
    You earned AAs, one way or the other, then you "loose" them (or rather: they're stolen).
    Fair? My fault?
    Don't think so!

    The alternative?
    I could have stopped playing the game when i was maxed and geared, like so many others do.
    So you are now actually saying it is my fault that i kept logging on and helped my guild and friends,
    that i am "justly" punished for actually just playing playing the game as offered?
    R U serious?
    Or merely a Fanboi and an "aye-sayer"?
  10. kizant Augur

    The alternative is to help your friends regardless of whether you can still accrue experience points. Also, use lots of glyphs.
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  11. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Yes i used glyphs a few times when i was not past the 210 cap.
    Or when we were struggling to learn a script.
    I found them to be not much use to my function.
    So i should keep spending 5AAs every 30minutes for mana i do not have and HPs i do not need?
    5AAs every round (because that's about how long it'll last) for better mitigation i do not need?
    Or yet another 5AAs every few minutes to pad my scaled DPS? as a tank?
    Yes of course...
    I COULD blow 100AAs at a time in a Cassius Clay fashion to say "ah am de greatest!" - but i already know that, so why?

    Spending AAs for the sake of getting rid of them?
    Makes about as much sense as this theft - none!

    Give me something meaningful to spend them on (like the new expansion, as was) or don't grant me them in the first place.
    But don't "give" and then "take away" just like that and just because "you can".
    Because that is fraud, plain and simple.
  12. Ironnuts Journeyman

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  13. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    learn to properly quote please.
    And no i was NOT on test, and stil am not depsite someone explaining me yesterday how i could go there again..
    Learn to read, then think and THEN post.
  14. Eniner Augur

    To not find glyphs to be helpful is beyond mind boggling.
  15. Eniner Augur

    I mean even if max gear max aa to say a glyph is not helpful is just odd as if you don't understand the meaning of them or why you use them. For some much more added dps for some much more added mana pres for you tanks extra mitigation. With that being said though you may not feel you need them the healers in your raid prolly wish you used them more often. With added mitigation = less stress on a healer dunno if you have ever played a healer in raid game as i have for over 15 years now but it is quite stressful ill even say most stressful role on the entire raid panel. 1 cleric allowing a tank to fall is enough to cause an entire raid wipe. Without that extra mitigation your clerics are working x2 to make up for it to ensure you stay alive. So though you may not find them helpful for you per say those keeping you alive beg to differ. And before you can say my guild is uber we dont let tanks die etc or our healers are awesome never skip a beat lag and accidents do happen. So while i understand your point of not being useful for you yourself it does not account for those around you it effects as well.
  16. Kianara Lorekeeper

    Exactly. I raid with 2 raid teams (and one of them as a healer), both clearing EoK content, and both requiring the usage of glyphs by mostly everyone in attendance. If you don't see the benefit of them, you're not looking hard enough. Either that, or you're only looking at yourself and not how they impact everyone else around you.
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  17. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Let's turn away from the question "are glyphs worth using or not".
    I've outlined above why for ME as a tank i think that hitting a hotkey to use and rebuy a glyph with the same rate i am able to hit taunt is not feasible nor giving me (and the healers) much.
    You, apparently not a tank, have a different view on it, that's fine.

    I used glyphs to some extent (mainly to pad my offensives) until achievements got me over-cap.
    It was an "accident" if you want, but not an unwelcome one.
    I was actually happy to have the prospect of getting certain key-AAs in the new expansion maxed that much quicker.
    Now THAT would have helped my guild - and me.
    Because the only time we "need" any "help" is during progression, when we learn how to do the things we do.

    But taking the change that is criticized here and point to glyphs and saying "your fault for not using them"...
    Now THAT is what i call ridiculous!
  18. Brohg Augur

    You want to turn away from the line of questioning along which you know you've lost? oookay.

    I'm a tank.
    I pop 1-2 Glyphs in every raid event.
    Because I'm not just along for the ride while my guild wins around me.
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  19. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Because this is diverting from the issue.
    You guys are simply "too good" at turning a more than justified complaint into a more or less personal attack - as a non-pro forum reader+poster i have nothing to set against that trolling-skill.

    I find myself stolen of something i have gained, legit through in-game means.
    THAT is the issue.
    Not the hypothetical question whether i could have or should have done something different, in your opinion.

    Despite your obviously wrong insinuation that anyone not using glyphs were "just along for the ride while (his) guild wins around (him)", my complaint isn't that glyphs are - in MY opinion - not worth using.
    My complaint is that they are arbitrarily ROBBING me of my earned achievement-rewards.

    Have i made myself clear enough now, even to you and the likes of you?
    So can we can back to topic?
    I am happy to educate you or BE educated BY you on glyphs and their usefullness of lack thereof elsewhere.
  20. Brohg Augur

    The means by which you gained the potential power you haven't used does not feel germane. You have, I'm very sure, wasted far more experience from killing monsters while over the earning cap than you'll "lose" via this cap on exploitation of achievement rewards.
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