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  1. segap Augur

    False. Not that the prog players are not contributing, but live players pay a lot of the bucket as well with monthly subs + yearly expansions. Not to mention we've been paying to keep the lights on for years. Can we just stop with this attitude that TLP players are more entitled merely on the fact that your servers require subs? The post 75 game is nearly unplayable without paid accounts (some do use ftp boxes/bots).
  2. Eniner Augur

    I just speak from experience as on rage fire alone for instance. Players was actually paying 50 krono per red dragon scale. Amulet of nec is going for 25 krono on other prog servers etc. And can be 50 or so buyers each day paying this. I also play on quite few live servers including fv. 1 krono can get you a raid item there of current xpac. Is a huge difference in what live is buying for their toons vrs what the prog dedicated hardcore players are paying for a single item. Which is why i made that comment because i see far more krono coming into prog servers then i have FV, Xegony , Rathe. So if you do the math if the players bought their krono from the company which either way they originally had come from there to be in circulation people was paying 900 bucks + for a single epic item. People on agnarr are selling amulet nec for 25 krono do math on that you will see the 2 cannot be compared. As the player buying a red dragon scale at launch for their epics are dropping 900 for it they are 1 there was many people paying this during its time. So that mass influx id say be caused by prog and helping fuel further xpacs and content.
  3. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    Lets be honest; no-one(not even hardcore TLP-players) are spending 900 bucks in order to buy a single item. It wouldn't surprise me if a large portion of those kronos were accumulated on live servers originally.
    Just because a large amount of kronos "shift hands" on TLP-servers does not mean TLP-servers are responsible for those kronos being bought in the first place. DBG does not "earn" anything from players merely "exchanging" kronos.
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  4. Eniner Augur

    I actually knew a few of them personally and most def did drop the money for them. They came from p99 which a lot of the prog server players did come from there. Which most of the time is their only play server. Not saying what you state is not true as i completely find that a valid point i can say with out doubt they did pay that some did anyways.
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