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  1. Password1234 Augur

    I'm all for consolidating AAs that do the same thing into one line, but the problem is that some completely unrelated abilities were "consolidated" in a way that ultimately reduces their usefulness, and nobody really knows why.

    Not that I've been back for that long, but I've been overall pretty happy with where the game has been going in the last few years. There's been a lot more transparency and some great quality of life changes. But there's a handful of changes that seem completely arbitrary, with some side effects that we can only guess were unintended because nobody divine the intent of the changes.

    Like there was a huge nerf to monks' Stunning Kick and I can understand what they were going for with those changes, but why is my SK's old slow AA tied to a random agro spell now? I still can't get over this bizarre Helix change and I think I never will lol
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  2. Eniner Augur

    Not sure how you can even say this change is not test related. Test is the only server where the aa could be taken advantage of. Not one single live server could bank 20k aa but the test server. So to say this has nothing to do with test it self its quite the other way around this change would not effect live whats so ever as their cap has always been super low.
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  3. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    a) it is to be rolled out on live and
    b) the cap isn't in the thousands but in the hundreds and as such low enough to affect us on live.

    So while this might have been "inspired" by abuse on test, it is not test-centered.
    And i resent this being rolled out on live for the reasons given above.

    As i said:
    IF this were test-centered, then they'd say so in the patch notes and make this a change to the special test-rules ONLY.
    They don't.
  4. Eniner Augur

    Well live has only been able to cap at 210? Test cap at well over 20k if you have them spent non glyphs. The notes also dont say this change was for live only. It appears to only effect test as lives cap will still only be 315 aa. Which is nothing compared to test caps since resetaa came about. This is quite obvious it is actually test related over live. As this change would not effect live what so ever as ive said multiple times now. The only ones being hurt by this is test server and ill explain to you how. We log in with say 20k aa spent. We are refunded anywhere from 500 to 2k aa from changes. Our tripple attack aa is now sitting at 0/46 as well as other aa we once bought. So i could click autogrant and reget the tripple attack but if i was to camp out all say 5k aa refunded would be stripped from me to the new systems 315 max amount. So im being robbed of 4685 aa. Just to autogrant something ive already purchased. That is only 1 example of a aa it was quite a few of them. So with that being said it is completely bugged at the moment with auto grant working with new system. Test players are the ones having to test this and lose up to 5k aa one of my sk lost 17k banked. No live member would have 17k banked there for this change would not even effect them as they would be at original cap to begin with.
  5. Eniner Augur

    Sadly you wont see any of these bugs because we will have them fixed before it hits live. Point is though this aa cap would not effect live server zero to where it completely effected test 100%.
  6. Eniner Augur

    It is appearing the game knew we had the aa when logging in once logged into world we are being refunded which stops auto grant from doing its job. If i camp to auto grant i lose said aa refunded it is literally a lose lose situation for some of us on test at the moment until things get right.
  7. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Not entirely true.
    The "true" cap on live atm is 210 PLUS any AAs you get from achievements.
    So i never had to worry about completing any achievement and "loosing" the reward, despite being capped.
    Now i do.
    Because i am already near that above-mentioned imposed cap of 210 + 315 and still have achievements open that would certainly carry me over if i were to finish them before the release.
  8. Eniner Augur

    While i do understand that it is quite minimal the effect it has on you vrs us testers.
  9. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    I don't give a rats rear about test - that environment is there to play with imo.
    So you are affected/impacted even more, so what?
    What counts is what's going on on live.

    And while test has the inherent XP-bonus as well as the ability to reset AAs and then some,
    live doesn't but now has to plan around what you call a "test-centered" change?
    I do NOT call that "minimal impact", quite the contrary.

    As i said:
    If this were intended for test, they'd make this a part of test's ruleset instead of rolling it out for ALL servers.
  10. smash Augur

    You say 210 + 315 = 525.

    How do you know it is that and not just 315? = 3× level.

    So when patch goes live wednesday if you now have 400 after you will have e15.
  11. Eniner Augur

    Well considering test does not have the same rule set as live is why i say its test intended to a extent. While you may not care what happens to test or on it without us testing these things your precious live would be completely bugged beyond belief. So in reality you should very well care what it going on,on test. Other wise live would be eaten with bugs and glitches and yall would complain even more. Everything live gets we test and bug and get right. while you make complete since with the not being capped can do achievs to return them over cap it is still very minimal compared to test. You may lost up to ill say 300 aa you could cap from achiev. We are losing 20k plus some. This tells me what happen to us is much more severe then what live can endure from this change.
  12. Eniner Augur

    On test the actual true cap now is 315 and not one thing can bring it above that. This is at level 105.
  13. Eniner Augur

    Also i would like to report warrior agro bug. I main a rog on our raids on test and i was able to go from zero to 100 on agro meter in only 7 seconds with our warriors burning everything they had in sight to have agro. Since the patch warrior agro has dropped severly where almost any class can rip agro from them without trying. They can most certainly snatch agro if needed but holding it now since patch is another story.
  14. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    I do not "know".
    210 + 315 is my interpretation of the wording
    If this is as it will be rolled out, then that's it for me.
    I AM already way over 315banked AAs, refunds not even considered.
  15. Eniner Augur

    The aa cap may be able to go above the 315 mark ill test it here soon. But upon zoning or camping it will go back to 315.
  16. Eniner Augur

    You can also /testcopy over to see these horrific changes for yourself.
  17. smash Augur

    Have to agree that the wording sounds like 210 + 315. And if thats true, then there is a bug.
  18. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    No i can't.
    Test is not in my server-select list.
    Once upon a time i had a test-directory, but that was long before my many year long break.
    Now i don't even remember how to point that thing to test.
    Nor do i care too much - i pay (currently still) to play on live.
    And i already have 7EQ Directories, one per Account plus one for Tradeskill and others i use - i can do without an 8th.

    No idea whether it's true or not, as i said it's just my interpretation.
    But yeah...
    If 210+315 is NOT how it currently is on Test, then i too sure hope it's a bug!
    Because if the cap were 315 and it'd be rolled out as such, i'd already loose and i am not sure i am ready to take that - certainly not in the light of all the other they threw at us recently.
    (the small stones adding up i mentioned elsewhere...)
    A cap of 525 banked were bad enough as i am already too close to breaking THAT.

    But while the latter were "merely" an inconvenience and as such bad enough,
    the former would be a loss, arbitrary robbery - and i don't stand for that.
  19. Eniner Augur

    When you open patcher and it does patch you dont hit play. Instead look to the left bottom for the gear icon open that up. Then you will see server version simply swap that to test allow it to patch the test updates and log in after you /testcopy.
  20. Eniner Augur

    You may also make a brand new eq folder by copying and pasting your orgiinal folder and rename that to test and use that icon it self to perma load test and other for live. May take up lil memory but will allow you to use 2 different icons for both servers.

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