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  1. Yinla Augur

    Here's hoping for shorter raids in the next expansion
    After the recent nerfs to mana recovery im tired of letting melee finish the raids
  2. kizant Augur

    I don't disagree with the mana recovery situation. I'm always struggling with mana too and I'm aggressive as possible with everything I have. Plenty of raid nights I'll easily hit 30+ gambits, etc. I just don't think sustained has ever really been a good option and it's hard for me to miss an ability that hasn't been on my hot bar in many many years.

    I suppose our worst case is going back to wildmagic/chaos and waiting on GOM procs and that would be a huge DPS loss. Especially, since that nerf to Wildflash. I wasn't playing during that time and was disappointed to see it when I came back. From what I could tell from forum posts someone complained about it using extra ITC charges? Talk about not understanding the spell... If they'd change that back it might give us some more options. If any devs read this was there some other reason for the nerf or was it just a misunderstanding about how the spell worked? If we're heading back to the old days please consider undoing that. thx
  3. Katsus New Member


    OK, new patch last night 10/13/17, log on this morning, now down to 30.8k AA, after being at 32.2K (after loosing 800+ and had been 33K).
    I re-spent what was refunded, there are AA's not maxed out now; Burst of Power, Companions Disc and Companions Fury.
    I unfortunately did not take note of which AA's were actually refunded, I should have, just was shocked a little bit, used the new 'buy all' thinking i would just re-buy all of the refunded AA again.
    Sum: Previously maxed AA 33K AA(with glyphs), now 30.8k. 2.2k AA short from the patches that started on the 10th.

    Was at 21k pre 10/13 patch (post 10/10).
    Refunded: Critical Affliction, Fury of Magic, Natural Durability, Innate Regen, Pet Disc, Burst of Power and Beastial Bloodrage.
    Have 751 to spend (was at 0, so this is all refunded I'm guessing), assigned is now 18725...just about 1.5K short on AA from before patch after i spend the 751.

    I've only looked at 2 of my toons so far.
    I will try to list out how they look sometime this weekend, not sure of what actual AA numbers they all were; since they were max before patch, they should be max post patch.

    Have not used /resetaa. I know that has blown up some people completely.

    This is what test is for, so while i dont like there being a cap on how many AA you can bank after a refund (I think it needs an increase during a consolidation, 315 is not enough), I know why we're dealing with this so the push live doesn't blow up.
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  4. Eniner Augur

    Now daybreak do you have quite something to fix. I owned all ranks of Burst of Power i now have 0 ranks of 46. I lost in total around 980 aa spent that only 480 was refunded. This means that somewhere in the coding even auto grant is not working for that aa seeing i logged in and its still at 0/46 with auto grant enabled. Some reporting to losing over 1500 aa since yesterday without being granted them back. These changes are getting a little out of hand with the hiccups that come along with them its causing a lot people more grief then good. To top it off i dont even have enough aa to even rebuy the stuff that was removed. Every one is having different results which is another odd thing as most should lost around the same as for same classes. I lost 980 aa another rog in guild lost 1500 and we both about the same cap. Lot of strange things happening in everquest these days!
  5. Eniner Augur

    I will say though even if the coding is not messed up from last patch with auto grant we cant actually log out to earn the auto granted without being robbed of our banked aa you refunded. I vote to remove this cap until you get things dialed in.
  6. Jhenna_BB Augur

    I don’t know how anyone can say this with a straight face at this point. Test is where you go to find out how much lube you need in the house a week in advance before the Live patch.
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  7. Katsus New Member

    So just roll it out to live as is then, with patches almost daily, twice on the one day...enjoy that. If test has no value to you, don't read the test forum.
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  8. Katsus New Member

    Auto grant is the issue at this point, burst of power is refunded across the board, but auto grant does not function if you are over the cap, so AA's that were not 'bought' now aren't granted, leaving everyone short when they are refunded to re-buy the lines.
    Most likely same issue across all AA lines.
  9. mackal Augur

    This AA issue makes me sad, I was always /resetaas'ing when a new expansion opened up for auto grant on test so I could buy more AAs :(
  10. Eniner Augur

    That could be a big reason for this push honesly. As live never could cap any where near the aa test could. I had some toons with 17k spent 17k banked which to me was not fair and understand the change. This also will stop top leading guilds from coming to test from live when we get the xpac a week earlier then them to take advantage of that and know whats most important on live vrs old school way of learning as you go. Guilds have a huge advantage over others copying to test and figuring raids out if not done on beta by them to get server firsts etc. So this to me is very reason this would even be put in place at all seeing how live cap was very low from the start in fact lives cap increased just a tad over what it orginally was it is test who took the huge blow.
  11. Piemastaj Augur

    Think that is a bit of a stretch. If you preorder the new expansion, you get into the new expansion Beta. And like every year, they allow you to flag up and request raids on Beta, so most guilds can do the encounters there. Not to mention, having a week headstart doesn't grant you a server-wide first if only 1 server has access to it lol.
  12. Eniner Augur

    I have been on this server since it launched in 2002. With that being said i can 100% tell you there is a Test version of Realms of Insanity, Machineshin etc lots guilds actually do come here to get strats down to the tee. This change i dont think was to stop the raiding but to actually stop people from being max aa as soon as launch. Allowed higher end raid guilds to come parse certain aa etc to see which need to be bought first per class for best dps / heal / tanking results. There honestly is no other reason to remove that aspect from the game on the test server.
  13. Eniner Augur

    Beta also has it's bugs and what not. To where when it hits test its actually has its fixed bugs which we will find more if beta didnt catch it to be fixed. 1 week we get xpacs before live that gives enough time to figure out each instance to have it perfected.
  14. Piemastaj Augur

    That isn't for the new expansion, considering 99% of all guilds get to see the entry lvl events, which would be the only gain to raiding on test in week 1 due to flag requirements. I know personally we only made a RoI on test to try out the anniversary raid that no one got to physically test before it launched which was months after the expansion launched.

    The parsing also gets done in Beta. The only thing Test would really allow u to do is to get the progression strats down to a tee if u want to race to get into the first raid and beat it first.

    There is no rhyme or reason to 90% of the things done in the last 2 patches. There honestly doesn't need to be one for us, it is the developers choices to change things around how they see fit.
  15. Eniner Augur

    While i understand that it still dont stop other guilds from coming over to do it. I do not mind but it honestly is only thing i can even think of for a reason to make such a aa cap on test when we used those aa to test things.
  16. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    If that were true, then why not just limit the AAs on Test only?
    On live, i already "loose" any XP i'd make with my max-level, max-AA'd main.
    I certainly don't want to even just remotely risk to loose any AAs i get from achievements.

    The reason why this is being implemented as it is isn't anything test-server-related.
    It's their way of giving us the finger and encourage the "vanishing of people" once their mains have been geared in march or april - that's all.
  17. gotwar Augur

    It's probably so that people can't log in, get the refunded AA's, then camp/log back in, get the auto-grant to cover older AA's that were consolidated, then walk away with a few hundred extra AA after the consolidation.

    I imagine it's also to prevent people from banking hundreds of extra AA via achievements in anticipation for the next expansion.

    Still not sure if its 100% working for all classes in all situations, greatly encourage people to /testcopy to compare their live/test AA counts before and after this most recent patch (Friday, October 13th)
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  18. Just_Another_SK Elder

    Hi one of these bugs (the one linked) I believe is server related
    I wasnt sure if I should post the rest since noone else seems to be having thes same issued that i have asked but here goes anyways..

    EDit: I just did a fresh restart then ran "validate game assets to do a complete filescan when it was does I got this message (below)
    *Warning: Fullscan found CRC mismatch on C:/Users/Jason/Desktop/Test/spells_us.txt, even though size 27,530,890 and time 1507930194 matched. Expected 3536106377 but detected 2179412092.

    OK today is not my day now ontop of the ( https://forums.daybreakgames.com/eq...-bug-im-ingame-now-if-a-dev-can-enter.244377/) TBM bug I mentioned in another thread today

    My characters have the following Issues
    1)Try to click drunkard stein: it goes on cooldown, does not port me - I dont crash but cant do anything but walk around, I cant talk in channels, I cant cast spells, I cant camp (It sits me but no countdown) I cant interact with objects or NPCs - I end up having to /q out or open task manager and end task

    2) try to use throne of Heroes: ^ same as above goes on cooldown with all the same issues

    3) origin: ^same as above

    4) when mounted I get the mount blessing and mounted buff icons both as usual - however when I /dismount my mount dissapears, however both buff icons stay on .. I see my character as not mounted, but until I manually click off the mounted buff everyone else still sees me as mounted - I tested before i clicked it off and my Velocity wast 46 like normal so although its keeping the second icon on its not increasing my movement speed

    Note worthy:. My wife is not having any of the same issues its just my character Zrakon on test (Edit: Have tried all characters on my account all are having the same issues)

    Also the only thing ingame has happened that isnt normal is a couple days ago Hludwolf and I were testing anchors, during the testing process he manually reset my cooldowns a few times so i could keep trying them without the 1 hour wait time.

    Before I do something drastic like assume my character is corrupted and delete everyfile attached to him from my eqdirectory and the repatch and have o do all his macros, AAs, Spell sets, layout again from scratch I figured Id post here to see if anyone has any ideas or the same issue

    Lastly I cant recopy him, he does not exist on another server and even if he was restored there to copy he was only level 20 or so when I copied him, hes max level with alot of progression done


    Zrakon 105 Beastlord Test
  19. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    And this is exactly what's wrong with this.
    To me, the "banking for the next expansion" is but a side-effect.
    I have all collectibles in the bank, waiting to be used.
    But of course i do not use them as i do not need the collection-reward and any AAs i'd get from finishing them would simply be lost.
    I have killed all group nameds, but not all with the same characters - so i have unfinished hunters.
    And now i need to even more consider which named i kill with which char unless i want to risk loosing those achievement-related AAs.
    (My hunters are only missing one or two mobs per zone, intentionally)

    Raid achievements are the one thing i can not "control".
    And while we have most of them, i now need to plan ahead for the two or three we're still missing.

    There is no just reason for loosing anything we've earned over time.
    With no communicated goal, this is only received as getting the finger - if that's intended or not.
    They arbitrarily take away AA-lines we had (over-consolidation, because they were "doing the same" when they weren't),
    then they "refund" the AAs at least, only to make it so they are lost anyways because we reach some stupid cap they're introducing.

    There's simply no excuse for that, period.
    And no need either, in today's digital life where we have such "advanced" things as relational databases
    (that do NOT loose entries or get corrupted if you even only have a basic grasp of transaction-handling).

    I am capped.
    I take my time with hunters so there is a reason to log my main outside of raids at all, and help some guildies in the process.
    I play ALTs that are soon also capped.
    I log on for raids with my main only because i made a deal with my guild when i joined.
    (and omg - i am "hoarding" DKPs for the next expansion as a side-effect too!
    .But at least i use them to buy stuff DURING the progression and don't wait until the end of farming-time to gear up as some others do

    But things like this only achieve two things:
    a) They give "credibility" and a "reason" for those guild members that do not show up for summer's farming raids.
    b) and they take away any "need" or incentive to log my main - AT ALL.
    So much so that under today's conditions i will be among the "vanished" ones next year too.
    (if we buy+raid the next expansion at all - server issues still haven't been resolved for us, only less impacting)
    That's just plain wrong.
  20. Just_Another_SK Elder

    I deleted the file spells_us.txt and repatched my character issues are now fixxed however this bug still needs looked into

    TBM mission "Fate rewards the bold" I am level 105 so its the highest scaled instance - the version was collect 3 inkwells and 2 recipe books

    Every single mob is chain casting a huge knockback (does no damage gives no effect name when it hits, is unresistable) The knockback is so large it has thrown me from the government office up and back into the northern housing section.. it can trigger multiple times within seconds or can be up to 10 seconds between it happening, Like I sad all mob types every mob - the knockback effect itself does no damage to my character just makes running back to every mob I pull 1-3 times very annoying.. luckily it did not effect my pet who was tanking so he continued to damage the mobs in between my frequent run backs

    This cant be intended hehe

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