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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Diani, Sep 8, 2015.

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  1. Siny Augur

    ok since when was 'g..i..m..p' a swear word !
  2. Siny Augur

    Also getting 'The real estate item request failed.'
  3. usernamealreadyexist Journeyman

    hopeless to do anything with this massive lag!!
  4. Santrigan Journeyman

    Lag is bad on Antonius it takes 3-5 attempts to zone into pok, you run the same distance again and again because you warp back due to lag. In zone warping from one portal to another is delayed by at least 20 seconds, group invites enjoy a similar delay. Antonius Bale is not in a playable state. Please give us an update and let us know if and how you're looking for the cause of the lag.
  5. Shurman Journeyman

    These are exacly the symptoms Trakanon was having from the previous patch until this one.

    It came in waves, things would work ok for a bit, then chats / merchant inventories / bazaar queries would all start to lag, then zones would start bouncing players.

    Whatever they did on trak this last patch fixed it.

    On the bright side, there's nobody in this thread insisting from 3 different accounts that it's your files! ;-)
  6. Diani Elder

    What is up with the server? Zoning takes forever, lag comes in waves and every other time I want to zone I get "Destination zone denied entry"
  7. Skuz Augur

    I was trying to create a new character after a long time away from AB and zoning in to gloomingdeep is a pretty long process, even with a fast pc & ssd. Something aint right for sure.
  8. Diani Elder

    "Destination zone denied entry" is quite annoying if you get punted to the suxxorpoint on the other end of the zone. (And my j-boots seem slower as well)
  9. corwin Journeyman

    Can we have some conformation that this has been noticed by devs , like someone said last time this happened it took months for it to be accepted as a problem and just as long for it to be fixed.
  10. Siny Augur

    Devs have definately seen the problem as we also posted to the Live bugs thread and they have been responding to other posts there (and removing others that they didnt consider bugs). Our posts are still there amongst them. Whether they have managed to get hold of the people who actually look after the Euro server, is another question.
  11. Frakius New Member

    Chat lag and zoning issues still on AB, getting destination zone denied entry still.
  12. Rheda New Member

    Third day now and play is impossible (a days play lost with maintenance)!! Can't even zone out of guild lobby without getting message, destination zone denied entry. Paying out for 3 accounts, as are many others. This needs sorting asap!!
  13. Eladamri Journeyman

    Sorry guys, but AB is not playable (again). Chatlags for more then 20 sec, really bad lags and my personal favorite for that "patch": "the destination zone denied entry..."!

    How shall someone play here if you cant get into a new zone and always become translocated somewhere and have to run back again to zoneline? Throne of heros, gate, second recall, drunken stein,...... nothing works because you are not allowed to zone =(
  14. Eladamri Journeyman

    After a break of some hours I tried to log in some mins ago and now I cant even log in..... "The server is not responding"!!!!!!!!

    Let me guess: You have potential issues again??? What about some solutions?

    EDIT: Now I was able to log in, but now I cant zone out of Lobby........ "the destination zone denied entry....."

    That promises a really funny free of work weekend =(
  15. delfchen Lorekeeper

    Have the serverhamster got a cold???? they are sneezing really mad

    one cant zone from A to B without getting kicked back to the middle of nowhere in the zone of which one wanted to escape, so forced to run back to the ZL ...
    one is not allowed to communicate to other people, also known as chatlag ...

    you extended serverdowntime leaded to an unplayable game once more .-... have you forgotton to insert all plugs to the propper position???
    or just put back the old and cold hamsters into the wheels?

    it is "the bloody hell stopped counting" time .. that this server is going mad ... if you want to make merge servers then be so kind and talk to the people .. stop doing this BS ... PLEASE
  16. Quatreh Elder

    casted 7 tp for 1 who worked... then i need to zone again but can t TP in this .... i need walk again and again, plz fix this
  17. delfchen Lorekeeper

    its kind of russian roulette .. isnt it?
  18. Anlak Journeyman

    total out of working order now , atleast reboot it so we can camp out our chars etc ..and plz FIX IT , cant understand that AB should be so diffrent than other servers maybe its time to trash the i386 that runs it and maybe get a minor upgrade ??
  19. usernamealreadyexist Journeyman

    investigating a potential issue.. LMAO. its a real issue daybreak guys.. its not "just" potential. Had my trader logged in all night, figured id better log all out of eq, then maybe it would be better. boy was i wrong!
    managed to get to chat select.. tried logging in my main. 5 min later; you already have a char logged in, bla bla.. ok, kick it. try again. now stuck at "plz wait", for at least 5 min..i should never have logged out. cant get back in now.
  20. Nexxo New Member

    Did they actually "consolidate" servers as well ? ;)
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