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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Diani, Sep 8, 2015.

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  1. Siny Augur


    Probelms again :8.55 Euro time Plane of Hate crashed, kicking raid to PoT. A few mins later PoT crashed kicking ppl to various ldon zones. In the last patch/fix did u undo something on AB ?
  2. Siny Augur

    Odd. We had some rollback but the Hate lockouts still showing from before the crash show ( obtained today) are 4days but lockouts obtained afterwards are 8 days.
  3. Sheev Lorekeeper

    And it starts again........
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  4. Siny Augur

    Well double xp started a bit over half an hour ago and guess what...yep AB now getting major lag and disconnects again ! From general and guild chat, its affecting everyone.
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  5. Zaph Augur

    This is just offensive, how about getting something done about it with the money we pay you.
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  6. tanith Elder

    Yup exactly this. Lag just wiped our grp. takes 3 mins to zone. 1 min to load spell set etc. Feed the hamster or turn off double xp or something please. ASAP
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  7. Diani Elder

    Hmm...double xp started and guess what...zoning is borked, channels are borked.
    Only thing working really well is the lag!
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  8. AB_H'Sishi Augur

    According to the Server status page it's not because server's population on AB went through the roof at Noon PST ... probably there's some DDoS attack or something like that happening again :( .
  9. Siny Augur

    Tweet on forum homepage :We are currently resolving an issue that is impacting all EU servers. Thanks for your patience!
  10. gluteous Elder

    last time we got dbl xp I couldn't play because of the attck and now can't play because of the lag, would rather get normal xp and be able to play
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  11. Dalsina Lorekeeper

  12. Eniner Augur

    Im about at the point of wishing we was never granted double exp. Everytime you announce it we get hit with ddos either stop this from happening or just stop giving double exp and we wont be targeted. It is sad some of us only have few hours to play each day etc and we cant.
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  13. Siny Augur

    The server has been fine today, however in the last time 10minutes we started getting some lag. Not as bad as yesterday but ms is gradually creeping up.
  14. Siny Augur

    Issues with instances atm. Plane of Health raid wouldnt let us in. We have just manged to get into Crypt of Sul raid instance
  15. corwin Journeyman

    Down again
  16. Siny Augur

    AB just suffered a lot of spiking (1 mob took 5 minutes to kill) Reported in general and guild chat across all zones ( TBM, sarith, fort mech for guildies). Marketplace has been down all day and I just checked again and it still is. So DB, if you were trying to get it back up then be aware its causing issues on AB again.
  17. Siny Augur

    Ping is high again. Normally around 56ms for me. This evening between 250 and 360- maybe since you put the new Legend packs on the marketplace ?
  18. corwin Journeyman

    Lag is back on AB since the extended maintenance , 20-30 secs chat lag , lots of destination zone denied entry to various zones
  19. Guma New Member

    Group invites can take 15 seconds to go through, after that the group roster doesn't show all the people. Zones stop responding. Quest step updates can take a minute to happen after the thing that triggered them was done.
  20. Siny Augur

    DB, I submitted a case last night in which I mentioned that AB was poorly. At times the ping can be high (over 600 ms), however I don't think the current problems are just lag. Even when the ms is normal (50 ish) I'm finding that coming in from char select screen takes ages (I would be dead from the mobs already hitting upon me, if it wasn't a old zone). Also just tried to used primary anchor to the housing district and its frozen completely (looks like I'm going to have to kill EQ). As mentioned in my case, others are also experiencing destination denied (see that thread also).

    Whilst it was good that you got us back up in far less than the 24 hours anticipated, something is seriously wrong with AB and it rather looks like something was messed up during that maintenance. AB needs to go down again.
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