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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Diani, Sep 8, 2015.

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  1. Willulearn Journeyman

    Ragefire is laggin like hell and having really funky zone issues. Feels partially like a ddos.
  2. ragefire.etronne New Member

    You are really reaching the bottom on the quality of delivery and customer service.

    I m paying several accounts... as i said i can understand there are issues, but :
    Why did it took you hours to display "there are issues...." We are grown people we could understand but that silence and lack of communication make it worse.

    I m leading teams on QA for product people pay for, my bosses would have all the right to fire me if i would let such a buggy piece of crapware make it to the public, an

    Are you going to do any commercial gesture?
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  3. skottys New Member

    did you really fix something with yesterday down server on AB ?
    cause again , zone in denioed , lag like hell , several second to tell someone etc etc ...
    please this time do thing properly.:mad:
  4. Santrigan New Member

    Here we go again, The server was stable for about 5 hours and now that everyone is logging in; the same issues are resurfacing, destination zone denied entry, delayed group invites, you failed to change into traider mode. Haven't had zone crashes yet but they will come back to haunt us a well I guess.

    I urge you to look at the Antonmius Bale logs from last year (if that is still possible), when the server suffered from the same/similar detrimental effects (end of August to mid october or November); you patched something to make the server stable please try and do that, it might work again.
  5. Diani Elder

    On AB I noticed that in the bazaar from pushing begin trader to actually being in trader mode can take up to 30 seconds
  6. delfchen Lorekeeper

    neverending story ... "door guarding hamster" says: " you shall not pass"

    get this god damn problem fixxed asap PLEASE, we pay to travel through the world of norrath slay enemies .. we do not pay for hanging around in Lobby staring holes into walls -.-

    or even in case hamster says "you shall pass" it takes ages to zone
  7. ragefire.etronne New Member

    Here we go again, whole raid unable to move, instance unreachable, zone in prohibited. If you cant fix it or dont know what it is; why wouldnt you just explain the truth?

    Or maybe i should stop paying for such a crap service
  8. Eladamri Journeyman

    Really sad. After 1 really nice hour of playing this morning (in germany) playing this evening is impossible. I can try whatever I want to leave lobby...... "The destination zone denied entry...." seriuos???
    Lags on tells for more then 30 secs, and if I wanna tell something in /gu: "You don't habe the proper access rights."

    And the worst thing of all: NO ANSWER BY DEVS!!!! Guy do you wanna fool us all?
  9. Diani Elder

    It just took me 6 tries to get out of everfrost.
    Trying to get to GFay now...wish me luck
  10. usernamealreadyexist Journeyman

    logged in at 7am euro time on AB.. was ok. not fine, but acceptable. now things are back to crap as we know it; cant zone, laggy as hell, tell delay of over a minute. If trying to zone i get ported back to zone entrance, then try again.. about 5 tries and maybe im lucky it will zone me in..
  11. Anhur Journeyman

    I'm going to echo the other posters - massive lag/stability issues on AB server.
  12. douxreve Journeyman

    17 july 19h 16 Paris time, after a day without too much problems (except tells which were a bit long), everything com again: zones denied, not possible to tell in less than 2 minutes, mobs who warp, translocate to succor point for any reason...Lets go for another good and nice raiding evening !
  13. corwin Journeyman

    AB down again
  14. corwin Journeyman

    Up, Then down again
  15. Santrigan New Member

    Second server down in less than 15 minutes for AB.
  16. usernamealreadyexist Journeyman

    really?! sitting in chat, looking at server down is getting kinda old.. its nice ppl and everything in chat, but seriously .. if i wanna chat only theres plenty of other places for that! at least include video and voice chat then in the chat room, since we are paying for it.
  17. Dalsina Lorekeeper

    Is it safe to log on and play yet?
  18. howaboutno New Member

    im playing, but i don't dare to start anything yet. zoning works though
  19. Diani Elder

    Euh, guys...the "The destination zone denied entry" crap is restarting.

    Or is finding yourself back at the lighthouse in Gunthak when you want to zone to Dulak nowerdays a feature?
  20. Anhur Journeyman

    I've two characters on the same account on the AB server, both are parked in the guild lobby - I'm able to log one in but when trying the other character the game crashes;


    Is this the result of the ongoing server issues, or something different?

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