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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Diani, Sep 8, 2015.

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  1. Diani Elder

    Stability on the AB server is...missing.
    It is laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagging on and off and zones are going down faster than Absor in the Freeport Sailors bar.
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  2. usernamealreadyexist Journeyman

    aaaaand, here we go again.. AB crashing. This seems to be something it does 3-4 times a day. Can we PLZ get this pos crap server fixed?
  3. Khen New Member

    AB down again again and again !! How long will it take to solve this very big probleme a DB ?

  4. usernamealreadyexist Journeyman

    no way!! 1 crash. just finished doing daily. rollback. did daily again and just as i finished a second time; crash again!! how many times in 1 day can you do daily ?!
  5. usernamealreadyexist Journeyman

    Third crash in less than 1 hour!!!
  6. usernamealreadyexist Journeyman

    .. it tells in im in oasis, but when i try to log in game crash. i can log in every other char but my main. i cant be in oasis, as there is no oasis anymore!! ffs
  7. Aelisha New Member

    Down again: Sunday 10:30am BST.

    I've already had to petition once this week after a crash where I lost around 2400 loyalty tokens and a friend of mine had his character deleted after a crash on Monday.

    This is beyond acceptable now. When will you acknowledge that something needs to be done?
  8. Diptera Augur

    Down YET AGAIN, 11:35 BST.
  9. Diani Elder

    It looks like it is not going down completely. It just boots everyone from the zones.
    But from a players perspective it still sucks.
  10. usernamealreadyexist Journeyman

    2 server crashes in about 10 min.. this is getting really old now. the rollbacks are insane!
  11. Diptera Augur

    14:33 BST, kicked from zones again.
  12. Diptera Augur

    10:27 BST, kicked from zones again.
  13. Diptera Augur

    Bleh, rollback again - lost a couple of task updates.
  14. Diptera Augur

    ..and again.

    Can we at least get an official recognition of the problems with AB server, and that you're doing something about it?
  15. Diani Elder


    for the AB server they have the following protcol:
    - ignore the issue and hope that it goes away (this step may take more than 1 year as we still remember from the instanceproblems we had some years ago)
    - ignore it some more
    - assign someone to improve communication with the AB server (again, do you remember?)
    - When other servers get wind of the issues of AB maybe fix them and then pretend nothing happened (remember?)

    Fixing AB probably comes after fitting wings on pigs and sending warm woolen winter blankets to hell!
  16. fortuneteller Augur

  17. Diptera Augur

    15:33 BST. Down again (this time server select even says it's down).

    For the Loyal is the Heart progression task, I have now killed the sword thief four times, and the octopus three times, (instead of once apiece) because of the constant rollbacks (including on one occasion, dropping me from the task entirely).

    For the love of any six dieties you care to name, please fix the issues.
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  18. Durz New Member

    Disconnected again...
  19. fortuneteller Augur

    40 min up and then Down again
  20. Siny Augur

    So much for the server actually being rebooted last time ! Now try fixing it !
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