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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Diani, Sep 8, 2015.

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  1. Razgadz Journeyman

    that's probably the new AB Server :

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  2. Santrigan Journeyman

    Just as an Idea, the server Issues seem to be similar if not the same to last years three months ob AB instability. Do you think you could look into the patch logs of last year to find out what you patched to make the server stable again?
  3. usernamealreadyexist Journeyman

    was working ok with 100 ppl online.. after a few hours; craaaash, boom, bang. first a little lag started (we are used to that by now, so ok), and now down again.. can something plz be done ti fix it? more than just the occasional reboot, since that aint fixing nothing.
  4. swerves New Member

    Disconnected 30 secs after getting in, then locked, now up but cant actually get in zone, Uncharted 4 it is!
  5. Ismel Augur

    wow a full 30min between crashes.....
  6. Teao New Member

    Well welcome to test... now imagine 6 weeks of the crashing.
  7. Teao New Member

    And btw Test just crashed again at about 5:28am after the 3:00am patch
  8. usernamealreadyexist Journeyman

    *sigh*. a word from a dev / programmer here would be nice. just to let us know you are doing something! we get the feeling you guys dont give a damn about the AB server. up for 30 min, lag worse than ever.. then it crashes, 5 min later its up again but very hard just to log in.. when we finally manage to log in, it crash again 5 min later.
  9. usernamealreadyexist Journeyman

    30 min later; aaaand, its down again! joke of the year award goes to AB.
  10. gotwar Augur

    They are working on it.
  11. Anhur Journeyman

    The AB server is down again - definately on going issues that don't seem to be being addressed - can we get an update?
  12. Diani Elder

    And down looks like AB is going down every 15-20 minutes now.
  13. Diani Elder

    Surprise surprise...guess what just happened...
    In a blazing "potential" issue AB went down..
  14. Sooron New Member

    It's been awful to play on AB since last maintenance patch.
    I hope they fix it asap, it's the weekend and we can't play :mad:
    I was planning to avoid the whole soccer frenzy fever playing EQ, please don't disapoint me and fix AB asap.
  15. Diani Elder

    No clue if it is related (but it wouldnt surprise me)
    Getting "Your attempt to become a trader failed" messages in the bazaar
  16. Diani Elder

    And down again...
  17. Skuz Augur

  18. Diani Elder

    Tadaa...down again
  19. Sooron New Member

    Well i guess i'll play on another server while they are fixing AB for good, hope this won't take too long.
  20. Sooron New Member

    Damn i wanted to play with an old char, which happens to be now on ... The Rathe ... /sigh
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