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  1. Action-MNK Journeyman

    As a lower tier raid guild, tonight we failed to beat Arx 1 after 5 months of farming thanks to the changes to flings to assist positioning for CC.
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  2. Yubestarrin New Member

    That's the best method for me.. /nod Not everyone can tank 3 at once. I can but not without discs and those only last a couple pulls maybe three tops.. Also, a bow and arrow will still bring adds when they are standing next to each other in a circle. Guess the smart kids knew that. ;) Heh.. Besides, My argument is based not only on my outrage but on many others as well. Simply put, I do not want to learn or try other methods just cause the one i had worked fine. Take it away and i have no interest in playing. Simple.
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  3. Blackhood Journeyman

    I could pull any mob anywhere, couldn't solo it like A LOT of other classes. What ability would you rather have?
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  4. TibalMurphy Elder

    Boy this nerf sux...yadda yadda...

    It's implemented people are figuring it I don't like the nerf, but it's in game and we PLAYERS are figuring out how to work with it.

    This thread is 25 pages of complaining now, let's just work with what we're delt and play some EQ now

    Tibal, out.
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  5. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Or demonstrate to the Devs that they once again have made a change that should never have done and then have them reverse it, as they have done numerous times in the past.
  6. Caio_Xegony Lorekeeper

    Yes. We have been playing with this garbage on live servers all week. Everyone hates it. Can we change it back now? Thanks daybreak for making item clicks permanent but lets get rid of the lure of the siren song and fade nerf. THANKS.
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  7. Tigerak New Member

    I have no idea what smart head create that stupid design to add cap to lvl 104 for HA. Just have no words explain, how am mad. Most hateful class by dev ..They still continuously ruin that. Anyone can explain me how use it in top tier zones for players lvl105, where 99% of mobs overconed. It become absolutely useless junk ability with 23 ranks in that spend. It even not useful in solo/group environment what i love to do in TDS zones . Why 104? Why not 70, 100? To many why... Why not let it stay where it was for years. Ruined very useful tool, what we not only using for pulls, am personally using many ways to pull, and not care about pulling side, even it one very important also, It useful for positioning mob at raids, bring back running NPC,spiting, quickly bring timed adds.. way to many use... How i can gonna use it now if i cant use it against even equal lvl mobs? Is devs reading posts there? It rage around HA nerf already. Can they explain design caping that? Explain in public post, plus names of devs who made that "Fantastic Improvement" to game-play ...
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  8. Tarvas Augur

    Oh the nerd rage is still going strong. :D
  9. Povarmonk Elder

    What should have been is kept the main pulling classes alone like monk, bard, SK, and necro all the other classes I can see why they needed to changed because pulling has been a joke for 10 yrs or longer now. With that being said though it was the Devs the whole they kept adding stuff to other classes to allow to use them abilities in pulling main reason being because it was not always easy to get a puller for a grp. Now all you are doing is creating a bigger problem again because now you have nerfed all the major pulling classes if u gonna nerf these abilities that you gave us over the years then you shouldn't have even given to them in first place to begin with! You want pulling to be more in line with what used to be with the game fine but DO NOT NERF THE MAIN PULLING CLASSES!~
  10. charla Journeyman

    Form of Defense seems to be capped at 20 but we have level 21 items ... is this intentional??
  11. Caio_Xegony Lorekeeper

    So I guess Daybreak isn't considering reversing this horrible nerf? Again I love how they listen to their player feedback
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  12. Brudal Augur

    Form of Defense XX was supposed to be on TDS Tier 1 which was scrapped; there are no current items with Form of Defense XX. When it is eventually put on type 7 gear, then the missing rank will correct itself.
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  13. Poydras Augur

    So with your words you claim bard's pulling ability is overpowered but your actions show you do not actually feel it matters. Or do you just like to make ghetto groups with sub par choices for each role?
  14. Drakang Augur

    There were other ways to fix pulling without messing up all classes fade ability. Don't like the HA/MM/Lure changes but can live with them. Removing fades overall was bad. And Lure was never a pulling tool.
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  15. Tarvas Augur

  16. Poydras Augur

    Yeah and I'm more interested in what I'm having for dinner but I can still maintain a reasonable focus in discussions.

    But for everyone making arguments about fading memories being overpowered because of X reason, your arguments always boil down to nothing more than class envy argument: "bards pull better than other classes" ergo nerf them.

    They had to design encounters around the pulling abilities of the best pullers you say? Yeah I would hope so.In other shocking game news they design encounters around the healing abilities of the best healing class and tanking ability of the best tanking class. Just think of all the different and interesting things they could do if they weren't forced to make mobs hit like freight trucks to prevent them being trivialized when a cleric and warrior show up. Or for that matter to prevent them being soloable by certain classes. Bam I just justified some great new nerfs all over the place. What shall we call this new game we are inventing, by the way?
  17. Motherlee Augur

    Nothing to do with class envy at all. If you told a non-gamer:
    1. There is a class that players can play that can't recover its utility after a death.
    2. Deaths are common.
    Any sane person would ask, "Why would anyone want to play that class?"
    Can it get any simpler?
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