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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Aristo, Sep 15, 2015.

  1. Fnyanea Augur

    They nerfing prolonged destruction. Instead of costing a random extra 1-31% mana, will now ALWAYS cost an extra 52%...
  2. svann Augur

    Ouch. Yea that will hurt.
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  3. kizant Augur

    I'm hoping that it was just a mistake and they're rethinking the prolonged destruction change.

    I don't think wizards are going to suffer too much from the fade change. I'm still not sure why we ever got a real fade in the first place. And I think getting a dps nerf wasn't unexpected. But the change to prolonged destruction makes it unusable. Maybe we'll use it and click it off after 5 to 10 counters at MOST. Plus considering they added counters to PD.. it's got something silly like 60 now. They must have intended us to use near that amount right? Either they did OR this is a big joke at our expense and they're taunting us by giving us more counters than we could ever possibly use. Even if I had 300k mana it wouldn't be enough.
  4. Povarmonk Elder

    So yeah like every1 else has said several times now DO NOT NERF PULLING!
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  5. flash000 Augur

    ok team how can we get sales up for the next expansion ???


    ohh we can use our usual SOP we nerf the hell out of core abilities then make them all rebuy them up again in the next expansion....

    why dont we just tune content or be more inventive with event scripts or mob AI....

    pack your stuff and go.....

    anyone else against the SOP????

    good i thought so.... now lets get those nerf bats swinging to those money pinatas we call subscribers
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  6. Naugrin Augur

    So glad you guys rethought the massive wizard nerf... didn't.

    I have to say: I'm not really hyped for this expansion.
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  7. Barbwarrior Augur

    The amount of people who claim to quit every patch they don't like this forum should be empty , you all be back they always come back lol )
  8. Kleepto New Member

    My opinion is that it's about time they stopped making this game easier, So these changes to Fade and Fling are a good start but i think they need to do more Everquest was getting dangerously close to being as easy as WoW
  9. strongbus Augur

    As someone who has played a necro for years(started eq just after kunark.) and for years just used normal fd and snare/scent line of spells to split all types of mobs, and still do to this day. I don't only pull when my fd/fade aa is up. I fail to see how this is a nerf to pulling. Any class that is made to pull has many aa/spells/skills to use to pull. Fade was ment to be just one of many a person can use. Not the only one they used. They said they are redoing the mobs in cotf/tds and next exp to be able to use snare/mez/calm/etc on them to pull/cc them.

    They are saying that there should be no easy button for pulling. Sorry if some people can't handle the though of having to learn some skills to split mobs. I feel sorry for any group that has a puller in it that don't know how to use and is willing to use all the tools that class has for pulling.

    The only issue I have is why where necro dropped form 100% chance to fade to 90% and capped at 108 instead of 110.
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  10. Insanekitty Lorekeeper

    Just a question for the Devs , did they notice that the fade and similiar abilities are not all on the same reuse timers , zerkers take 6.5 mins with reduction AA to use , unlike other melee with 3 min and other abilities which allow them to drop aggro for endurance regen every 2 mins or less.

    Just a curious thought as a zerker you die twice , ur screwed for endurance. Not to mention the deaggro component of axe of illidara is totally broken as is the dmg bonus components of pretty much any yellow con mob and some white con mobs in all of TDS , Deliberate? who knows but someone needs to wake up and actually play the game they design or have a beta team that actually knows how to debug issues in the game in realtime.

    Not to mention the ongoing issues with all the debilitating buffs we have like open wound and it not taking 11 but the whole growth bonus buff from shamans to increase hp pools as well which it shouldnt in my book bringing us to a healthy 71 percent hp .. oh lovely Daybreak , You are so broken you cant see straight no wonder you have so many problems. I think you should fire all your staff and your president asap so you can wipe the slate clean of the disaster you created and bring in fresh meat that actually understands games and how they are made , a recent graduate could tell you more than what you already know , which is nothing really so i guess its not much of a strech.

    Daybreak , Start by learning what the classes are and what they do and what makes them unique , then start coming up with ideas , blatant changes to classes are so massive its incomprehensible the player base IE your paycheck you're going to lose. And anyone saying anything about furious ramp or any aoe duration ability is just stupid , there were what 2 cotf raids to use it on and MAYBE 1 TDS raid if u didnt want to die out right that was beneficial.

    The melee buff was a nice start but as any melee knows no endurance means no dps. So think very carefully about the nerf to fade before you implement it , As far as casters go they dont have to move much but a melee has to go from the mobs , a zerker up the of a mob since frenzy has a shorter melee range than the melee swing , OH BTW FIX Amplified Frenzy its pretty much resisted on any red con mob , and you might as well delete snare stun while you're at it to save us some hot bar space . Oh and there is this little thing called logic , not sure if you've heard of it from what i have written so far but if there is any brain matter up there you might want to fix the berserker axes so they are a mix with all the other classes and have them do more dmg with a frenzy mod and an extra augment slot and a 2h block ability , most berserkers that know what they are doing are almost 100 percent below the first tank , dying to ramp or right after the first tank dies due to extremely poor deaggro options. FIX IT YOU MORONS i dont know who you have testing for you but they seem pretty nonexistant to me.

    Zerker fade should be brought in line with the rest of the pure melee classes , my pally can fade every 3 mins without a AA reduction , how sad is that.

    And berserkers and beastlords are the weakest classes in the game mitigation wize atm fix that too there are so many graphs and posts regarding this yet you keep disregarding it . Hence the Word MORON.


    IK was here
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  11. Povarmonk Elder

    Incorrect pulling has been a joke for 10 yrs or longer and every year after that they allowed more classes to be pullers. Now they just using this pulling nerf as a cover story to nerf something that shouldn't be nerfed. That is all it is is the blowing smoke to cover up something else. Not to mention the fact that pacify hardly works on any type of mob at all I tested on several mobs in TDS and doesn't work it is pretty much a useless skill. When they finally made plane of war you couldn't mez or pacify at all that was the only zone for real pulling classes were needed again. So now after this much time in the game where pulling has been a joke they just now addressing the issue there something more going on then what they really telling us. The fade thing also is something that has been farmed out to every class also should never have been either no reason every single class now has some kind of fade!
  12. strongbus Augur

    Ya its called all fades are broken. someone even showed the live spell data for the cleric fade. its got the 90ish% chance to go off(meaning 10% chance to fail) and the level cap right in the info. But for some reason the live server ignore it. Is it a long time after they where put in to be doing the fix. Yes but guess what any game at any time can fix any bug they see even if its years old.
  13. Povarmonk Elder

    I disagree with that like I posted several times over the summer since they made the useless TLP servers they wasted to much time on the useless servers when they should have been fixing real issues on the live servers. Instead of all they have done created more problems since they made those servers and tricked every1 in thinking they was actually doing something with the game.
  14. Motherlee Augur

    Yes! The more they tweak, the more day break.
  15. Motherlee Augur

    So we can survive that see invis on the way to camp without having to abscond and start the whole way back again. (cf Beast's Domain.)
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  16. Swiss Elder

    The game is not built around the old style of pulling anymore, they are having to change many mobs to make it at all possible and it will just be time consuming not requiring any more skill(less really to snare then FD or fade til it's single).

    You say that it isn't a nerf to pulling but fade is a huge part of bard pulling. Sure I could pacify without it if I only want to fight even cons(105) or lower, but splitting blues is not really worth the time it takes.

    I currently use all the tools my class has, this is removing some. I don't feel casting pacify on 8 then hitting 1 or snaring 1(18 sec for bard so we have to re-apply then fade again) then waiting for the rest to go home or bringing the adds and mezzing or bringing the adds and tanking(why use a puller?) is any bit harder/skillful than turning my back to them and silent displacement(bard fling) then fading then tagging. Now none of that is even considering they are making fade cost over 3x the mana and putting level caps on fades with fail rates. I still fail to see why the only people defending the nerfs say it is making the game more challenging or take more skill or more fun, taking longer to pull and med means less people playing(or did we forget the other 5 in group?) and does not make it harder especially if their claim that everything is losing snare/lull/mez restrictions.

    This change is just slowing pulling down or bring a bigger tank or fight in old expansions where the abilities level caps will work. Now this post doesn't even include all the placement usefulness we just lost and all the raid issues others have mentioned.

    So your only issue is that your class is included...
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  17. Epicurus New Member

    DEV Team,

    Thank you...the game has been on easy mode for far too long. It's been so easy that a good 99% of the content I can two box without much effort at all so I'm glad to be remotely challenged again. If anything I think you guys have been too easy on us....please add more challenging factors to make this game separate from easy mode MMO's like WOW.

  18. Whulfgar Augur

    Warriors who are smart, know how to maximize their endo to aggro ratio to the point, that its not an issue. But there are those, that still do not know how to do this ..
  19. Swiss Elder

    None of that makes the game any better.

    Why would anyone bring a bard that has to med every few minutes over another puller? They are already increasing the mana cost of fade and it won't make pulling better because if you need to fade you will still have to, all it does it makes us spend more time medding less time killing.

    Nerfing pulling will drive people to easier content that doesn't need splitting especially with level caps on abilities. Just because pullers can get singles without medding every few pulls or dying doesn't mean pulling is too easy, it is just as hard as when we would pull a big group and wait on pathing if anything it takes more skill now. I thought they wanted people to play the new expansions and not farm the old.
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  20. Barbwarrior Augur

    wasnt the point that they were nerfing fades but bringing back more pacify mez and snare ? to split with ?

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