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  1. Hatenine New Member

    The change to fade should have been discussed and tested before throwing it to us. I doubt many devs actually raid and understand what this can do with a raid group that doesn't have the "perfect" setup.

    Speaking of Dev's raiding why don't you guys put out a questionare about possible future changes and get a reaction from the community before saying "oh btw this ability you have used for 12 years we are changing it". Within the questionare ask us if we raid and how often and to what we have killed. Also ask the group players and people that enjoy the quest end of the game what they would like to see.

    The punt or kick abilities have gotten out of control. I personally would love to see them gone from the game period and stop designing events around it. Also don't give raid mobs a kick ability if you don't allow us to use it especially when it kicks the tank.

    If you guys are going to rework something try giving us an option to disable viewing pets except our own or just off.

    MAKE bosses BIG. I am sick of fighting humanoid sized barbarians what fun is that? Dragons are fun to fight, Gods are fun to fight. Last two expansions its been small sized enemies with few exceptions. Give us something huge to fight it makes fights more epic. Doing TDS is one of the most god awful boring nights of raiding because I feel like I am fighting in a town of humanoids.
  2. Tarvas Augur

    You messed that pull up something fierce. The center guy wanders back up. Even if you screw up there at worst you are getting the 3. Something tells me you let the center wander a bit back towards the group before pulling. At worst you get 2, 3, 2. You don't get the whole pack.
  3. Lionle New Member

    The point he was making is he didn't need to split them because he can just tank them or CC them.
  4. Tarvas Augur

    With so much text I just missed it. My fault.
  5. Caio_Xegony Lorekeeper

    As a bard for the last 14 years can we please just kill this pulling nerf? 20 pages of PLEASE DEVS DON'T DO IT!!!! should be enough. The clicky buff thing is awesome, keep that. But honestly has there even been 1 person on this thread that has said "YES WE WANT THIS NERF!"
  6. Kallitank Elder

    I'm really looking forward to the new expac, and I hope I'll enjoy the new zones.... I'll just have to wait for DBG to let me know if I do or not, apparently they know how I like to play better than I do.
  7. sojero One hit wonder

    Daybreak, putting the our in your

    Play your way!
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  8. Interested New Member

    This feels like a move related to the success the new TLP servers Ragefire and Lockjaw. The folks there enjoy the un-enhanced un-evolved version of everquest. Where the difficulty level is assumed to be higher. Seems like DBG is attempting to bring that difficultly back to the regular servers in hopes of bringing in more customers.

    I think the nostalgia will wear off on the TLPs mentioned and the long term, loyal customers are going to want to go back home to the real game at some point and it wont be there. It will be a totally different game and it will be a ghost town with only a handful of players at the end game, because of changes like these.
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  9. Interested New Member

    In addition, the unintended action of fade working within 30 units has been in game for 14 years? And it was a known fact that content was designed around since then. I think the EQ community would agree, we enjoy new and changing content, but not changes that require us to relearn our class in all 21 expansions.

    I am talking from the perspective of a end game bard btw.

    I will agree fade is overpowered on bards, but only because of its mana cost. We don't have to manage our resources carefully for it, that is the only thing about it that is over powered.
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  10. Kobrah Augur

    Lol @ all this bickering about bard fade. It will work to mobs up to level 110. Lanys and Calix are lvl 110 so you can fade them off and will be able to fade off any group content mobs. And the mana cost isn't too big a deal, since when you could first fade on bard it was a reset for lull resists and mobs trained to you etc so having to manage resources a bit more won't be too bad. If you are worried about recovery time after dying, don't die fade one time and save yourself rebuffs and mana regen. Its not your job to tank so if you aren't deftdancing to buy time just back out (raid scenarios). 24 seconds is plenty of time to hit a blessing of resurrection and get a majority of buffs back on tank. Biggest challenge will be for healers who may happen to pickup rampage on raids but there's always planar overdoses think chanters have a targeted stasis type ability, or just die and get rez/called rod / QM paragon.
  11. Koryu Professional Roadkill

    Yes, waste time and resources recovering from what previously was a 95% avoidable death.

    This is still a terrible patch with sweeping nerfs to every class which is targeting the wrong abilities and not having the desired effects as reported in the Test threads.
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  12. Kaeth New Member

    That's what the original post seems to say here, but then the test update suggests that +5 is the level for mobs that see thru it, not the highest lvl it works on.

    Can anyone test this?
  13. sojero One hit wonder

    They made a correction down the page a bit on the 9/17 patch notes:

    - - Put level restrictions in place on all escape abilities. Starting at level 75 most classes are only able to immediately escape combat from NPCs that are yellow con (player level +2) or lower. Exceptions to this are Rogues, Bards, Monks, Shadowknights and Rangers who can escape from NPCs that are up to 4 levels higher. AA abilities available prior to level 71 now work on creatures up to level 75.

    Should be

    - - Put level restrictions in place on all escape abilities. Starting at level 75 most classes are only able to immediately escape combat from NPCs that are yellow con (player level +3) or lower. Exceptions to this are Rogues, Bards, Monks, Shadowknights and Rangers who can escape from NPCs that are up to 5 levels higher. AA abilities available prior to level 71 now work on creatures up to level 75.
  14. Kaeth New Member

    oh thank goodness for that. So hopefully their intention is for it work on everything when you're at max lvl. Though I think progression servers will still have to deal with some lvl 80 stuff while the lvl cap is 65 and 70.
  15. Banished New Member

    Taking a death on a raid event is terrible for a bard. Our mana regen sucks, rods dont work on us and most all mana regen doesn't work on us. So fading is extremely limited after the first death. And for a class that buffs their group and the entire raid every few seconds this will be a problem.

    Personally, I can't wait to have charms break on raid mobs and get summoned so I'm to close to fade. Should be good times trying to drop agro on raid bosses that require you to be close!

    Personally I feel terrible for warriors who have a cast time on their fade. Good luck getting that off with run speed immune mobs on your tail.
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  16. Demandred Elder

    The phrase bard and overpowered do not belong anywhere close together. We get our plate mail made in taiwan
  17. Povarmonk Elder

    I heard wizards are getting the nerf bat but i see no info on them
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  18. svann Augur

    That would be the part where fade (a hole in space) wont work anymore on red mobs. Just going to make us work more at keeping agro low. The other tools that I normally use in group settings (synapse freeze, arcane whisper, concussive storm, concussive intuition) will get more raid usage. More time spent lowering agro means less time dps'ing.
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  19. Povarmonk Elder

    Thats not much of a nerf then
  20. Fnyanea Augur

    Why screw with all the pulling stuff, couldn't you have done what you did in Plane of War, where one of the fling stuff works anyway? And just apply it to the new Hate/Fear?

    Why are you increasing the mana cost of Prolonged Destruction/Frenzied devastation?
    Changing from random 1-31% to 52%? Thats a pretty massive nerf?

    Finally some good news regarding a new expansion, then you guys pull this horrible patch on us?

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