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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Aristo, Sep 15, 2015.

  1. Slyviper83 New Member

    Every since this update why when I switched back to live server it keeps bringing up the Test server list? I have closed the Window updater twice and it runs it checking file and finishes. Once I hit play it brings up server list for Test server when it is on Live mode setting.
  2. Tarvas Augur

    I would like to see the statistics you are relying on to make that statement. Why not 20 or 50 per? It would be rather interesting I guess when the security update costs finally outweigh the revenues this game generates if I turn into a drooling idiot moping around muttering about better days :p
  3. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    It's an error in eqhosts.txt that you can manually fix but that they need to fix so those who aren't technologically skilled won't run into this issue or somehow break their EQ installation.
  4. Slyviper83 New Member

    Okay will check on how to fix the issue.
  5. Zunnoab Augur

    Anyone should see that tying the cost of an ability to your total mana pool outright punishes gearing up, especially when bard mana regen does not scale at any reasonable level. The change is bad two fold there. It shoudn't cost more all because you have better gear, and if they are going to pull this utter garbage they should at least increase our mana regen rather than making it take longer and longer the more mana we get.

    To be honest though, as much as I literally despise the attack on how I've played my class for over a decade now, the blanket rollback of improvements to the game to appeal to some ridiculous "return of old pulling" nostalgia annoys me even more, especially when the change is done with complete indifference to the potential damage to raid guilds.

    I also LIKED that if someone made a little mistake they could fade it off, once every few minutes. That was an improvement to me. Yay for trains, so much nostalgia! Such a great idea! (Sarcasm.)
  6. Motherlee Augur

    You could spend the time learning something more useful than apologizing for DBG.
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  7. Tarvas Augur

    Hmm, interesting link that I am not going to read. I do love people though who think Google and then Wikipedia have the answer to life. It is rather humorous. I am kind of confused about something though. Can you please point out to where I apologized for DBG? Does agreeing with someone's decision automatically cast that person in the apologist's role?
  8. Motherlee Augur

    You deny that the population is down. Or else have no clue as to why. The principle of "Ten unhappy customers for each one who speaks up," has been around since before you were born. You know Wikipedia does not use citations from textbooks. If it's not on the net, it doesn't exist to them. :p
  9. Poydras Augur

    Yes dude it's the only thing bards are best at. Why do you think people are playing bards and not some other class that is better at everything else? The sexy looks? That is a decent reason but not the only reason.
  10. Motherlee Augur

    And AE mez that doesn't have to be baby-sat. I'm very jealous of that.
  11. melemayhem Journeyman

    ok so they did make it that u can keep the perminet buff without still having the item anymore, thats nearly enough to make me want play on fv, can just buy a shot of raid clicks lol, at least my bst has a lot of loyality so can share her random rare clicks with my shaman and bard
  12. Tarvas Augur

    I deny population is down? Please quote me saying so. As for why it has gone down from it hay day it plainly obvious to all. It all started with terrible design decisions followed by new cutting edge technology from other venues that siphoned off those who have a thing for flash. Lets not forget all the people who "grew up" along the way. Only a certifiable moron could think that EQ ever had a chance at holding onto a large share of the market with it's current technological limitations. EQ is a niche market catering to a small group of players that has been successful enough to remain in business for 16 years when its better have crashed and burned by the score.

    There are a lot of principles that have been around since before I was born. I don't pretend to know all of them nor do I pretend that each one that I do know is valid for every situation.

    To be honest with you it has never crossed my mine to just invite a bard to group for his or her pulling ability or for that matter to even let them pull for me if I had a choice. I guess I missed out on what they are "best" at.
  13. Makavien Augur

    Bards pull circles around rangers ) now your new fade is going to allow you to pull named like you were saying bards were doing since yours has a level cap and will snake the named out of a pile of adds but not the bards fade.
  14. Swiss Elder

    That has nothing to do with this change. I can pluck a named on many classes if that is their problem they have to mess with the entire way mobs socialize. Bards got a huge hit with no real reason behind it other than PoP zones were designed around it. Flings are one thing but the mana cost is too much.
  15. melemayhem Journeyman

    my bard been pulling in degmar dont reallty see any difference, to fade pulling, will try arx tommoro with the smaller spaces
  16. DebonAir Lorekeeper

    As suspected above, i was unable to patch on September 23rd.
    So i saw no other way than to obtain the patched files from a friend.
    And what did i have to discover: With the patch of September 23rd eqgame.exe was changed to also use SSE2 instructions.

    So this basically means "Bye bye, EverQuest!" (for some time) to me - unless either hardware or money suddenly starts to grow on trees around here. :(

    I really would have appreciated an advance warning ...

    And of course you now changed the minimum PC specs in the FAQ. :rolleyes:
  17. Zebarathe New Member

    You can still play the game you just need to get the updated files from the patch with out using the patcher ... you should be able to obtain them from a working version or you might be able to directly download them from the web service call then just place the updated eq files into your eq directory and run the eq.exe with the correct command line parameters to launch the game with out the patcher. Google it if you need more help.
  18. Tarvas Augur

    I do not doubt bards can pull circles around me or many other classes, but I tend to be self sufficient in that area and tanking. With the 3 minute timer on CT and the way mobs move it would probably be hard to cherry pick a name out of a pile. There is essentially zero chance of doing so if the mobs around are run speed and lull immune unless I am in a wide open zone with very few mobs around.
  19. Yubestarrin New Member

    Well, After logging into the game today i noticed something that has upset me to the point that i do not wish to play anymore. I have over six accounts on this game and over the years i have seen many changes, some for the good while others are for the worse imo. However, The recent change to SK's Hate's Attraction has me very upset to say the least. Now i am no longer able to single pull mobs in the HA's, most are over level 104, and that's just trash mobs!! With that being said, i am highly perturbed. I have already spent a lot of time on my SK as well as other toons/boxes. I want you to change it back to the way it was prior to this nerf/patch. OR Grant a higher level or tier we can get at lvl 105 so at minimum we can pull trash away from other mobs. OR Better Yet, Just make it work on all mobs EXCEPT nameds! That would make more sense than taking something away that we have grown accustomed too for so long. Heh. If you do nothing to reverse or update this then i will be forced to quit due to not being able to achieve the tasks i was doing before this patch. I really do not wish to stop playing a game that i have grown to love over the years but i am very tired of good things being taken away from us on our toons. The HS nerf to rangers was first and i could live with it cause my ranger alt still has good dps but this nerf to my main's pulling capabilities is just unacceptable, and is unforgivable and needs to be retracted. I shouldn't have to figure out a different way to pull single mobs from a group as i already had it, the way i was taught by many other SK's . Please save me from leaving a game that i have come to love, Holly! I am leaving it in your hands, please don't disappoint me and the rest of the SK raiding population! Don't loose loyal veteran customers and players because a few ppl want it "harder" to pull. Many of us box yes, but not many have a means to single pull mobs in new content especially if they are not yet max level with new spells. I do not wish to leave but if this is not reversed, i must move on. /sigh :eek: ShadowKnights all around Unite and let them know we will not stand for this!
    Besides, Nobody likes an indian giver.. :mad:
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  20. segap Augur

    In most HAs, I can do single pulls for 80% of the mobs using nothing more than a bow and arrow. No spells, no AA, no discs, no tricks. Pulling in most HAs is laughably easy. It's very rare you'll ever get more than 3 on a single pull as well. As a SK, what you bring to that situation is the ability to tank all 3 at once. It's actually faster and more efficient than pulling singles.

    While you might have an argument for other uses of Hate's Attraction, the pulling one really doesn't have merit. Just because all the cool kids were using their shiny toy doesn't mean it was the best method.

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