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  1. Hludwolf Developer

    In addition to yesterday's patch notes, the following was updated today.

    *** Items ***

    - Keep an eye on the Marketplace starting in October for new and returning Nights of the Dead items! You'll be delighted to find sinister mounts like the Dark Direhound, horrifying weapon visuals like the Nightmare ornaments, fiendish familiars like the Cat in a Bag, Player Studio offerings, and much much more!

    *** AA ***

    - Corrected an issue that prevented haste granted from passive AA abilities from being calculated in your total haste.
    - Wizard - Modified the AA abilities 'Frenzied Devastation' and 'Sustained Devastation' so that only the spells focused by these abilities will use charges and receive the focus effect.
    - - Adjusted the mana cost component of these abilities to make them less mana efficient.
    - - Improved the number of charges slightly for 'Frenzied Devastation' and substantially for 'Sustained Devastation'.
    - - Improved the chance to critically cast granted by 'Sustained Devastation'
    - - Created two additional ranks of 'Sustained Devastation' to better match the available ranks of 'Frenzied Devastation'.
    - Paladin - Shadowknight - Warrior - Corrected the following issues with the AA abilities 'Projection of Doom', 'Projection of Fury', and 'Projection of Piety':
    - Multiple projections can now be used on a single target. Previously, if multiple projections were used on the same target only the most recently summoned pet would transfer aggro to the caster.
    - Corrected a bug where the caster would hate their aggro value with the target set to the amount of hate generated by the pet rather than increased by the amount of hate generated by the pet. Previously if the ability was used late into a fight it would result in a net loss of hate with the target.
    - Warrior - Sneering Grin ranks 1-3 have been changed to be a toggled passive ability.
    - Warrior - The buff applied when using Rage of the Forsaken has had its duration and aggro multiplier reduced to better reflect intended values with the recent changes to Bold Attacks.
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  2. Ghubuk Augur

    Dang, still no lowered cast time for sk lifetaps....:(
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  3. Navin Novellus Journeyman

    More often than not I only want to fade one or the other. In many situations, this would be like giving Wizards or Clerics a fade that also fades the tank. That, and these were never on the same timer, so it does not make sense to combine them.
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  4. Pyrotec New Member

    Since 9/17 patch when I cast teleport bind on Druid or wiz my actual bind points reset to crescent reach
  5. Piemastaj Augur

    Drape doesn't invis us either. Another nerf. Should have us rely on Summon Companion (like we do, much easier and better), and merge the line into Cloak of Shadows which does exactly what we needed and is why we asked for it during an IRC chat....

    Absolutely love needing an elaborate hotkey to fade my aggro, and be fully safe after the fade..
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  6. Navin Novellus Journeyman

    Not to mention the chance to fade was also nerfed from 98% to 90%
  7. Silentchaos Augur

    Was it necessary to *triple* the mana penalty of the highest rank of FD vs current highest rank of PD?

    You've gutted our best disc, we can't use FD in this form.....

    Thanks for beefing SD I guess, don't know why you'd add charges to FD since there's no chance a wizard doesn't run OOM before all charges are used.
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  8. Makavien Augur

    Is Rage of the forsaken and bold attacks still going to even out to the same hate amount it produced before and why is the duration being reduced instead of just evening out the hate amount more ?

    Warriors should be able to position npcs at will if we do it properly why not up the grasp level so we can do part of our job on most raid named npc? This skill really separates the great warriors from the ones hitting as few buttons as possible.

    We normally do not use forceful attraction so that change is not a big difference.

    We were one of the first classes to get positioning tools which is one of the cool not so known ways of controlling a fight as a warrior. Warlord's Grasp is not used for any useful type of pulling any different than shooting an arrow at the npc.

    We also really need our fade to work so we can hit rest when we get rezzed and are instantly put on the hate list .

    The cost for rest should be removed on the rest ability for us so, we don't have to wait or use an alliance elixer so we can cast it which I don't think you guys intended us to use a potion just to be able to cast rest just so we can continue doing our job of dying.

    Or we need another 2 minute refresh 15% endurance gain so we can get back in the fight as quickly as possible. Require this ability to make sure we are using it only when rezz effects are up so we can use it twice in 4 minutes after dying which will give us 30% total from it . Allowing us to cast our hate and our defensive abilities.
  9. Ghubuk Augur

    Maybe could tie it so that rest for all melee classes can only be used when you have a rez effect on you? This way can be used even if aggroed immediately after a rez.
  10. kizant Augur

    Is there a better place to talk class specific issues? On one hand it's nice how the Manaburn AAs were consolidated but on the other it's a completely useless line of AAs that's better off being removed.

    And I really do think someone misunderstands what effect the changes to PD/FD has had. I'm sure the math for the change was correct but some variables just weren't considered. Unless the goal is to get people to stop using the ability all together? Because that's the end result.

    The changes to wiz fade are perfectly fine. I've got no idea why wizards even have that ability in the first place. Although, it did make up for having poor hate reducing AAs.
  11. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    So no fix for Ancient Cloak of Flames showing proper showing proper haste % yet?
  12. Zarzac Augur

    - Corrected an issue that prevented haste granted from passive AA abilities from being calculated in your total haste.
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  13. Raynard Augur

    Selo's Accelerating Chorus, when clicked from Composer's Greaves, provides no increase in movement rate now. When played as a normal song, it works fine. The AA Selo's still works also.
  14. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    I totally glazed over that. Thanks for pointing it out! :D
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  15. Beimeith Augur

    -Spell counters are not working correctly.
    -Spells that trigger other spells are hitting the caster not the target (Claw of the Flamewing)
    -Wizard's Frenzied Devestation is still unusable in it's current form.
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  16. Sn00ps Journeyman

    Hello please fix the broken golem in plane of fear for the wizard epic.The mob is not spawning. Please fix so I can finally complete my wizards epic I don't want to wait months for a fix :(
  17. haswb New Member

    Does anyone know if the changing of Ruaabri's / requiem to permanent buffs now allow them to stack with HP familiars like nagafen and battle ogre?
  18. ~Mills~ Augur

    Dzarn why the silent treatment for the necro fade nerf? Necros and shadow knights should continue to stay on the same AA fade line of 100% fade and 110 level cap.

    Changes for some of the classes can kinda be understood based on their classes lore, even if not a smart move. It was a stretch that they got any fade never mind a 95-100% fade. But its silly that necros are being lumped in with zerkers and warriors in regards to pulling instead of being treated like shadow knights and rangers considering our pulling tools and history.
  19. p2aa Augur

    Haha after Warlord Grasp becoming useless in raid, seem they make Rage of the forsaken becoming useless too.

    Also, it has yet been said, but the nice mistake on considering "Marr's Salvation" from paladin in the same ballpark than Voice of Thule, aka an aggro increase, was priceless.
  20. bitefiends Elder

    Hi there

    Just been on test and Hastened drape of shadows is on a 7 minute 3 second recast. I am sure but willing to stand corrected that Cloak of Shadows was on a 3 minute timer. If this is so is this intentional or was the Hastened Cloak of shadows line not carried over to Hastened Drape?
    That is on the description of the AA but the actual hot key does show 3 minutes or so refresh ... my bad should test first huh ,...

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