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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Venalin, Sep 19, 2019.

  1. Smokezz The Bane Crew

    He already agreed with someone that Rogues were "hard to play"... that had to be a joke post already didn't it?
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  2. Oggrah New Member

    The dots at the time were nerfed by almoust halfing their damage and reducing their manacost some. Quite few of the dots had the same manacost for atleast a month before they were lowered. Some of the dots where reduced more.
    Nature's blistering Wrath: 48017 dmg/tick changed to 26412 dmg per tick.
    Pearlescent Moonbeam: 17465 - 35144 dmg /tick changed to 1690 dmg to 3594 dmg per tick.
    Overwhelming Sunray: 17465 -35144 dmg/tick changed to 1690 dmg/tick to 3594 dmg per tick.
    Sunflame 17745 - 35918 dmg changed to 11204 - 22836 dmg a tick.
    Horde of Polybiads 18605 - 37531 dmg/tick changed to 12053 - 24427 dmg a tick.
  3. Smokezz The Bane Crew

    You forget about them being consolidated and damage being sky high?
  4. Oggrah New Member

    No, i did not forget the dot consolidation, which had happened long before the patch in feb. 18. Yes, I do agree that the damage of the dots was high, and so was the mana cost. The fact remain though, that this was in line with EoK druid dots like;
    Nature's Fiery Wrath (lvl 105 dot- EoK): 29035 dmg/tick mana cost 14259. (Until it was nerfed in feb 18 patch).
    After the nerf the "upgraded" 110 version of this is:
    Nature's Blistering Wrath (lvl 110): 26412 dmg/tick 17590 mana. Which is even worse than its predecessor was in whole of EoK.
  5. Whulfgar Augur

    No reason what so ever a preist class should do more damage then pure dps classes.

    And nothing you can say will invalidate that statement.
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  6. Smokezz The Bane Crew

    It doesn't matter when the consolidation happened. The damage was an "Enjoy it while it lasts" thing.
  7. Oggrah New Member

    Ofcourse it matters when the consolidation happened, and the longer it has been in place the more people have adjusted to it. It matters because most players like to develop their characters, and not have them less powerfull then they were 2 years and 5 levels ago, despite using hundreds or thousand hours on them to make them stronger.
  8. ~Mills~ Augur

    But you are wrong. Your dots in total just like shaman and everyone else who had revamps do way more damage now than they did before any revamp. NFW before dot revamps was a 14k nuke and was a 3.7k dot. Now after everything its 16k nuke and 17.9k dot and you are claiming you were nerfed.

    Before they revamped your dots you could cast the level 80, 85, 90, 95, 100 and 105 versions all on one mob and it still would not do 17.9k per tic in total and required 6 casts and spell slots. Now you get that in a single cast and have a few other dots that also do way more than they could prior also in fewer casts.

    No matter how you slice it you are better off now dot dps wise than you were in 2017 before any changes. Yes the ride was bumpy. You have to cast less dots and get to do more base dot damage then you ever could prior and thats as a priest class who retains all your nuke power.
  9. Oggrah New Member

    Before the consolidation in beginning of 2017, yes, then NFW was as you say. I did not claim NFW was better before the consolidation. I was talking of the version which i mentioned, which is from the consolidation in the beginning of 2017 (14.02.17), which was the version that was active for most of EOK.
  10. kizant Augur

    Why do you think it's a good idea to advertise how broken your DoTs still are?
  11. Oggrah New Member

    I dont advertise, I simply answered your reply to me that "Nobody is going to take you seriously when you say stuff like this.".
  12. kizant Augur

    You just told me that Nature's blistering Wrath still does 26412 dmg per tick. That's insane.
  13. ~Mills~ Augur

    Your claim is that they nerfed druid dots into oblivion.

    • For 18 years your relative dot dps was X.
    • First revamp pass, and for less than one year your dots were so horribly tuned that you could out dps any other class in game. A 700% increase to X in some cases. This is the only time you seem to think it was reasonable.
    • Adjustments to those broken revamps has left you at something like 300% of X. You claim your in a bad state currently because of this.
  14. Tucoh Augur

    They should bring shaman, ranger and druid DoTs to their full potential at every full moon (but not in raid instances).
  15. Oggrah New Member

    * Nerfed into oblivion in ROS yes, for me and several other druids i knew we dropped almoust all if not all the dots and started healing instead. My druid is not 18 years, but had just about had hit 105 when the dot consolidation was in 2017, and it was that version I was used to. So the ROS dots were initially an upgrade to the EOK ones. I've not said i think this was the only time it was reasonable, and I dont know the dps of all the other classes in the game at that point. As far as i know it was a part of a dot rewamp that would happen for the other classes aswell.
    After 1.5 year of playing i was left with dots that was worse then what i had for starters. I have not claimed im currently in a bad state because of this.
  16. Sancus Augur

    It's pretty hard to read nerfed into oblivion as "not [...] currently in a bad state."
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  17. Oggrah New Member

    I agree if you read that post isolated. I was refering to my statement "nerfed my druid dots to oblivion in ROS", just forgot the dots part in my reply.
  18. Brohg Augur

    No, everyone 100% got that. Everyone totally understood that you were talking about dots. Describing druid dots as "nerfed into oblivion" is ridonkulus
  19. kyong Augur

    How about this, if gold then toon can riposte on a miss :) if silver they can select 1 mob at a time and kill them when they're farming.
  20. Spellfire Augur

    Thanks for comic relief.
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