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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Venalin, Sep 19, 2019.

  1. Brohg Augur

    were those situations in which /bando would not have served equivalently?
  2. Dagum Elder

    Yes. For instance the time trial for prince rafine.

    You had to use wurmslayer at first and the spiders summoned.

    Eventually the devs removed the summoning mechanic from the spiders, however, some of us did it with that. Had we been able to turn off riposte then it would have not have had to be nerfed and the spiders would still summon.

    Other instances have been mentioned. There are times where you want to tank and dps one mob, yet not hit other mobs that your also tanking.
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  3. Bigstomp Augur

    Better stats on modern gear. 0 situations bando would not have solved it beyond the stats.

    I just think it would be cool to be able to turn it off. I had the eye, and I have whatever it's called now from seb. I'm well aware of no riposte tanking.
  4. Dwimmerlaike Lorekeeper

    No one said it is impossible, it is just different. Not all of us are in raid guilds with raid gear. Yes I have adapted, but it's stupid, it's more work and for what? It wasn't broken after all these years. After all, I posted how to still efficiently farm grays even though I don't do it.
  5. kizant Augur

    Just think of the positive impacts this change has made on forum quest! It's been well worth it.
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  6. Bobokin Augur

    Rogues already were hard to play, and this is another big hit. I have talked to many players, and this patch with the GMM changes, melee nerfs, and bard nerf may be the straw that breaks the camels back. In my case, DBG will not get a penny from me for any expansion or DBG purchase unless these unneeded nerfs are rolled back. For others, they are moving on.

    After 20 years, the devs still don't understand that making Everquest less fun to play means less customers. Such hubris.
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  7. Oggrah New Member

    Exactly, and I feel the same way. This nerf and the bard nerf just joins the history of nerfs that removed alot of the fun in my characters. Last really big one was when they nerfed my druid dots to oblivion in ROS. I guess we are just "weird" since we are not hardcore enough to care about what is "fun"or not ,but I guess to each his own. It was done i the name of server resources, and in that regard i guess I will contribute to less lagg when my 5 accounts exit the world.
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  8. Vexn Elder

    Sad how out of touch Daybreak is. You guys should reach out to some of your veteran players who have been playing for years and consult them before you guys implement some of these terrible ideas.

    Like you goal should be to get people to PLAY the game not give them reason to stop playing... So sad to let such a great game be in the hands of devs that seem to not even play the game.
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  9. Tutankamen Augur

    Agree 100%- this is the straw... as far as I can tell the Devs do not care if they lose players or not. Making the game less fun AND annoying? What's the point?
    -Nerfs to old twink gear
    -Nerfs to an illusion trick that was so old it was considered part of the game.
    -New Content scaled to suit only raid players and not casual players
    -Nerfing classes into the ground
    -Nerfing GMM

    and on and on... there is no attempt to listen to the player base at all. Even with their new community manager, I see no change. I'm done spending money until these changes are rescinded.
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  10. Smokezz The Bane Crew

    Some Rogues keep bringing this up as a massive nerf. Where are your numbers? I have some...

    I just did Defenders of the Faith for someone. OLD content with assassinatable mobs galore. Second set is 16 of them. I attacked them, did not just let them die to riposte... but they came in groups of 2-4.

    $ grep Riposte eqlog_Smokebane_bristle.txt | grep "a nauseating invader" | grep Assassinate | wc -l

    To decode the Linux greek there, that looks for Riposte in eqlog_Smokebane_bristle.txt, filters again for a nauseating invader and then again for Assassinate. Then counts the number of lines.

    [Wed Sep 25 15:50:00 2019] You backstab a nauseating invader for 762256 points of damage. (Riposte Assassinate)
    [Wed Sep 25 15:50:02 2019] You backstab a nauseating invader for 762256 points of damage. (Riposte Strikethrough Assassinate)
    [Wed Sep 25 15:50:02 2019] You backstab a nauseating invader for 2166479 points of damage. (Riposte Lucky Critical Assassinate)
    [Wed Sep 25 15:50:06 2019] You backstab a nauseating invader for 1965468 points of damage. (Riposte Critical Assassinate)

    Catches all the lines like this.

    So... 17 assassinations in 16 light blue con mobs from The Broken Mirror expansion. So, what are you killing that you're seeing this as a massive nerf that's ruining your day? Are you going back to HoT or VoA and pulling huge amounts of green con mobs and they're not just falling down anymore? If you are, maybe you need to actually kill something worthwhile. This change isn't really making much of a difference at all in anything recent.

    Where it's a drag is really old stuff, where you don't have much of a chance of dying anyway. You actually have to attack the mobs now. Save your complaint for when they nerf something major.
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  11. Brohg Augur

  12. Whulfgar Augur

    Thee only reason NOT to like the repo change is because of knights an swarming an loss of dps / heals per proc via repo ..

    I never said it was good nor have I ever said it was bad. I merely stated my opinion. Perhaps you or anyone else who has made the claim I have an agenda can show me where I said the repo change was good?
  13. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    You can't proc anything from a riposte on a mob you aren't currently targeting.
  14. Harthoon New Member

    Proc, sure, but life-tap you could. (SK Epic, Mortal Coil, Blood drinker's coating, etc).
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  15. Dewey Augur

    You have no before data on this. You have no data on what the mission was before the change.

    There is a change. It's worse than it was. We will have to live with it.

    People have posted the devs response and reasoning. The devs themselves even say that there is a nerf/change.

    We aren't going to change the devs mind. However, you coming in here and saying that there is no change is just you admitting that you didn't do this type of stuff before.

    So let's all agree with the devs that there was a change. Let's all agree that the devs aren't going to revert the change.

    The biggest thing that I got from the devs notes was when they said... The classes effected were not the ones they were concerned with and it didn't put them in a horrible place. Even though it effected them...

    After reading that I said, yup. It cutoff be worse. I could be a wizard, which in my opinion needs a lot of help atm.

    Stop yeah we got nerfed. Yes those of us that used to play in old content can see it. Yes we'll have to live with it. And in the end at least we all can be happy that we aren't wizards. Because they need love and they just ain't seeing it.

    Your post smoke is nothing but smoke. You claim there is no change. Your not helping the situation by showing no parses with no previous parses.

    Most of us have dropped it. Let it go man.
  16. Bigstomp Augur

    He didn't say there was no change. He said there is no meaningful change on modern/semi-modern content.

    Pretty much the same thing I have said.

    I'm sure it will likely be more annoying in ancient content (tradeskill farming) since mobs will no longer kill themselves by looking at you and you might need to turn attack on for each one. I have not tested this since the change. Maybe I'll get back to tradeskills soon.
  17. Dewey Augur

    What you get from what he typed and what I get are 2 different things. I see it as he is trying to communicate about a change, yet he has no baseline data. All he has shared is after the fact data.
  18. YellowBelly Augur

    Yep, the same devs who said we would be able to collect more gold during the TBL reveal.
  19. Ibudin Augur

    Did this as a necro before change and after change, not much of a change for us. Lolz.
  20. kizant Augur

    Nobody is going to take you seriously when you say stuff like this.
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