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  1. Allayna Augur

    Base damage without any druid or adps burns whatsoever.... NFW did an initial hit of 247363 dmg as a DD. Then ticked off at 319579, 296338, 65798, 64750, 66148, and finally 65099.

    1.12 million dmg for 10-13k mana based on preservation. The dps came to 31K for that one dot.

    All of that was unmodified by burns.

    Hit burn - 321786/340599 initial DD on the twincast.
    147454, 845706, 886222, 920708, 130898, 129500 were the dot ticks.

    3.72 mil dmg for the same DoT cast with a dps of 103K.

    This is just 1 of the druids dots. There is a reason people are laughing at your "nerfed into oblivion" post. Druids are in a good place for damage output. They are hurting for faster heals and healing support, such as HoTs or splashes. They are also hurting for a good return on mana.

    Had you addressed those concerns with the druid class I think people would not have been so harsh. Or you know, ask someone for help if you aren't seeing those numbers on your druid's fights.

    I also didn't fully debuff the combat dummy with druid debuffs, tash or malo, these things make a difference in your dps, especially the druid debuffs that add to dmg potential.
  2. Warpeace Augur

    But it dosent say produced by Gameparse. You obviously made all that up:D how dare you!!
  3. Bigstomp Augur

    Would be happy to look at your parse.
  4. Allayna Augur

    Because typing out the damage that displayed on the screen, adding it up to get the total damage and dividing by the duration to get the dps was super hard....

    Gamparse doesn't give the level of detail I wanted for this demonstration. I'll gladly include it if it makes you feel better though =p
  5. Stephen51 Augur

    Let me say I dislike nerfs, especially changes made that have been well established, like this one has been. That said it appears this change was made not to reduce player power but to reduce lag. That sounds like the greater good. Just because the change is good for many, it doesn't mean the downside should be ignored. The change may mean a small reduction in dps for tanks and self healing for knights especially for SK's and it would be good if that was factored into the bumps in the next expansion.
    With regards the farming of low level mobs, mainly for TS components, is there a way currently in game where you can disable autoattack ceasing when the targeted mobs die? Granted it wouldn't negate the change, but as melee/hybrid, you could still mow down a lot of mobs, keeping autoattack running while changing targets.
  6. Kamzak Journeyman

    Lets make this pretty simple.

    Riposte is an ability for all melee. After 20 years EQ doenst like what this ability does.

    Um hi? Why are you fixing something that isnt broken.

    Riposte was not a game changing ability that "over powered" melee's.

    Riposte did not allow people to farm 100 aa's an hour, it was an ability that melee's WHERE GIVEN.

    So yes, now melee cant mow down green's. But what about spell casters? They still can. You gonna nerf them to?

    EQ Dev's. Stop fixing **** that doesnt need fixing. Riposte, was not a game changer. It added little to no dps for current content. But it made quality of life pretty ****

    At this point, why dont you just get rid of riposte, its another worthless ability as it sits.

    (and EQ wonders why they keep loosing players)

    "hey dev 1, what can we do next to alienate our playerbase"

    Dev 2 "how bout we promise necros a revamp, but not give it to them for 6 years"

    Dev 3 "Great idea!" I got another great one, how about we increase shammy DPS , then nerf the **** 4 months later"
    Dev 4 " guys you are on to something, but we are still thinking to small. Lets nerf every class over a 2 year span so everyone gets pissed off"

    Dev 1 " man you guys are genious, if we keep this up i'll have a paycheck for at least a year!! (or until pantheon comes out and then we are *******)
  7. Kamzak Journeyman

    oops Sorry i missed a point.
    "this was done to reduce lag"
    So you are ******* the melee over a "hypothetical" lag will get better!

    I absolutly agree, melee riposte'ing a raid mob seriously hampers game play :/

    Is that the excuse your really going to roll with?

    How does that have anything to do with the price of bread?

    Its **** like this, is why you are going to loose your entire player base.

    And lets be honest, we all know, their will be other options for online RPG games in the somewhat near future.
  8. Brohg Augur

    um, yes it did. Maybe not "game changing" depending on definitions, so "OP" can be debated, but the power level of Riposte is Pretty Darned High. This partial and indirect nerf cost me over 250k dps in each of my runs 3boxing Fight Fire. I went from 3 minutes of fighting to 4! That nerf is enormous, it really is -- but the power was there to be lost. Saying it wasn't is disingenuous in the extreme.

    Thing is, this nerf is indirect and partial, more restrained than could be imagined, really, if nerfing Riposte were what developers were actually trying to do. That's the most obvious sign to me that their stated intention was real, and that the nerf was just a happy coincidence. I can be sad about the nerf and still acknowledge that.
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  9. Bigstomp Augur

    I have not noticed the performance improvements they mentioned.
    Raid scripts are still laggy as they were before.
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  10. Raccoo Awaiting Bobbybick's next forum video reply

    Yep, worst than the shaman double dot nerf (EOK they already had cut down dots once, then the same dots after ROS was released were cut) (when they had no nukes to fall back on for dps), along with their self DPS burn also getting cut from 5 min to 2 min, and from 20 casts to 10 casts.
  11. Tappin Augur

    Maybe they are trying to prevent mass killings (see bard nerf)? If that’s the case we can just go an expansion back or so and reproduce roughly the same amount of lag.

    Whatever lag reduction they gained from this nerf, just going to be replaced by more bad behavior. I think they are just waisting everyone’s time.
  12. Derd Augur

    They never said you would notice any difference.
  13. Brohg Augur

    They're not trying to do that. It's not the case.

    Riposte being nerfed is an (I expect welcome) side effect of melee combat optimization, and that's all.
  14. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    Exactly. It could have been an even worse nerf. They could have just castrated Heroic Dex. The Gods have steadied their hands. Some non-believers are blind to their benevolence.

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