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  1. Piasa Journeyman

    I fear they are still behind the wheel.
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  2. Alandros Elder

    I don't think you understand how products are developed. They don't ask for permission from their customers for something. MMO players can be so ridiculously specific. Change something and people will be upset, don't change things and people will be upset, change things in way X and piss of group Y and vice verse. People just need to grow up and set their expectations like adults. If you don't like something communicate it clearly, constructively, and in a mature manner and give them a chance to react.
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  3. Ferry-Tunare Augur

    How much red tape could their possibly be in a group this size? Someone needs to get out of the way and put Dzarn in charge.
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  4. Tweelis Augur

    Ummmm....gaining half a level by doing 3 HA's is broken. Even gaining 8% of a level for an easy 20ish minute risk free run seems quite fast. Are you looking for an I-Win button or something? or are you simply upset because your participation trophy is smaller than other people's participation trophies?

    Calling for somebody to be fired because they fixed an obvious problem....yea!
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  5. Borek-VS Augur

    What exactly is the problem that you think was fixed by shuffling the NPCs in PoK? Pick one that wasn't made worse by it, please.
  6. Tweelis Augur

    Congrats on missing my point Borek. I was referring to the broken xp gained from doing HA's and the fix that was implemented to get closer to what I consider normal gains. My post in no way referred to the shuffling of NPC's in PoK.
  7. Borek-VS Augur

    It just seemed like the only possible thing you could have been commenting on :). Oops!
  8. Vlad Diszno Augur

    My wish would be to eliminate the artificial exp slashing for 101+ in the pre-CotF zones. That and the attitude that came w/ it( telling us what is fun) is a hurdle I haven't been able to overcome. At one time, I was looking forward to buy for 3 accounts before I became informed( 2 of which I had just made all-access earlier in the year, the main since '99). I am becoming disenchanted because as of yet I haven't been able to justify buying even for my main.

    The 'streamlining' of the forums is also a negative for me. Usually my first stop was the Tradeskill and Homeshow Discussion and I'd venture out to other forums from there as the urge hit me. Now I'll have to wade through a much much busier forum to find posts relating to my primary forum interests. Veterans' Lounge was usually one of my last stops, since there is just so much to look through there. I know that quite a few that frequented the Tradeskill and Homeshow Discussion over the years would have loved to break even that up to 2 separate forums.
    I know that Housing stuff doesn't get high frequency of posts and now it will certainly even get less. For one, some posts may not even get read by all that would be interested in it if pushed out of page 1 by higher frequency posts. For another, I think there is a certain comfort of posting in a specific place where most others share similar interest which will make someone more likely to post even trivial/silly things. With less posting traffic about Housing, seems like the overall traffic would diminish.
    Certainly there is a bigger chance of others responding to a housing post in this streamlined forum, thus increasing traffic, but will all of that be useful/ productive/ positive?

    The only upside I see is that everyone will be exposed to other elements of the game, but if they had any interest in that element, it was always just a click away. Now everyone will have to wade through posts they may hold little interest in. And for those that don't check forums daily, stuff they may have been interested in might easily go to the 2nd page. Don't know about others, but I don't normally check the 2nd page on the forums. The stuff I am interested in didn't moved that quickly, I could check forums at a relaxed pace and not miss anything. Though now it's likely a whole new ball game.
    I don't feel it's an exaggeration to say it's gonna stink for me.
  9. Yinla Augur

    They will have a long wait for that, eq players have long memories, we still mention cloaks promised with PoP and ship to ship combat in TBS.....the EXP nerf discussion isn't going away until it is reversed.
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  10. svann Augur

    Even with the so-called xp nerf I still have trouble finding people that will do TDS because everyone just wants to do dh. Thats a problem imo.
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  11. buffalou New Member

    I'm Sorry but did you say give them a chance - the original statement was that the dev's & Holly were so glad for all the discussions/ideas that the player's have contributed and they will do all they can to help implement some of them with some more discussions - BOOM - right off the bat XP screwed nerf/ 3/4Vendors now gone(confusing most of us without any reference) and let's not forget the forums were all the lively discussions were to happen have been put in to the ARCHIVE area - forgot you can't reply back there.
    so who is scr----- who.

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  12. adinaei New Member

    your half right svann although the thing that drives most casuals away from the TDS is the sheer size of the mob's health pools / exp rewarded per their health pools is low not to mention some people don't have very many AA and those 8 million hleath mobs take too long to kill for the exp they give I know that even with 50k dps it takes about 1 minute 50 seconds solo to kill a lumbering crab on brother island
  13. Kellaer Augur

    Holly, look at this. LOOK AT THIS.


    New customer service policies says they can not restore deleted characters, even if it was from a hacking incident. This is the ultimate insult to players that have been playing this game for 16 years. Now I'm scared that my character could be hacked and have an apathetic customer service rep (who used to be really good, by the way) tell me to "feel free to re-roll a new character." This has already happened, as shown in the link. If your vah shir beastlord is deleted because of malicious external behavior, do you think you will be OK with making a new one? How do you think a person that has played their character for a year? Two? The entire life of Everquest?

    Nothing you do to Everquest matters until you are decent to its players.
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  14. Indigo Augur

    Oh my God. Vendors have to eat too! Daybreak is cutting down. Iron rations and water flasks add up!
  15. Nennius Augur

    Mrs. & Mrs. Brady can we run a video game company ? Let's get Alice, some kids from the neighborhood...
  16. guado Augur

    It almost sounds like there was a mini scam going around. I'm talking about those "random" transfers to FV and account transfers. Just a random thought. Maybe that contributed to this total lack of Customer Service / Customer Appreciation (or lack thereof).
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  17. Uxtalzon Augur

    Holly, it would be nice if you could explain why customer service has taken such a nose dive, being unwilling to restore hacked accounts and such. If it happened to you... well, players can't just give themselves back their gear like admins can. You can't expect a car to get very far if the wheels are taken off. Is it not enough players are already tired of the crap SOE tried pulling prior to becoming Daybreak?

    Also, what about the plan (I think from Georgeson or Terrazas?) said in early 2014 that next year's expansion will be bigger and better (meaning this year)? I can't find direct links or videos, but it's basically the reason I kept playing EQ through to this point. I no longer have any reason to play anymore except to raid a few hours per week.

    I rescind any suggestions I posted before. I thought the game was "business as usual" but now I just want the game to be still alive and perhaps some security if my 1000+ days played account is compromised. As it is right now, this game doesn't deserve anyone's loyalty.
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  18. Ferry-Tunare Augur

    Yes, everything I ever asked or hoped for us so petty and unimportant compared to the crap that's currently going on with hacked accounts and eff-off customer service.
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  19. Barton Augur

    Non restoration of deleted character/s that may be up to 16 years old with tons of time invested in them is even more of a non starter for me than the xp nerf.

    Every other MMO has some way to restore deleted characters. If you want to see this game die a quick death keep this new policy. I think this may be the stupidest thing I have ever seen from an MMO company, and I remember when Aradune would not admit that things were broken on live and kept insisting we the players were wrong and then he finally had to admit and apologize as he was testing it only on internal servers.

    Can't wait till the mmo news sites get a hold of this talk about major bad press
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  20. Frenzic Augur

    I don't mean this to start a fight or belittle anyone who has had a negative experience, I'm genuinely curious.

    In my 16 years playing this game, I've never once had a character accidentally deleted and never once had an account "hacked". How do things like this even happen?? I have over 10 active accounts and never had anything close to one of these issues.

    Is it letting friends and family play your accounts? Is it signing up to dubious websites or not having malware/virus protection? I truly don't understand how it would even happen in the first place.

    With that said, lack of CS is never a good thing. Sometimes NPCs eat items and that is a really bad situation when doing long quest.

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