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  1. Fendy Augur

    It's already happening
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  2. gander Augur

    So instead of 16-19 AA's per 40 mins of work on a HA, we will be getting more? Please open the TLP's now. Geez.
  3. Garshok Augur

    Agree 100% - leveling this expansion seemed a heck of a lot easier than the last few level increase expansions.

    Which is why the ROF and below exp nerf seems so . . . baffling.

    If leveling 100 to 105 was breaking teeth hard, I might grumble about the xp nerf under my breath, but I could see OK, it is consistent with what they have done with TDS release - makes sense that way. Instead, leveling is easier than it has been in the past, even with the nerfs, but they also decided to nerf content en masse that players liked . . . which doesn't seem as though it would be significantly faster than the methods they left in. Which seems to say 'we don't like that you enjoy some of our content more than other content.' Say what?

    OK, sorry for the derail. But yes, the exp is broken. I think that is one thing the pro-nerf and anti-nerf proponents agree on, even if we disagree on exactly how it is broken.
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  4. Alandros Elder


    1) The xp nerf happened before all of this, you do realize that this discussion has been in response to the XP nerf and not the cause of it. Really curious if you are following any of the progression of events if you mixed up that order of events.

    2) They switched up PoK, ohh no the sky is falling... lol. I personally think people are over-reacting. Given some time people might actually like the change. This is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. People want to know that the devs are actively developing the game and when the devs try something people instantly don't give it a chance. If you look in some PoK threads you'll see people immediately jumping to the conclusion that NPCs are gone or impossible to find, then someone else respond that *no* they are just over *here* now by other NPCs like them (that might actually make more sense).

    You are simply proving my point by being incorrect in your assumptions in #1 and not giving the devs a chance in #2. Relax, speaking your mind, then sit back and see what happens. There hasn't been enough time to make *any* conclusions about the new dev team focus, period...
  5. beryon Augur

    The gone NPCs are still gone. They most certainly did not get moved near similar NPCs. What happened is that the deleted NPCs' inventory got moved to a random, unrelated vendor. For example, all the fletching vendors were deleted, and their inventory was placed on a random smithing vendor on the other end of the zone. In turn, other smithing vendors were deleted, and instead of consolidating their inventory onto the remaining smithing vendor, it was moved to a random baking vendor. So yes, the NPCs are gone, their wares are impossible to find using logic, and none of it makes any sense.You obviously don't tradeskill or you'd understand how frustrating this is.

    We're trying to give them time to work on our concerns (such as the xp nerf) but when they use that time to make the game more confusing, for no apparent reason (entirely removing PoK vendors and placing their inventories on random unrelated vendors) it makes it doubly frustrating.
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  6. Alandros Elder

    *sigh* then this is simply a bug, file it and move on, even less to keep going on about.
  7. Weverley Augur

    I was thinking that it has been moved to npc in the same tradeskill.I check yesterday on luclin and it looks like the fletcher npc near small bank as the stuff that the 2 near guild lobby use to have. But im gonna check on other tradeskill to see if i can find everything all over pok on same tradeskill ppl near small bank.Maybe some tradeskill vendor r bugged but didnt saw that yet.
  8. Fendy Augur

    The fletching vendor near the small bank is still there.
  9. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    They took a hit on exp potion sales. This will fix their problem with that.
  10. Melanippe Augur

    This isn't "simply a bug". They actually posted this lunacy in the Patch Notes. Further, one of the developers has made a vague comment about looking into the mess that was created. Do try to keep up. ;)
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  11. Yinla Augur

    Still reading?

    There has been some pretty serious issues brought up over the weekend, which need addressing.
  12. Weverley Augur

    Ok i have done a few trophy and did the recipe they were asking in pok and so far i can confirm that brewing items are with the npc near small bank.Pottery items are still with the wood elf between main bank and bazaar. She got items that other npc in room use to have so mainly the sketch items. Ok when i was doing pottery they ask me for metal bits to make a pot so i went looking for smithing npc and found smithing npc near small bank as the ore i needed to make them.Seems to me that after a period of adjustment it's gonna be far less walking then it use to be. I wouldn't be surprised when people have adjusted to who sell what most like how efficient it is now to do all the tradeskill.
  13. EspiritunNox New Member

    Windstalker said:
    “Thanks folks! Still eyeballing.”
    "Still reading?

    There has been some pretty serious issues brought up over the weekend, which need addressing."

    I wonder if her internet is "broken" again?
  14. Fendy Augur

    First there's eyeballing, then there's pondering. This is followed by chatting and group pondering. Then planning and delegating. It's exhausting and takes weeks. When all of that is done and only then can action be taken. Followed by eyeballing and pondering and testing and . . . . . .
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  15. beryon Augur

    The consolidated NPCs by the small bank were there beforehand & have nothing to do with the recent change.
  16. guado Augur

    The devs are spending all their time on temporary content. Could we please get resources fully focused on Expansion 22? We need a good one. Not a TDS.

    How many hours have been spent on the Anniversary Group Content Missions!? Players: stop being fooled by easy-to-obtain Anniversary Items. This is just an excuse for the developers. Make the expansions amazing. No one is counting Brew Day, Stomples Day, or Bristlebane Day as "content." They are simple wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am time sinks that have zero replay value.
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  17. Crystilla Augur

    You don't know what they're spending all their time one ... just that some time is spent on what you consider "not" content. Some people do consider it content (just limited time content) so please just don't use blanket generalities.
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  18. beryon Augur

    I am! Lots of people enjoy the anni quests. There's a handful of new quests each year. I really don't think TDS would have doubled in size if they skipped making a few anni quests.
  19. guado Augur

    They're enjoyable to a point. Then after you've run it 10+ times, they get old.

    Until they actually speak up, there's no way to really know. Sorry, and I know you don't like it, but it is the truth. Time after time, expansions fall short. What is increasing in size? The amount of Anniversary Content.
    Their resources are dwindling, yet they chose to prioritize temporary content.
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  20. beryon Augur

    How would that be different if they put the quests in the new expansion instead of running them during the anniversary? It's the same amount of time either way.

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