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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Risiko, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Angahran Augur

    How about giving us tradeskillers the option to buy a Warehouse instead of a home ?
    It's not pretty, no pets running around (maybe a guard dog?), no pretty plants or fountains, but has something like 5000 tradeskill only slots in the house plus 1000 in the Shed and 1000 in the Closet ?

    Maybe let us buy larger sheds and closets ? (or at least some way to expand storage.)

    Also, add properties that we have access to to the find window, e.g. any level where you have access to add/remove items.
    And let us 'grab' from all these locations.
    Being able to 'place' items into houses from the find window would also be useful.

    And a 'combine stacks' button would be great.
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  2. svann Augur

    Id like it if power sources showed the percentage left on the icon, similar to how evolving items show the percentage on the icon.
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  3. svann Augur

    On the socials page (not the hotbars) - more room for more macros. Im pretty much out of slots, except for a few that I can redo because I dont use anymore.
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  4. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    oh duh, don't use the feature at all! why didn't anyone think of that rather than suggesting they make it more user friendly!
  5. Duder Augur

    Ohh, don't put any thought into loot besides checking a box? Make a suggestion as to what would be an improvement rather than knocking a very good and adequate system, do some work yourself rather than blaming devs for poor design or lack of improvements.
  6. Yinla Augur

    Add collectables to this please. :)
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  7. Lannin Journeyman

    I hear theres this whole movement of over 1 million people who are going to storm the DB studio unless they get Aura Timers and GROUP NET !
  8. Koryu Augur

    Maybe after fixing Night's Endless Terror overwriting Illusion Benefit Greater Jann...
  9. sauron3030 Lorekeeper

    Greater hold command for swarm pets.
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  10. Duder Augur

    Yes and swarm backoff or swarm kill, something
  11. Travestii Elder

    This may have been mentioned elsewhere before, I didn't look, but as I was tradeskilling and individually picking 42 different stacks of unsellable tradeskill items out of my container to destroy, I feverently wished for an update to the way the Destroy function works with containers, with a check to ask if you would like to destroy the contents of the container (assuming there are contents) before asking if you want to destroy the container itself- similar to the way that the selling function was updated to sell the contents of the container first.

    edit: apologies, I did my homework and this was mentioned earlier, but the point remains:

  12. kizant Augur

    It is working properly tho. :)
  13. RPoo Augur

    remove 2: Add Proc: Jann's Light from
    Illusion Benefit Greater Jann
  14. NavyMatt New Member

    I didn't read through all 75 pages of comments so some of this might have been mentioned previously. As a player who returned after about a 13 year break there is a lot of content I did not experience that I would love to go back and work on. But some of the games restrictions don't let me do that very easily. So my recommendations would be pretty straight forward.

    1 - Keep all the standard rules and regulations in place for the current expansion plus the previous 3 or 4 expansions. This way you maintain the challenge for the newest content.

    2 - Anything older than the most recent 4 or 5 expansions, just open it wide up. Max respawn timer of 6 hours on raid mobs. Faster respawn on regular named mobs. Get rid of level restrictions on things like Naggy and Vox. Remove group size requirements for quests. Let my merc and me raid something if we want. Basically, make the older content easier to access and more enjoyable for the casual player who wants to go back and revisit stuff.

    I think you can strike a balance between content that pushes the envelope for raiders and those who want a test of their skills while also making the enormous amount of old content available to those who just want to explore and check out stuff they would not otherwise experience.
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  15. Elyssanda Augur

    its definitely time to remove the 6 man raid restriction for OoW/GoD zones.
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  16. KarmaKitty Journeyman

    Main: Paladin (molo) Primary Alt: Necromancer (molo), which may color my opinions.
    I would like to see…

    …Revamp the vendor trash. If it is not a quest item, collectable or trade skill item, make it a gem. Add gems as needed.
    As an example, you may want to say the expansion has 1000 new items, but if 720 of them are new forms of vendor
    trash why ?

    …A station cash purchasable keyring for (a) Teleport items (b) Nimbus items (c) general clickables not already covered.
    Is the a reason to separate out pet vs. character illusions ? What about targetable illusions ?

    …Food and drink slots on the character display with some display as to how much time before the next is consumed.
    I don’t care if it skips into your bags if empty as long as you can click on items in bags to consume. Also, allow food and
    drink items to stack up to 1000. This would help when doing trade skills and in the bazaar.

    …I believe a Guild can have only one neighborhood guild hall yet there are four plots in the hood. A station cash
    purchasable “Guild Warehouse” would be nice. It would be a very large structure deployable on a guild plot. The
    massive interior filled with boxes and crates. An array of Warehouse attendants would allow (bank like) access to
    a pool of items. Attendants for Collections, Spells, General and by individual trade skill would be purchasable in
    game for coin. Of course, the warehouse/guild plot are rented and require upkeep.

    …Ability to get items from your house when at a bank. Useful if your are storing all those silly “Quest” items just
    In case you ever go back to finish (or even start) that quest.

    …Add a Currency exchange vendor to POK, which will SELL/BUY other currencies for platinum. Remove the current
    bags of currency from the loyalty vendor. Add a new bag of platinum which when clicked produce an amount of
    platinum based on your years paid. Not sure how that’s handled for lifetime subscriptions. I’m fine with a cap.

    …Allow lesson to stack with XP potions. 2 lessons = 100% XP for 1 hour, which is basically the same as a 4 hour
    25% XP potion. Yet, popping the XP potions blocks my access to lesson for 4 hours. If that 4 hours drags across
    days, it possible the loss of lesson XP negates the potion bonus (why buy?). This makes the potion only usable
    when one is able to dedicate 4.5 hours of play to the one character, which for ALTs is not often in my case.

    …Allow specification of offline characters as long as they are on the same account. This goes for guild commands,
    Fellowship commands, and things like adding a character to a group. This would remove access complications for
    molos to various missions, progressions and LDONs. Basically, locked out of content because it’s a hassle.

    …Allow specification of more than one guild leader.

    …Improve the durability and DPS of Paladins a bit. Well, maybe a lot. I’m used to getting whacked around, but I
    really don’t like dying to blue con mob when my healer merc takes a nap. Maybe you could look into getting the
    mercs more sleep, so the don’t nap sometimes.

    …AA purchasable Track ability (already have one for Forage).

    …AA purchasable strength based ability to force door (aka pick lock).

    …Pet inventory (I can never remember what my pet has on).

    …Improved Pet follow, since it tends to fall behind.

    …Revamp Necro pet graphics: one standard skelly model that increases size somewhat with level, which varies in
    color. On top of that add an abundance of pet illusions which stick until the pet dies, a new one is cased or until
    you zone into some zone that can’t accommodate the illusion. I miss my old giant skelly.

    …The new Overthere should function like the new Freerot and be accessible from POK.

    …Revamp the old Graveyard zone as the new buff/lag pile; Three or five statues around the zone giving off
    different levels of buffs. Ya still have to hang out and wait to get a complete set of buffs, but it is not as hit
    or miss as the existing lag pile. There is probably some way to block off the different groups and reduce lag.
    You can move the hot zone and HA guys here as well.

    …Add an alternative to get the TS components for a Gem cutter. I believe, that one requires a drop off vox/naggy,
    which is a real hassle for those above their level cap. Then again, online info for EQ is frequently out of date.

    …Take fishing to 350 and add a fishing trophy. Add similar quest/test for a Grandmaster’s trophy augment. Gives %off
    for all skills. Requires 300 in all skills and max evolved trophies (consumed?) to start. Levels up based on how may skills
    you take to 350. Test requires rare items from across all expansions, but reachable by anyone. No need for flags or

    All for now.
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  17. AcemoneyFV Augur

    I think this is a big problem because of TLPs. Can't really change stuff on LIVE without it also impacting the TLP servers. So this would probably never happen.
  18. Whulfgar Augur

    At least 1 zone that's a true challange.. How about that?

    It does not have to be tied directly towards progression or give any rewards outside if a T3 grp gear or augs ..

    Nameds in this zone that are a 2 group plus encounter ?? Like Chelsith named A Huge Mistake. In era.. this named required more then 1 grp of people to take out.

    More Drakes that nuke from orbit.. people hated this but time its trivial to pay attention to your surrounding areas and kill every thing around you or that roams.

    Trash mobs that enrage would be awesome.. after a certain amount of time.

    Bring back mobs that area flux.. flinging people round.. no not just the tank.. but an entire area.

    People have already said they dont care if the last zone in the expansion is super hard or locked behind expansion progression.

    So how about giving us players that enjoy a challange some thing we could be challenged by ?
  19. Whulfgar Augur

    I would drool at a combination of plane of war grp zone.. combined with Skyfire ..

    Many many named that require more then 1 grp to take. Along with a zone boss like the chess master dude . And all the great items thos named drop.. is awesome..

    We need more of this type of set up zone wise..
  20. Brohg Augur

    been done, you missed it. Ashengate and Frostcrypt both in TSS. Huge flap, immediately nerfed into the dirt.

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