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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Risiko, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Thexder Journeyman

    They should make an expansion that is entirely focused on making all the content in the game scale to level. The most outrageous suggestion ever, I know. But TESO did it and it was amazing. I thought it would ruin the game, I thought it would ruin the sense of progression you get from being able to 1 shot a lower level mob that used to kill you etc. But none of that happened. You still feel like you are making progress and you can still 1 shot lower level mobs because not everything scales, just about 90% of it. It means you can just follow your nose and explore, and anywhere in the world you end up, will provide fun gameplay for you to make progress. If you are enjoying an area, stay there as long as you want. If you are not having fun, just go anywhere else and it will be suitable for you no matter what level you are.

    You have so many zones in EQ that are barely used. How many people do you think go to places like Befallen or Runnyeye? 1 a month? 1 every 6 months? What a waste. If I want to go to Upper Guk at level 100, I could go there and get some exp. Mob levels should scale and that shouldn't be hard to do. As for items, make new ranges of Defiant Armor to go the way to 110. So you go to Karnor's at level 110 for a change of scenery and you can still get exp and still get loot, but it is only entry level loot. The good loot can still come from the current high level content.

    I think this is the best use of dev time. Instead of making all new content every 6-12 months, you make it so the thousands of zones already in the game can actually be used by everyone.
  2. Brohg Augur

    That's ... exactly Heroic Adventures? Which are cool sometimes but lead to the Gribble Problem. Unambitious Grindy McGrindersons just find the most straightforward spot and then never see any other part of this giant game for most of a decade. They don't functionally broaden the game, they hyper contract it
  3. Raccoo Augur

    1. Advloot option, toggled on/off, to exclude rolling on loot that you were out of range for, or dead during the kill of. And/or Leader/ML ability to toggle this on/off so people that can't loot it won't autoroll. This would help when doing raids across zones, or just boxing characters.
    2. /con or can't buff messages saying what range of buffs can be used on lowbies.
    3. A message every 15-30 minutes that reminds you that you have a corpse rotting.
    4. A timer for tribute/trophy to automatically turn it off after so long. (possibly just the afk flag turning it off)
    5. Miniature map (like EQ2) that is up in the corner showing the immediate area around you, but still able to pull up the bigger map showing more of the zone.
    6. Instances for older raids, like PoP/VT.
  4. Act of Valor Augur

    That, and

    for hundreds of zones would be a monumental task that would take them an unfathomable amount of time.
  5. Stymie Lorekeeper

    A similar game did just that in a recent patch. It works pretty well.
    I have no idea what went into making it happen, but I doubt it was years. It's broken up into level brackets though. Not level 1 to max.
  6. Thexder Journeyman

    Maybe but it would change the game so much and make gaming news websites too. I also think they would need to automate it. They also would likely have to pick the right zones for it because there are a lot of cities that wouldn't need it and some zones that wouldn't suit it.
  7. Brohg Augur

    I would like more types of contents-restrictive containers. Like with collectibles and tradeskill items, smaller 20/32 slots crafted, 32/40 slots quested in game, 44 slots via /market? For just weapons, and for just augments (ahem, ornamentations)

    Related, but much more work so probably out of scope for "Q.O.L.", I'd like mob drops with no other function (not combinable, not food, not for quests, no stats. things that just have plat value like… various body parts, typically.) to gain an item tag that indicates they're vendor fodder. "This item is of value to Norrath's merchants" or some such. Which a restrictive container could then snag.
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  8. Gigantasaur New Member

    In ESO the game and players are scaled to max level and the power gain comes from maxing out skills and CP which is their version of AA's. Players are not considered "max level" despite being level 50 until hitting a certain CP number. I really don't think that system would work for EQ because the dynamics of character progression are so much different (armor set bonuses, skills, CP, etc.)

    I agree though that making all content relevant to all players of any level would be super cool
  9. Aurastrider Augur

    Even if they made every zone scale what are the odds of finding players in 95% of these zones still? What incentive would players have outside of finding a new grind spot to ditch current content with gear upgrades for grinding in a zone decades old? Also this would make it very difficult for players to complete older progression that they struggled with when it was current since the mobs would forever be leveling with them. Also trade skillers would be devastated because those old zones that they rely on for materials would become to time consuming to farm. The economy on so many items would be totally wrecked and availability of low-mid tier gear would diminish rather fast.

    Personally I like the current system of revamping older zones and releasing them with a new expansion. This idea basically kills their ability to recycle content and I highly doubt they have enough staff to release a new expansion with all new zones which means we are either stuck with biyearly expansions or expansions with 3-4 zones. This would be a game killer not a game changer imo.
  10. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    This has been on our "list" for a while, but not percolated to the top. Also, these items would "auto delete on buy" on the vendor to help those who like vendor diving for tradeskill components.
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  11. Brohg Augur

    I (and I hope everyone else) would be super okay if that mechanic entered the game only applying to current/new items, with older stuff gaining their tag as time allows in patches
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  12. Rickate Augur

    Weightless coin, /barter from any zone, advanced looting and Auto Loot All option. Let alone Fellowship campfires, veteran rewards and such that allow someone to pretty trivially access a vendor in almost any zone in the game.

    Instead of having coders spend time on "auto delete on buy" you can simply have the mobs drop plat. Once upon a time having most of my screen filled up with a spell book, deciding what items could be put in a sewing kit knowing those items were a misclick away from being destroyed, being unable to tab out of the game and referencing a hand written list of vendor prices, inventory management was an important part of the game. Not so much anymore on pre-Luclin prog servers although making a mess of trilogy inventory probably sells a few more virtual bags and nothing but mindless tedium on "normal" servers.
  13. Aurastrider Augur

    There are a couple of problems with this. First the obvious loss of revenue due to big bags becoming obsolete. Hunter achievement rewards would be pointless since the rewards for those are bags. Player made bags outside of the tradeskill only one would be worthless and as a result a lot of the materials used to make them would also be become worthless over night. The afk bot armies would be able to profit the most since they would never have to worry about bags filling up from vendor trash. Lastly they would have to determine every item in game that should be eliminated with your new system which sounds way more time intensive than the current plan. Even if they just gave an invisible tag to everything not already tagged with trade skill or quest this would seem to me like a much simpler method than literally confirming every items deletion from the game before removing it.
  14. strongbus Augur

    not going comb threw 38 pages. But I would love it if you could make it so we could see our xp and aaxp on the ui without having to open other windows(aa window or invitory window)
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  15. Brohg Augur

    That players interact with them is a reason to keep them. Players *don't* interact with vendored items after they've been sold, they just block other items that players do want to interact with (the tradeskill drops Ngreth mentioned)
  16. Angahran Augur

    1. Get rid of the ridiculous 'no storage' tag!
    2. If an NPC want's you to collect 'Item X' and you have 'Item X' in your inventory, let them accept it and not insist on a new 'Item X'.
    3. Items which are only used during a quest should be marked once the quest is complete so you don't fill your bank with random notes and letters and scraps of paper and 101 other completely useless items.
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  17. Aurastrider Augur

    The last one seemed to work out really well. I hope they scrap any plans of doing it again if at all. The last thing I need is to log in and find my character select screen empty because they forgot to move my toons with the merger.
  18. Muji Augur

    Didn't read all 38 pages. Want to be able to set a guild banner with a hotkey instead of opening up guild window though. Least for standard banner.
  19. Winnowyl Augur

    Having alliance messages in their own filter, rather than in "Others Spells" would be champ.
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  20. Risiko Augur

    I added an experience bar to my player window. You have to edit a text file to make it work, but the code is listed in this thread that I made.

    I've been busy, but I intend to add AA experience bar and Level/AA count eventually.

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