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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Risiko, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Rickate Augur

    Vendor trash probably isn't itemized in the 2018 expansion. They are going to want mobs to drop an average of say 500 plat, diamonds and blue diamonds are likely going to continue to drop and it's common to have one or two expansion specific vendor trash drops. The expansion wide diamond loot table is essentially necessary unless the Devs simply add Diamonds and Blue Diamonds to Jeweler Nonny, possibly with some expansion based flag so there can be a market for looted diamonds on prog servers even once PoP opens. Lets say the diamonds and expansion specific vendor trash totals 200pp per kill.

    Now to make the other 300pp they could have the mobs drop an average of 300pp or they can make rib cages, eyeballs, teeth and all those other items to interact with, set plat values and loot tables so the average is 300pp per mob. Then based on customer reaction you add vendor trash in with the Feb 2019 patch because the game is too sterile if you don't have a bag full of random body parts at the end of a play session, decide to go back to variety of vendor trash for the 2019 expansion or consider cleaning up the vendor trash in the Ring of Scale and/or targeting specific obvious targets from older expansions like the vendor trash runes created specifically to have no purpose other than being sold when research was overhauled and a bunch of drops were eliminated from the game.

    I realize to some it creates depth to the game to have to know that you should fill your bags with non-stacking Galorian Bone Fragments instead of Crushed Skulls, Eyeballs and Torn Limbs and there are optimization methods like setting your own /buyer on another account with 999 of each of those items at 1cp and have the /buyer vendor those items to eliminate inventory issues.

    I know for some people it's fun when a Dev posts there is a quest in Stonebrunt for the Glowing Black Stone and I'm sure for some it's fun to spend an afternoon messing around with a Holpa Mak Gor Gragl thinking they could be the first to solve how it's used in tradeskills and the more different things the mobs drop the more potential for mystery but most of those mysteries do end in disappointment and maybe the purpose of itemization shouldn't be to drive traffic to zam and eqtraders.

    Issue identified: vendor trash creates tedium. Solution on a list somewhere: create tag for these items to inform players and prevent them from appearing on vendors. Alternate solution: stop spending the time to create new vendor trash every expansion.
  2. Aurastrider Augur

    I am still confused as to what your overall goal is here. Are you suggesting that they just don't create any new vendor trash or are you suggesting that they remove all vendor trash from the game or both? From a lore perspective having every mob in game drop coin instead of vendor trash just seems weird to me. Honestly the fact that most mobs even drop coin seems odd to me. What reason would a bear, wolf, cat or other animal have for carrying coin. An undead creature walks into a bar, throws down a bag of plat and asks the bartender for some ale? I can see some creatures carrying coin like humanoid types (goblins, giants, orcs and such) simply due to them killing adventurers and taking what ever possessions they had on them and keeping them as a trinket but its doubtful most of the non player race npc's even have a use for coin. Odds are they trade goods not coin which is why we have vendor trash. At the end of the day removing vendor trash from the game makes no sense from a business perspective due to it trivializing bags and it makes no sense from a lore perspective.
  3. Leigo Augur

    Show back equipment as visible.. I want a cape /cry
  4. Raccoo Augur

    Wish there was a category you could select for in /bazaar and buy/barter that you can choose for certain tradeskill items, like Alchemy/Tinkering/etc.
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  5. Angahran Augur

    I have both of those on my player window, plus AA and MercAA available counts.
  6. Lorai Journeyman

    Gosh this thread is long. Someone may have already suggested this but:

    Max AA's. Not happy spending 125 AA's on useless Fireworks while my Merc's AA's are struggling.

    I would gladly spend 25 or 100 AA's to get 1-5 Merc AA's instead. Most of the Groups I join are full of 6 real players. Other Groups typically only allow the "Merc with the most AA's" to play, which only adds to my dilemma... The result is I Molo with a wimpy Merc, whose AA's come slow as molasses.

    Could Merc AA's be added as an option in addition to Fireworks for spending our excess AA's?
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  7. Exquisite New Member

    There have been a lot of insinuation that a number of changes suggestion aren't feasible or simply not going to happen.

    It would be great if a developer could point us to what is on the roadmap for quality of life changes, even if it's not a guarantee. I know there is sensitivity on sharing features as it feels like a commitment, but it'd help a lot knowing what has or hasn't been heard.
  8. strongbus Augur

    i can do it as well If i want to use a custom ui. But i rather have it on the defualt ui. I hate having to redo my ui everytime they make a change.
  9. Lorai Journeyman

    Indeed, I've seen other suggestions to add separate Tabs on the Guild Bank Window to hold Tradeskill Items and Collectibles to help us manage the sheer numbers of these things floating around.

    I posted a suggestion earlier; the possibility of giving us a Personal Tradeskill Peddler to hold unlimited, alphabetized stacks of Tradeskill items for our character. If we want to allow another char to take from our stash on the peddler, invite them to a group and bring it up, with emote messages showing their activity. Also, unlike our other peddlers (bank/merchants etc...) eliminate the active time limit and/or re-pop timer for the Tradeskill Peddler, as that would be bad for tradeskilling.

    Seriously, we need better ways to manage our tradeskill items!
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  10. alanon Lorekeeper

    I would like to block some spells from being cast on my mercenary. Also, stop flight of falcons from overwriting spirit of tala'tak.
  11. svann Augur

    Id like it if buffs with counters would show the counters left when I mouseover. The tiny type is too small to read unless I lean into the screen. Right now a mouseover shows name and timer, but not count.
  12. segap Augur

    A way to remap the numpad Enter key so it doesn't enable the chat window if you accidentally hit it. Some sort of logical consistency of why extended target assignments sometimes remain mapped when you log and sometimes don't.
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  13. Verily Tjark Augur

    If you really loved us, you would install a gif keyboard in the chat system and let us use gifs instead of words
  14. svann Augur

    no more escort quests
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  15. Lheo Augur

    let the spellbook always open on the last site not the first one with lvl 110 i dont care about lvl 1 spells ...
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  16. Angahran Augur

    1. Add guild bank to the 'find' system.
    2. Add find feature to spellbook.
    3. Some way to increase guildbank size, housing storage size.
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  17. Greymantle Augur

    Increase number of characters allowed in a fellowship
    Lower number of fellowship characters required to set a campfire to two (rather than three)

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  18. Thoxsel Augur

  19. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    where's oue Dislike button!
    Still No. We are not going to give players a second guild.
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  20. Aurmoon Augur

    Enable players to restrict the content of containers themselves. I love how tradeskills bags only hold tradeskills components because it serves to automatically filter my loot as I get it. I would love to be able to set my existing “all purpose” bags to restrict what they can contain, essentially replicating this auto filter ability for things such as “collectibles” “armor/gear” “vendor fodder” etc.

    So basically I can take my hunter satchels and then right click them and select “Collectibles only” or “No Armor.”
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