Quality of Life wishes and dreams. What would you want?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Risiko, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Nuttann Elder

    I had been wanting the never option for a while.

    This would really help for the non-lore, non-stackable, nodrop items. Trying to farm haze panther skins in WL and hitting my forage/autoinventory hotkey as I go running to find next mob, I end up having to stop and destroy way too many Bark Bindings and Fresh Tree Sap. My Recover tab from vendors is now full of that instead of items I might actually want to recover.

    If this is done, it would be nice to get a message something like - "You have chosen not to pick up 'Bark Bindings' that you saw". That would at least remind you that you had something on Never that you now need for some reason. Then you could turn it off.
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  2. Daedly Augur

    I wouldn't mind if we could get the % readout for experience bars go be accurate to .1% or even .01%. If that's even possible.
  3. Risiko Augur

    Actually, if I may add to that...
    1. Add the experience bar to the default UI under the characters name (the one always on the screen. Not the Inventory screen.
    2. Add actual numbers for current experience and experience needed for next level to the hover over of the experience bar. Why do we have to have percentages instead of actual numbers?
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  4. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Mostly because they are ridiculous.
  5. Blackburrow23 Elder

    I'm sure it'd be fine. Other games display large numbers. I think people mostly want to know if what they are killing is worth the time. For instance, I would rather kill something that gives me +25 faction then something that gives me +1 faction. The problem they are trying to solve is knowing how much xp is earned per kill so if the system said "You Gained .03% Regular Experience" that would be exactly the same as knowing the real number.

    I know he said he wanted to hover over it but what is the difference if the system displays +200 regular experience with a giant exp bar vs +.03% regular experience with a 0%-100% exp bar
  6. Quatr Augur

    I agree that it's a problem, although not a huge one. When I am on my low-level and even mid-level alts, it's usually clear how much regular XP I am getting per kill. However, later on it becomes "5 kills per 1%", "10 kills per 1%", "15 kills per 1%" and so on, so it becomes progressively harder to tell whether a particular camp is good XP. It would be nice to get a better idea of how much regular XP each kill gets you. Note that this is usually not a problem with AAXP because AAXP is more granular and easier to monitor.

    Or if the XP bar showed decimal fractions.
  7. segap Augur

    If you constantly stare at the exp bar, it will take longer. If it feels like you're outleveling a camp, move on.

    Besides, the exp per kill really isn't the best metric. What you should care more about is exp per hour. The current bars and percentages are granular enough for getting an idea of how well you're doing over time. Every time they add more precise data, the immersion level goes down. Try to enjoy the game some.
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  8. Horathmir Elder

    I dont think you guys realize when Ngreth says ridiculous, he actually means obscenely ridiculous. This was already address a long time ago I think by Rashere. Some number would have to be displayed in Scientific Notation because they were beyond the capability of the UI or the UI piece for that one item would end to be as long as the screen is wide to display.
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  9. Daedly Augur

    So, would adding decimals for regular exp readout be a reasonable maybe someday thing or does it fall more into the not gonna happen category?
  10. Aurastrider Augur

    To each their own but to me this sounds like a huge headache involving a calculator and spread sheets to try and squeeze out that extra 1/100% experience. I just look at xp before I grind and look at it periodically. If the bar isn't moving at a rate I like I find a new camp. If they did implimented something like this I hope it would be optional with the current method being the default for display purposes.
  11. Tatanka Augur

    So, when can we no longer level because of hitting the int limit? ;)

    At that point, we'll have to sell ourselves in the bazaar, at the plat limit, of course!
  12. IblisTheMage Augur

    XP percentage/numbers is the last thing I would want. Only time I look at it is if I have too little safety xp, so that I de-level when I die :)

    What is EQTYPE? Some kind of ultra generic way to compose UI? If so, I am all for. Building a window with the things that matter to my playstyle would be awesome.
  13. Risiko Augur

    You know us EQ players are geeky nerdy weirdos that like our spreadsheets and number crunching, so actually this kind of thing is the sort of thing we like lol.

    To that end, would it be possible to have a chat text (with accompanying chat filter) to give the following after a kill?

    You gained xxxxx experience points for killing [npc name].

    Then us number crunching folks could use the logfile (hello Gamparse) to do analysis and nerdy stuff.
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  14. eqgamer Augur

    but you’re part of the minority. Easily.
  15. Daedly Augur

    I want it for when you hover with the mouse, I don't care about changing the bar itself.
  16. Tatanka Augur

    I don't think so. At least the easily part.
  17. Gialana Augur

    This isn't what you're asking for, but maybe it will help.
    If there are a lot of items dropping that nobody will want, I set the dropdown next to "set all as" to leave on corpse. Then when I'm sure all useful items have been moved out of the main loot window, I hit the "set all as" button, and it clears up the advanced loot.

    If they could make items immediately left on corpse if everyone in the group had the item set to never, that would be cool. It would also be great if everyone except one person in the group had an item set to never, the item would immediately go to the one person instead of waiting for a roll.
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  18. fransisco Augur

    Are you racist because I'm a gnome?
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  19. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

    I'm sure some will disagree with me, but I think it would be nice to limit the banked AA cap a lot more on TLP servers. In Luclin you can bank 120 AA ahead of time for PoP, can bank 130 for GoD, etc. That's pretty close to the total of useful AA's for those expansions altogether. For nerds like me that play a ton, we're maxed AA's again just a day or two into a new expansion. I'm sure some players find that convenient, but it really kills the incentive to group with your main character quite fast. I'd actually enjoy it more if we were limited to 20-30 AA's banked (pretty sure it was 30 max back in the day?) and had to grind the rest once the next expansion is live.
  20. IblisTheMage Augur

    I think it is pretty safe to say that Everquest players are more geeky/nerdy that the average population.
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