Progression PvP server? Will it happen?

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  1. Titanuk88 Elder

    good idea

    i dont see the problem with them making a small event server like quarm with pvp that would last 3-6 months just to see how much interest they generate for a pvp TLP server
  2. Lucky Charms Journeyman

    If they want pvp in the slightest to even work theirs some things I'd suggest they do, the first thing and this is the biggest thing is restrict Alliances down to Race/Deity, also cap the race/deity selection to say 4, (we don't wan a million human agnostics running around), and for the first month the only alliance you have is with your Race/Deity, then after the first month you get to vote on 1 -2 races and deity you would like to form an alliance with, then DBG, select 3-4 other race/deity combinations to pair you with based on statistics and composition (number of players active, and group types, so every alliance gets a cleric, porters, and other core raid requirements)., *I know this sounds like a dream* but I'll tell you why we should do it this way.

    Now this vote, after the first month will take place EVERY THREE months, meaning a new race/deity combinations happens every THREE months, this will shake up the server make the top guilds break up so the people who controlled 99% of the raid content will have to form new alliances.

    This also limits the options that multi boxers can select from.

    Ex, guild leader a , did someone from your old alliance ninja looted something while now you have the chance to hunt them down.

    One of the major problems I remember from Sullon Zek was that the evil deity controlled 90% of the content because they had 90% of the players, having new alliances formed every 3 months is going to make the server very interesting and give it a very fresh new feel.

    This fresh new feel will only allow and attract new players to come join , since their won't be a dominating side.(I hope)

    The other big thing that needs to be added is like Contested Mark, like mark of the mighty that adds a buff to raid bosses, this contested mark will also add a buff to raid busses when more then say 5 players from each alliance have done DPS on a mob with mark of the mighty. Contested mark can triple the current mobs health pool, make it harder to burn down a raid mob.
    The MAJOR reason behind this is to PREVENT CROSS TEAMING, yes during Planes of Power on Sullon Zek the very first week cross teaming was a huge problem, guilds would team up to defeat content. This would also go against the whole logic of scrambling up alliances every 3 months if people could just cross team kill content.

    Their are way more things that should be done to make PVP server great but I think these are 2 of the major ones.

    1. Shake up alliances. every few months.

    2. Punish those who try and cross team, raid content. (Contested Mob Buff)
  3. snailish Augur

    Not sure this is even worth trying as a Quarm event, but that would be the place to start.

    The more special conditions it needs to succeed that don't already exist (i.e., old Sullon Zek rules in theory are collecting dust ready to be re-used) the less-likely it is to ever happen.

    Effort/investment to payoff value... A Phinny 2.0 in a year or two has to have them salivating more at Daybreak than PVP concepts.
  4. Carlos Journeyman

    I would be in for a pvp server.

    Class : rogue <----- everyone can kill me and i like it, give me some.

    /wave Titanuk
  5. Titanuk88 Elder

    Can’t hurt to try
  6. snailish Augur

    That's fair.

    A Quarm event really makes the most sense as they could try a few different goofy things, let people earn multiple prizes per event may keep the population up longer too.


    Classic only with prize tiers for 50, 100, 500 unique PVP kills. 3 months to do it.

    PoP era with 51/50 naked start. Prizes based on flagging completions (group level, raid level) and server firsts. Maybe a PVP kill prize too.

    Numerous other better ideas that others could suggest.
  7. Titanuk88 Elder

    anything is better than zek
  8. Britans New Member

    Bump. I’ll bring 100 people to this server alone. Pop locked no instanced raids.
  9. Accipiter Old Timer

    Wow, you must be the Dale Carnegie of EQ.
  10. Titanuk88 Elder

    kind of pathetic we cant get a GM to address this or anything,

    can make the same boring progression server over and over but cant even respond to forums post
  11. Raltar Augur

    The boring progression server will make them at least a 100 times more money than a pvp server 10 people would play on.
  12. Titanuk88 Elder

    a red server dad would beat up a blue server dad

    you see? i can say random things supported with 0 facts also

    thanks for the support
  13. Titanuk88 Elder

    Looks like the red server would generate more $$ after looking at these pathetic #s lol
  14. Titanuk88 Elder

    Just a quick stat report, which seems to support the idea that new TLPs kill old TLPs:

    Current population: 968 across 3 /general channels,
    Launched: May 24, 2017

    Current population: 396 in /general, >100 in /baz (request cut short), 91 in POK
    Launched: December 9, 2015

    Current population: 196 in /general, 69 in /baz, 73 in POK
    Launched: May 29, 2015

    Current population, 308 in /general, 97 in /bazaar, 84 in POK
    Launched: May 21, 2015

    Fippy Darkpaw (Vulak'Aerr)
    Current population: 0-1 (I was the only person listed in /general or /who all)
    Launched: February 15, 2011
  15. Titanuk88 Elder


    join the fun ( no you cant normally autoattack people a mile in the air, while they are on the ground)
  16. Brunlin Augur

    I would love to see either an Alignment team server (Sullon-Zek) or a Racial Team server (Vallon/Tallon) with a 8 level difference. Sullon was awesome except the no level caps was stupid. Level 50 wizards aoe grey fey newbie yard was not cool. I dont prefer a Rallos Zek server but if this was done than 4 level difference with Yellow Tells displayed on a global chat when someone dies to another player.
  17. Titanuk88 Elder

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  18. Zansobar Augur

    I don't see why people think this will happen...there is a PvP server over on P1999 and its population is always abysmal compared to the PvE version there. If anything similar happened here it would be an incredible waste of time for the devs to pursue.
  19. Titanuk88 Elder

    Please know what you are talking about before you posting here about how "eq pvp sucks or it wont make money"

    how are you comparing a red99 server ( it had over 1000 people on launch with 0 promoting outside word of mouth) to live eq servers that will go past velious content and have paid people on staff to do jobs correctly.

    no1 wants to deal with shady server resets in the middle of pvp or GMs that are just drunk, do whatever they want and sell gear off banned accounts to their buddys?

    Also p99 said it would never add yellow text or increase XP gain ( did both after they lost 700 people due to shady gms and p99 bugs)

    there is a reason that only 100 people are playing on it and it has nothing to do with the quality of EQ pvp
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  20. Karthor New Member

    I would play a pvp server, plus 2 other buddies would come back. Who wants to start again in a 3rd blue server (Phinny, Agnarr, C-whatever)? Plenty of blue servers for people to play, why not throw the reds a bone and see if it works out.
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