Progression PvP server? Will it happen?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Farzo, May 25, 2016.

  1. s1ckness New Member

    yeah it probably has the lowest population for the start of any TLP server so far

    daybreak should try something new
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  2. TLP4Life New Member

    PvP TLP would be amazing.

    No AoC though...

    Population wise it couldn't not be any worse than the garbage server released last week...
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  3. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    Nobody mentioned this from the patch notes this week:

    - Handing in the Tome of Order and Discord to a Priest of Discord will again flag the character as Player Versus Player.

    It doesn't say if it was totally broken before or what the situation was. I know I saw those two red-named players when I made the quoted post, but now I wonder if they were PvP flagged or something else. Either way, it looks like PvP is an option again for those who want to do it on a Progression server.
  4. MoveFastRZ Bloodsaber

    It certainly was broken before. I reported it through various channels in the hope that, since it was an actual bug, it might get addressed. That was years ago, at least.

    I can confirm it is working properly now.
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  5. Numzan Augur

    Yes i have seen many people pvp flagged on the new TLP server. All the best to you guys.
  6. Destroyuer New Member

    If they did do a progression pvp or just fixed the pvp now pff straight shut up and take my moneeeeyyy
  7. Goodkitty Augur

    monks, monks everywhere
  8. Kazturath New Member

    I played on Vallon Zek during launch through kunark. PvP was a lot of fun as a race war server. PP and One item loot from inventory work quite well. PVP has never been And never will be balanced. You simply had to learn to play to the advantages of your class. I could see a server with that rule set doing quite well, especially if the role-play community would wake back up.
  9. NinjutsuMMO Augur

    PvP really gets the heart pumping.... always feel alive when i play... PVE just seems cold and lifeless.....
  10. Thorn New Member

    Yeah, the gang bangs and 4 second cast times look like they really pump you up.
  11. That0neguy Augur

    Congratz on your year old necro.
  12. Brawl Elder

    +1 TLP PvP server
  13. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Don't forget about the trash talkers that only eat because the
    government paid for it.
  14. markkk Lorekeeper

    yep on april1 2220 i think.