Progression PvP server? Will it happen?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Farzo, May 25, 2016.

  1. ECrack Augur


    The abysmal population was due to cancerous exp rates. Don’t speak of what you know nothing about. When it launched the response and interest was massive.
  2. Titanuk88 Elder

    another idea for zek

    wipe it clean and start over
  3. Titanuk88 Elder

  4. Titanuk88 Elder

    tired of people stealing your camps and not being able to do anything about it?

    or do you want mass pvp for trakanon?

  5. Poledo_EQ Elder

    It's funny, but EQ is the reason I won't play a PvP server to this day. I did my first year as a Rallos Zek player, it was almost 6 months after I left Rallos for a blue server that I stopped jumping every time I heard a spell cast.

    More power to anyone who enjoys it but you won't ever see me there!
  6. Titanuk88 Elder

    well over 1,000 people on it with 0 promotions , imagine what live could pull between zek / p99 / other people looking for a EQ pvp style game again with some promoting . Zek is a free server , 99% of them would pay to play on a fresh start pvp server.

    Also people NEED gear on red servers = more krono sales

    No games promote open world pvp anymore or mass fights over raid mobs.

    keep the instances so guilds can still compete and gear up but let us fight over the open world bosses again . Have not found a game like that yet ( maybe archeage but thats pay 2 win mostly )
  7. Titanuk88 Elder

    understandable , eq pvp isnt for everyone and its completely different than other games now

    but people from blue servers saying that its a dead community and there is no money to be made are just ignorant or idiots.
  8. s1ckness New Member

    nice videos !!! makes me to a tlp pvp server even more !

    anyway we can get some GMs to say something?
  9. snailish Augur

    Odds of announced Coirnav server being turned into PVP instead = slim. (it getting FV loot is a better bet, if one wants to bet for any change at all).
    Odds of there being a Quarm event this summer = decent
    Odds of Quarm event being PVP... possible
    Odds of another progression server launching in 2018 after Coirnav = slim to none

    2019 progression server is probably not a Phinny/Coirnav (looks like they are setting up a 2-year launch cycle of that basic ruleset).
    2019 progression server being PVP... possible but not a bet I would make. Racing Unlock in some form (something in the spirit of Combine/Sleeper) is a better bet though... as this is a ruleset they could basically set up perpetually (beat it, characters dump to live, next one starts).

    If PVP was the thing I wanted, my target would be coming up with a Quarm event concept people could get behind. Make it dev and CSR not-intensive and it is more likely to actually happen. Someone else should do that, but for example:

    Quarm PVP event Summer 2018: Deathmatch in Velious
    -no instancing or load balancing
    -fast XP
    -truebox (unlikely they go the other way)
    -level 40 naked gear start with spells/skills maxed @40 character creation (like the 51/50 template --they'd have to make this but it would be useful down the road in other situations)
    -faster spawns (if any of the Bosses/named are coded in this era aside from Velk's --it varies iirc)
    -Sullon Zek team rules
    -could do FV loot
    -rewards for solo, group, raid kills. Account can earn all the rewards of the event (keeps people playing). Rewards based on PVP type targets (kill counts, kills in specific zones maybe) and for key content clearing.
  10. Kahna Augur

    I have always loved how EQ PvP types have a reason for why EQ PvP fails and that reason is never the simple one, that EQ PvP is bad. It’s always the exp rates, or the bugs, or a bad GM or what have you. Apparently EQ PvP can only be successful in the perfect storm situation. What really makes you think an EQ TLP server will be the perfect storm. GM support? If you need sharp GM support to make your PvP server a success it is doomed. EQ PvP has a large draw until folks actually level up and experience it and realize just how bad it really is. The rose tint fades from the glasses fairly quickly and it goes downhill fast.

    A Quarm style short lived server would be your best bet. End it before folks get sick of it. And established PvP servers are worse than established blue servers for leveling a new character on.
  11. Titanuk88 Elder

    im glad a blue server player finally found out why pvp servers fail, thanks for the info but you have no idea what you are talking about. SOE or Daybreak have NEVER done a pvp progression server? so you are just talking like every other bluebie does with 0 facts. Yes, you need a good server without bugs and shady GMs giving out gear to friends for it to be successful long term but this idea we need " perfect storm situation" is ridiculous.

    Silly kid, who said we need "sharp gm support"? i said we dont need gms selling gear to their friends to make the server look shady and not worth investing in .
    You only need the GM for banning hackers and maybe training? or just make training legal and there would be 0 need for in game support outside bugs.
    You wont have guilds and groups crying to gms about how mobs got stolen from their camp.

    you are dumb to think people just level up on a red server to realize how bad it is. If you are getting on a red server you already know what you are getting into..

    Thanks for the support!
  12. Machentoo Augur

    Please do this just to permanently shut up Titanuk and the 2-3 other posters that actually want it, when it is a complete failure.
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  13. Titanuk88 Elder

    thanks for the support!
  14. Kahna Augur

    I played on Sullon Zek from start to finish, but thanks for assuming I know nothing about PvP or PvPers. Some PvPers enjoy the toxicity that PvP brings, but not enough people like that style of play to make it worth their time to make an entire server dedicated to it. You are better off shooting for a Quarm situation.
  15. Kahna Augur

    They will just make excuses and blame everything DBG didn’t “do right” as the reason for the failure, not the fact that PvP in EQ is bad. They will never admit that.
  16. Tachyon Augur

    I'd say prove your meddle if you really want it. Make a post for a new self imposed progression PvP guild on Zek (I'll join) to work through from ground zero and see how many you can gather. If it's enough we can make a case for our own progression server.
  17. Machentoo Augur

    One progression guild doesn't cut it. If there is no one to fight, there is no sense playing on a pvp server.
  18. Tachyon Augur

    Spineless! We played self progression guilds for years before dbg picked up the idea. You have no right to complain if you don’t even want to try!
  19. Titanuk88 Elder

    i would love to admit that

    but they have never done a pvp tlp server so how can i?
  20. Titanuk88 Elder

    that would never happen but even if it did, you always have those few small crews that love staying small and doing what they can.. Feels real good when 6 people wipe a raid of 72