Progression PvP server? Will it happen?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Farzo, May 25, 2016.

  1. s1ckness New Member

    i would love to mess around on zek type progression server

    never tried pvp but i would like to see what everyone is talking about
  2. Titanuk88 Elder

    you also have to be a sub to post on these forums.. ( kinda dumb but i get it)

    Do you expect the people that only want to play a pvp progression server are going to subscribe just to post on the forums lol?

    hard to get support from a community when they can't be heard
  3. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    Fine, get them to post on Reddit or something like that.
  4. Titanuk88 Elder

    man you are reaching and i dont even use reddit that much but thats a good idea
    could get even more players from reddit for the red server

    How about the 10-15 websites that are still have active forums from guilds on pvp servers + random websites supporting pvp or just talking about it?
    here is just a few
    https://*********/index.php?action=forum ( e ) not sure why link wont work

    here are some discords people have instead of forums now for people that are still looking for a game like everquest with open world pvp / greifing
    ( yes all these discords are different communitys that support everquest pvp and would subscribe for it )

    i could find more if i tried but this should be good enough ?
  5. Britans New Member

    Supporting what titanuk says. Lots of interest from people for a server like this
  6. dankasaurus_rex New Member

    Would love to try some PVP.
  7. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    Let me be clear, I'm not against a PvP Progression server as long as it is profitable for DBG to open one. In my two large posts I detailed very specifically why I didn't think it would work, in addition to the class balancing and customer service issues that had already been covered. All of those issues are real and relevant. The question is, "are there enough people out there who would enjoy a server like this despite those issues?"

    What you've shown is that there are still EQ PvP communities out there, and they could potentially be interested in this. Reading some of those forums it seems not all are happy with the Zek Seasons servers, and not all are happy with Red99. Many of the issues they cite would be present on the DBG server also, plus they would have to pay a sub to access it. That's not to say they wouldn't still be interested, but it wouldn't be everybody in agreement and coming here from those places.

    I couldn't see the discords without joining and I assume those are voice chat servers or something like that. So I'm not sure what the people in them truly want. But they clearly exist which adds to the point of "these people do exist out there."

    All I'm saying is that if you want this badly enough you have to show DBG it would be worth it. Those people have to come together and lobby for what they want in a common place where DBG can see it. These forums would be ideal if all could post, since they can't, Reddit is a decent place where anybody can make a free account and there is already a /r/everquest to post on. Devs do look at it sometimes as I understand it.

    Number-wise this would have to be pretty big to make money. Ragefire, Phinny, and Agnarr all had good launches with lots of people, way more than 300 on day one. At $15 a month, if it pulled in 300 subs for one year, that's only $54k. Subs would likely need to be closer to 3000 to make this worth it, but of course I don't know DBG's internals and can't say for sure.
  8. Titanuk88 Elder

    A Red server would need less attention than a blue progression server

    in fact you dont even really need gms on the red server(bet money they would sit around on the red server more just to watch pvp ). just ban hackers and let them go

    everquest was never a class balanced game and everyone that played EQ pvp knows this, from what i hear is that they just dont have the orginal code ( some how p99 does ? ) so yeah they would need to do some minor fixes maybe? or just get the code from p99 if thats possible?.

    yes people would play on it anyway, there is a meta in every game and this would not be different even if there was a balance problem. play the OP classes for pvp open world fights

    zek is just a seasons thing that gets wiped every 6months and is not classic at all ( mostly custom) server that is ran by 2 people on a custom server, doing it as a hobby and still pulls 300+ every season( not a lot) but it still shows how desperate people are for eqpvp. No other game gives you the open world battles for raid bosses anymore. Archeage maybe?

    Cant compare red99 issues with DBG - no1 wants to pay for service or drunk gms that are shady and randomly ban accounts for no reason, then take loot off banned accounts and RMT it.
    i dont see that happening with DBG

    No one has a problem paying a sub fee for a live pvp progression server. like i said before , the problem with red99 is there is no more progression to do and the people that run the servers are worthless ( maybe you get a petition answered every 8 months)

    DBG would get the entire zek population(98%) + / quitters + randoms that missed that part of everquest.

    im guessing 1500-2000 people at least would play on it , another 500 would dabble from blue servers on off raid nights .
  9. NinjutsuMMO Augur

    I'd play on a pvp server until it closed, alas i've been waiting forever and am putting my hope into ashes of creation pvp...
  10. slayerofbats Augur

    It will never happen. This game is close to death, they need only the most popular ideas.
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  11. Titanuk88 Elder

    another blue progression server is the answer?
  12. Funk Augur

    Heck even a new server like Phinny with better XP and Guild Wars enabled'=)
  13. Titanuk88 Elder

    Something like the Quarm event server with pvp would be awesome
  14. Ghaleonagas New Member

    ^ quarm type pvp server would be the next best thing to a regular pvp progression server. We need one ASAP
  15. NinjutsuMMO Augur

    One thing i've seen, as a former project 1999 Red server player...

    The server thrived under kunark locked era content due in part to the fact that gear was trade-able and people could trade it for other gear for alts and the market was thriving...

    People could also leave the game and return at a later date and still have a viable character or trade their former gear to gear another depending on what a particular group or players or guilds needed at the time...

    When they released velious it became a PVE more than PVP server due to the fact that velious raid gear was far superior to that of classic and kunark era and it forced people to raid to be viable in pvp.
    As time went on people got burnt out, it was also impossible to play viable alts and people that were casual in nature got left behind, returning players were also unable to catch up and the server seemed to die until there was just a handful of toxic people left, mainly all in the same guild raiding ToV day after day with no PVP left...

    I think a locked server would be better overall to attract returning players and possibly locked in a era that didnt require raiding day after day to have a viable PVP character... ( Kunark or PoP ) would be ideal for being able to get around and gear fast and effectivly in my opinion...

    But id join any new pvp server that let me start fresh with players as a whole rather tan join a 20 year old server and spend all my time trying to catch up on gear, AA's, clickies, augs, keys ect,ect.....

    But these are just my thoughts...
  16. slayerofbats Augur

    There are still some ideas with progression servers they haven't tried. But "the answer" is making the game better for the future which they haven't done and never will and it is too late to even try now anyway.
  17. Titanuk88 Elder

    its never 2late

    if you build it, they will come
  18. Jsyn New Member

    Red, FV loot rules, and you can loot 1 item off players after you kill em!
  19. Breaker New Member

    I'll make a serious return when a progressive PvP server opens. It's not the future of the server I pay for, it's the continuous nostalgia of it all. I'll continue as long as the needs of my love for adventurous/exciting friends are being met; bring us new frontiers!
  20. Soulfire Lorekeeper

    Make a pvp TLP.

    No GM support.
    Only ban cheaters.
    4+/- pvp range.
    Coin loot.
    Official leaderboard.

    #makepvpgreatagain #red99isshit