Mangler is once again asking for Relaxed Truebox

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Mesozoic_mangler, Apr 7, 2023.

  1. Quickfist New Member

    I retired my box cleric because of the constant True Box.

    I always prefer playing with real folks and not boxing but sometimes it's not possible to find a group. Especially challenging with progression quests.

    Would definitely add a sub if True Box relaxes.
  2. Lucerin Apprentice

    Lots of complaining about new accounts, but no actual calls to deny relaxed true box on this thread in 48 hours. I haven’t played on Mangler in a long time, but I’m aware of many of this players from my time there, and a lot of these names are very active on Discord. This thread is being shared as the place for visibility, and all those who never come to the forums are here supporting the call.

    Good luck Mangler!
  3. Captain Video Augur

    Nobody I know who plays on any server opposes the relaxed truebox rule. The consensus is that it only matters in the Classic-PoP era. I don't play on Mangler, but I add my own good luck to the petition. I am stymied as to why there is continued dev resistance, especially after what they did on Coirnav.
  4. Moggman Elder

    Mangler is in TDS (eq's 21st xpac) level 105 cap. RELAXED truebox is very overdue at this point on our server when your new server's remove truebox entirely in the 80's era
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  5. Pikollo Augur

    I guess my original post got deleted for angering the truebox gods.

    As I said in that post. The truebox rules for Oakwynd should be the standard for every TLP past and present. I know Mischief pop is still doing great and they don't really need it. A lot of current TLPs do. They should really consider current TLP and follow Oakwynds example.

    I've been playing around on Vaniki and it feels like the only reason the server has players is because of relaxed truebox (and now mercs). If Vaniki had truebox I think it would look like a wasteland. I'd argue mercs could be released earlier as well to help people but I know that would get shot down.
  6. Honorimp New Member

    Its 2023. Older TLPs with hardcore truebox are bad. New TLPs without Mischief loot rulesets are bad. No one wants to deal with multiple pieces of hardware like its 2002 again. The only way I'm re-subbing and going nuts on microtrans some more is coming back to a TLP like Mangler for relaxed trueboxing.
  7. Kodachi Augur

    As a brand new account who is definitively someone else's box, please make True box go away.

    If no other reason then to upset people who don't actually play on mangler and have no horse in this race.
  8. Karhar Dream Crusher

    True box makes no sense past omens, all it does is kill servers in the long run.
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  9. Swish New Member

    This would be so helpful!
  10. coltongrundy Augur

    Well, stop. You knew what the rules were when you signed up for it.
  11. Theultimatethrowdown New Member

    As the most beloved person of Mangler, i'm here to veto this idea. Especially since, well, its dumb. Make these players buy more PCs!!! No Truebox!!!-- jk, ill come back to Mangler full time if you relax truebox.
    Sincerely, Jethrow
  12. Mesozoic_mangler Scholar

    You truly are the most beloved player on Mangler. Every time someone apps to a guild people ask around to be sure that the person isn't you because they absolutely wouldn't want to forget to roll out the red carpet and bring hot chocolate to your warm welcome.
  13. SoandsoForumUser Augur

    Never mind don't give us relaxed truebox.
  14. Krizem Elder

    I support this request. Keep Mangler healthy, maybe we can be the first TLP that has a live server merge into it when we reach the end. What is the typical number of guilds on a live server that does current raid content these days anyway?
  15. Pixnmode New Member

    That would be pretty nuts, but tbf I bet our population is higher than quite a lot of live servers so that's kinda crazy to think about ... Mangler becoming a straight up live server lol.
  16. Sentury New Member

    Without data, this is a very healthy server with a pretty large group of excellent players. There are no less than 30 people that I know who would sub additional (more than one) accounts to be able to box without having multiple boxes. Yes, please on this change. Adapting the server to meet the contemporary needs of a 3-year-old server makes sense.
  17. Falafel Lorekeeper

    Maybe a weird analogy, but it's kind of like when marijuana was legalized, you go back and release people who were jailed for it.
  18. Grizle_mangler New Member

    Would 100% sub another account with relaxed truebox.
  19. Magneress Augur

    Relaxed true box of 2-3 accounts with software logging keypresses and catching automation is the way to go.
  20. Aelo New Member

    I am a current player on Mangler. I have never boxed and probably never will, but I support anything that improves the health of the server at this later stage of its lifecycle.