Mangler is once again asking for Relaxed Truebox

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Mesozoic_mangler, Apr 7, 2023.

  1. Mesozoic_mangler Scholar

    Hello Devs, GMs, and other Darkpaw folks. I am posting this to ask that you consider giving Mangler (and other TLPs) relaxed truebox. Even if we didn't get this change until the expansion you gave it to coirnav, this would be amazing.

    Mangler currently has at least 7 guilds that are clearing content and all of these are sitting at 40+ mains. This would prove an extremely lucrative change for Darkpaw. I know I'd sub 1 or 2 characters myself, and I know plenty of people who are interested in subbing more characters than they have active now to replace mercs if you allow this change.

    You've developed awesome new tech for making truebox reasonable, and there's no reason to punish loyal customers or yourselves by not letting us help fund the development costs on your new relaxed truebox code. Please give your customers what they want and make some money in the process.

  2. Hollykins Mamma

    Yes please!!!! There is no reason not to have this active at this point in the game! It basically is nothing like live would have been like in tds with truebox :( lemme give u my monies pls!!
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  3. Tasian New Member

    I can't even describe how much of a boon this would be, and it would likely keep people engaged all the way through Live on what is likely the most populated TLP at this point in a TLP's lifecycle.
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  4. Babaz New Member

    I support this!
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  5. Nyanya New Member

    This would make life so much nicer. I would really like to be able to continue to support this game however I can. While i cannot afford another computer at the moment i could afford another monthly sub ; )
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  6. Cexii New Member

    I support this
  7. Whissla New Member

    This seems like a natural course of events for the server to take at this point. Its the way it was on live during tds. Heck pretty sure i recall tabbing over to other chars as early as House of thule and I had a REALLY bad computer. I support this too!
  8. Namien44 New Member

    Yes please!
  9. Flexin Not an amateur

    I agree!!
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  10. Petra New Member

    Would literally sub another account if we had relaxed Truebox, why do you hate profits, Darkpaw?
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  11. Vysh New Member

    100% please consider this quality of life change for us!
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  12. GingerAvenger New Member

    This would be a huge help for our server community!
  13. Malkurus New Member

    This would be great for all TrueBox servers!
  14. Snuffy New Member

    I strongly agree with this, some times its hard to find active groups going especially during off hours of the day. Making it very difficult for some people to get basic progression done, or even a decent exp group. It would open the avenue for alot of these types of players to participate on a whole other level than before.
  15. Clawzzx New Member

    Strongly support!! Instant new subs from me and would remove many major inconveniences at this point in our server cycle!
  16. Pamplemousse New Member

    This would be a boon for Mangler and the community there. Having relaxed truebox would enable many more people to group and clear content. Another sub is less expensive than a whole other computer with that money going straight into your pockets. For the health of the server and the happiness of its players relaxed truebox is the only way.
  17. Vanac New Member

    Yes please. Will sub another 2-3 accounts
  18. Ravanta Suffer Augur

    Give it to all TLP's. Heck, just remove truebox altogether on *all* servers.
  19. Octopus New Member

    I'd resub my 3 accounts for this
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  20. Shiseido New Member

    That would be nice!