Mangler is once again asking for Relaxed Truebox

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Mesozoic_mangler, Apr 7, 2023.

  1. Ssixa Augur

    I would love to re-sub another account or two, if I could box them on my only computer (Mischief player here). I think its beyond time for Mangler and Mischief to have Relaxed Truebox.
  2. Oakblade New Member

    Same here, I would get a second account if I could two box on my laptop. And eventually drag others onto play eventually too!
  3. Tweakfour17 Augur

    There is no good reason not to at this point, so much of the game is instanced and getting randomly DC'd because you were dpsing too hard is a horrible feeling. Relax Truebox on Mangler!
  4. Prollyafk New Member

    Another new member from Mangler that would support this.
  5. Magician9001 Augur

    God damn that's a lot of 0-3 post new accounts. Boxers definitely not upvoting on 5 different accounts each.
  6. Byun Elder

    I agree with this post.

    On a side note, essentially why this is getting hit hard with up votes etc is that we have a discord chat for leadership of all guilds on Mangler. It was brought up and discussed there. I think every guilds leadership agreed with this and offered to promote this post to their guilds.

    What you get is this... a thread that's getting a lot of response because it really is a server wide effort to get this changed. There are newer accounts sure. I'd guess 90% of the folks in my guild don't even know about the forums, but would want this changed. So yeah, you'll see a lot of newer accounts posting as we all know this doesn't go anywhere without the support.
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  7. Ghadius Apprentice

    I, too, would like relaxed truebox. Thank you.
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  8. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

    Most players don't post on these forums often at all. As Byun mentioned, guild leaders/officers in every guild on Mangler have been promoting this post to all our members. There's going to be another few dozen likes as the weekend wraps up and everyone promotes it in their raids next week. Are there a few people doing multi-likes on box accounts? Probably. But the response you're seeing is genuine and representative of the Mangler population as a whole.
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  9. Chuck_B New Member

    I just started on Mangler from scratch this past week. I've seen enough Bernies in the Discord from enough different people to know that the vast majority of the server's community is on board with this. Even though I'm doing fine moloing as I strive to catch up on the character I intend to main, I'd gladly dust off my other account if I could do it on one PC. Please relax truebox.

    (And if any Mangler guilds are interested in a server newbie with zero raid experience, but wants to change that eventually, yet has no expectation of handholding, DM me.)
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  10. Mesozoic_mangler Scholar

    Yea, most people don't bother posting on these forums on a server this old. The fun drama in this TLP Server subforum is all about the new stuff. This is like the second time I've been to forums in the last year that I can recall.
  11. Xhartor Augur

    What reason does a long term Mangler have to post on these forums?

    99%% of the posts are a rule set wish list for the next TLP, or drama about happening on the recent TLP. If you are hoping to stick Mangler to live, it doesn't matter to you.

    You probably have a guild, so guild recruitment doesn't matter.
    Vet and bug forum is mostly focused on the current live game.
    The Newbie forum isn't stuff that matter to you.
  12. Tildoorf New Member

    I think its about time to lift the truebox rule set.
  13. Magician9001 Augur

    Poor turnout so far.

    It's crazy that you're organizing a letter writing campaign and can't even get 100 people in the first 2 days. With a bunch of blatantly obvious box accounts upvotes.

    Aren't you one of the dudes that told me getting 150 people to show up in game at the same time was "not worth the Devs" time and you can't even get 100 upvotes with blatant vote manipulation and organizing in game.
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  14. Emalith Elentari Journeyman

    Lift the the Truebox please!

    Emalith Elentari
    Phoenix Ascended
    ...some day I will overthrow that Lancegar guy and fly this ship straight into the lava! o_O :eek: :confused:
  15. Ghost Of Fippy Augur

    Bot accounts Ahoy!

    There more plants in here than a greenhouse.

    Bumped for the rest of the real community to see this, and at the obvious fakery.
  16. Ghost Of Fippy Augur

  17. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

    Please just stop trolling this topic. Yes, we are both running a bot farm to manipulate likes on an everquest forum, while simultaneously having a poor turnout. You nailed it.

    I have literally no idea who you are or what I might have commented to you in the past. It clearly was a lot more impactful to you than it ever was to me.
  18. AethDW Elder

    Relaxed true box makes sense on any server past the first few expansions that doesn't have a high population. Good luck Mangler.
  19. Pixnmode New Member

    It's not worth it to feed the troll, everyone that plays Mangler knows him and his bot acct don't play here. Better to ignore him and let him continue to talk to himself
  20. Mister Domino New Member

    I would greatly appreciate some relaxed truebox