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  1. Tyranthraxus Grognard

    I Say this with Sincerity, even as someone who hated FTE at its inception and still do.

    Oakwinders got reamed by multiple factors than killed their server and drove many players away. They deserve a reset and to actually see what the server could have been, it honestly had alot going for it.

    Calling Tormax an Aradune clone is hilarious and wrong, The main feature that drew population to Aradune (and was promptly abandoned) isn't on it. Tormax is a Yelinak clone set up to fail against a Mischief. It's DoA as it stands, and Teek is going to need an overflow server alla Thornblade (which should have been merged by now).

    Give the experiment a shot. And please don't roll this thread into the discord style word soup feedback thread. Allow discussion of various facets of critiques, instead of drowning them. Feedback is more useful if you listen instead of lumping it all into one incongruous thread.
  2. spiff New Member

    Just weighing in to say please give us a Teek copy with no true box or at least relaxed true box from the start. Boxers have never had a crack at Mischief rules and we haven't been given a boxing server since 2020. People who box will be thrilled and come out for it. An Aradune clone or an Aradune adjacent clone has been done so many times. It's just not generating hype
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  3. Krizem Augur

    I think you make some great points. Other factors leading to the popularity of Aradune launch was being in the middle of Covid and the nostalgia of thinking back to the time of Brad and a server with less boxes (mixed success there). All of that is past now, so it's more accurate to say that this is a Yelinak clone.

    Whether it's too soon for another Oakwynd clone is debatable, though that community surely got a raw deal on the economy. I think the best idea (as pointed out by others) would be to appease the non-truebox folks with the Mischief ruleset.
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  4. Kahna Augur

  5. Kahna Augur

    Making the other server non-truebox didn't alleviate the queues on a server that was otherwise identical. What makes you think it would do anything to a Mischief loot server?
  6. Soriano Augur

    6 machines or one machine and VMWare..

    I think they want it to be one account per machine....but box crews get around it.
  7. Krizem Augur

    Well, I guess I'd settle for anything that reasonably differentiates the second server from what is basically vanilla TLP. Admittedly, the true-box Mischief server is going to claim most of the population. 10-20% queue mitigation is something hehe. Pure copy servers don't do great either. At least a non-truebox would satisfy some other EQ constituency. An Oakwynd or variable FTE could be another option. Just something other than vanilla!
  8. Tulisin_Dragonflame Augur

    I'm not big on boxing beyond sometimes running a pocket bard, but if Tormax was a Teek clone with both no boxing rules and FTE I'd probably still choose Tormax. Even if the intent was to eventually merge the two once they are both no longer box restricted and the resulting server didn't have FTE I would probably still choose Tormax. Dedicated boxers are going to box either way and FTE was really refreshing.

    I'm sure putting both of those niches onto one server would create some drama for people who want one change but not the other, but it could also differentiate Tormax from Teek enough to give them each viable populations.

    Tl;Dr - scrap Tormax as envisioned, do something else with it, preferably with FTE.
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  9. OldTimeEQ1 Augur

    I don't understand the ruleset of Tormax.

    Who asked for the generic TLP ruleset?? Atleast Oakwynd had evolving ruleset and FTE as unique stuff.

    So Tormax is Phinny 2.0. Against Teak, the mischief clone, it doesn't stand a prayer. RIP Tormax, All hail Teak!:)

    I assumed FTE is here to stay going forward. Guess it didn't do all the wonders , and give rainbows for every player as many claimed after all?
  10. Vicus Augur

    While I agree with your points, I feel Vaniki deserves a shot before Oakwynn. They did zero testing on that server and soon as they realized it was going to take some work to correct the server, they just abandoned it. While I know there were bugs and the plat dup issue, this was mostly due to players ruining it for everyone and the CS team not being able to respond in time. With Vaniki, it was ALL due to failures on Darkpaws part. I would love a Vaniki server if they applied 20% of the feedback the players suggested. 75% of the achievements list they released for that server, were never achieved, and most after gates, was not mathematically achievable at all.

    But also, to be really fair, Miragul server should be the first server to be given a real shot. That server would of been packed if they allowed boxing. But their decision to keep it truebox made it DOA at the start. Heck, Miragul server is the actual reason they developed "relax-truebox". Miragul with boxing allowed would still be one of the best launch servers they released.

    But the main point is, anything would be better then Tormax.
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  11. Riler Devour New Member

    It is truly mind boggling the decisions these devs make sometimes, but not surprising considering they did things like put Grummus and P4 Time raids in the same raid loot tier.

    If they wanted a "new school" and "old school" TLP server they should have made Teek as it is plus 2-3 toon truebox, and Tormax as truebox starting in classic. That would have given players a choice between old school nostalgia and the new school mischief experience.

    As it is now, Tormax is very obviously going to fail...and it's odd they don't really seem to care.
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  12. itiswhatitis Elder

    I truly don't think it is that they don't care. I just think they are extremely out of touch with the player base in this game. Any server going against fv loot will fail just happens that a traditional tlp was the worst idea possible. They pretty much just did 1 server for the 25th anniversary.
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  13. Sheila Elder

    I'll do the right thing and say apologies. I see quite a bit of rizlona stinge coming from people that didn't play on the server. I didn't go back to your original post and thought it was in regards to "They had a low population and no server kill webiste", which we did to the second. It seems that population stats and kill websites has been a popular thing to dog on Rizlona for.

    Let me clarify and say that that thread was an intentional troll. It's possible that it dipped to medium, but it didn't stay like that and Rizlona had a healthy population well into DoDH, with multiple guilds clearing it. If you go over the thread, I love the "only 80 people in commonlands" or general is abandoned.

    Once Rizlona found it's spot, we realized it was because we were all busy playing rather than being stuck in commonlands /lfg.

    However, more to your point and I agree. I don't think a yearly candence of non-truebox makes sense, I'd agree that there isn't the population to support it or a lot of non-truebox servers. I think those would be doomed to fail. But I think there's enough boxers with interest and I think now is a good time!
  14. Sheila Elder

    Yes, very much this.
  15. Soriano Augur

    The understatement of 2024 for the EQ Forums....we can call it this early this statement does not get topped between now and December 31st.
  16. CdeezNotes Augur

    Make tormax the Mischief clone.

    Teek should be evolving ruleset (Oakwynd similar) with potentially hot zones enabled that rotate at random every week. I would even venture as to say POP & relaxed truebox to start as well with the starting bonus being 25% increased exp and loot.
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  17. dentalplan lisa needs braces

    We need to hear more about the anti-cheat they promised on the roadmap before any of the ruleset stuff matters anyways. I for one will not be playing on another new TLP if enforcement stays at the current nonexistent levels.
  18. itiswhatitis Elder

    That is on there every year. And you will be on the new server regardless. Like every year.
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  19. Crackers Augur

    Tormax definitely misses the mark. Aradune was as popular as it was because of timing and the literal death of Aradune. People literally created characters there just to pay their respects, and the game was ripe for the population was ready for the changes it made.

    Honestly you don't need two servers, one of them with a major population problem. The best thing DBG can do here is create two identical servers to avoid the population problem. Both mischief loot, I'm fine with Kunark, and include the Oakwynd rules set with FTE and evolving bonuses. You would have two max population servers that if they started to decline in population, you'd could merge them with zero impact on the rules issue.
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  20. tollo New Member

    This is probably what the community should rally behind. It's a zero cost option that benefits both servers because it won't be an 80/20 population split between the two.

    Making Tormax era locked like Agnarr somewhere in the 70s expansion is kind of a neat idea too, but it wouldn't solve the population imbalance.
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