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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Ddezul, Apr 4, 2024.

  1. gnomesteve New Member

    Mischief rules with Kunark launch is a perfect 25th anniversary server! Please give people who want to box a version of it instead of Tormax. Tormax is going to be such a dud :(
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  2. Tyranthraxus Grognard

    I see nuanced discussion is being edited into a discord style stream of consciousness dump thread....

    Tormax could use some tweaking. Phinny clone is gonna be Yelinak'd just like Yelinak was.
  3. Intercept Augur

    There are more people who want to play everquest than those who want to play mischief remake
  4. Ilshade Augur

    So this means 6 machines and you can play 6 characters right from day 1 right
  5. Laberintica77 Lorekeeper

    Or... you don't have to play Classic EC if you hate it so much ? start in Kunark, no one is making you play original classic era. People like you want something different probably because you're burned out of doing the same thing over and over.. Bypassing a key expansion which is classic its part of the charm of EQ. With your mentality, why not start in PoP? easier to level, more zones to level, easier to teleport blah blah blah...
    When you start creating all these alternate worlds that are opposite of the the original vision.. its time to move on to a different game, there's a lot of emulated servers that spice the game up to play something that is not EQ; it just sounds like you're ready to move on to another game.
  6. FadedshadeTLP Lorekeeper

    Kunark has leveling zones from 1 to 60 and 1 to 50 was hardly ever used, because people maxed out in classic. A Kunark start is a good idea, at least just to try it and to utilize the leveling zones no one ever used.
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  7. Mashef Augur

    Kunark start is awesome.

    Classic EQ wasn't popular in 1999 - despite what the people with rose colored glasses say - the game took off late kunark/velious. So kudos for taking that leap to push past the classic nonsense a little quicker.

    +1 here for relaxed truebox much much sooner then OoW - disappointing there isn't a box option and you went double truebox instead of something say, relaxed on day 1.

    Excited for Mischief ruleset.
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  8. Hamshire Augur

    Everything people are complaining about can be done on another server while you sit in a 5-10hr que if you choose Teek. Wanna box? 5-10hrs of boxing on another server while in que. Wanna play classic? Play classic on another server for 5-10hrs while you sit in que. Wanna play later expansions? Play later expansions on another server while you sit in a 5-10hr que. ect, ect, ect.

    Lets say hypothetically they cloned Teek to make it two servers, there would STILL be a que on at least one of if not both servers, it would just be a reasonable 10-20min que instead of 5-10hrs.
  9. LawfulEvil New Member

    Truebox, Still going to 6 box anyway so it does not matter.
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  10. Stylin New Member

    This is a lie. It was medium maybe after a patch day once. I actually played on rizlona, did you?
  11. Vicus Augur

    You know it's an issue when the forums are being directed to one thread every time someone makes a new post. They don't like those unhappy titles....

    Anyhow. The mischief clone was a given but I assumed it would be the "safe" server, where they knew people would be happy with the announcement. The Aradune clone is a DOA and so out of touch. The only reason Aradune did well was because players wanted to honor Brad and Covid hit, so everyone had to be indoors.

    No matter what people say, Teek is going to take away a good amount of Mischief population. Which is weird because it was the one server that you could depend on for population at this point. This really seems like a server that would of been better next year as Mischief is only halfway through it's life cycle.

    But Teek will make many happy.

    Just really shocked that the 25th anny server is a cut/paste. No risk at all.
  12. Manafasto Augur

    I played on Rizlona as a single character and enjoyed my time there. The population was just right.

    Anywho, I wish these servers would included gnome sk/pally, halfling ranger, BST, and BZK at start.
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  13. Kahna Augur

  14. Sheila Elder

  15. Vicus Augur

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  16. Fizon Augur

    They got called a liar and proved they weren't? Lol
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  18. Cfuson Journeyman

    No one really cares about post RoF content anyways because that's when the devs decided to throw in the towel and just make the kunark-velious rehash expansions like EoK.

    It all went downhill after Alaris really.
  19. Chanaluss Can spell Doljonijiarnimorinar, Iqthinxa Karnkvi

    I have 2 pieces of feedback.

    1.) I am concerned with the lack of draw on Tormax server. Yelinak did not have the greatest draw as a standard TLP the year after Mischief launched. It was a standard, safe server, but by that point we already had Mangler, Coirnav, and Aradune for flavors of "standard TLP." Correctly, they decided to make a specialty server Oakwynd with its unique elements. I fear that without any gimmicks, even basic ones, the draw just wont be as big compared to something like Mischief 2. Maybe if we wanted to make it a hybrid-ish server, where the loot tables were standard with a chance for bonus loot, or maybe some of the QoL changes folks have asked for like focus effects, BST/BER or short hybrids at launch, it would provide something unique for the players to be drawn to.

    2.) Are we married to the name Teek? Seems like a weak pull from a massive pile of EQ names, especially when the ruleset doesn't really have to do with Franklin Teek's gimmick. If we're picking names out of a hat, we could've gone with other Velious names like Lendiniara or Hsagra or Garzicor. Maybe something to do with the Kunark launch like Drusella or Tolapumj. If we're sticking with the mischievous random idea, then how about Nillipuss the brownie, or Gubbin, the mayor of Rivervale. Maybe something Bristlebane-focused, like a notable mob from Plane of Mischief. Sniffles or Debbis seem friendly enough.
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  20. Krizem Augur

    The biggest problem I see is that the login queue to actually get into Teek is going be worse than Aradune launch. Probably a lot worse given the build-up to this moment and a non-interesting server next to it. Possibly if you made the other server a non-true box copy that would alleviate it, but as it stands now, you might have to queue up and hope to get in the following day (and pray the whole thing doesn't crash hard).
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